What Is Mendix Low Code Platform And What Makes It Different With No Code?

Among the many ideas of modernization, businesses take their way by implementing the digital platform in their system. It goes with the fact that the options are pretty vast, compiling various designs and features to offer the company. Mendix low code platform is one of the best and most flexible options for the company. But, what is it and how does it work? 

What Is Mendix?

Before going far into the low code definition, it is best to learn about Mendix. In general, Mendix is one of the digital platforms that can accelerate the development of the entire application. It covers every step of application development, including ideation, deployment, and management, to the cloud system.

It is also a digital platform with two types of design, no code, and low code. No code refers to the visual modeling that helps the non-technical user to build simply by drag and drop. But the low code gives more extensive functions, supporting varying tools, and options in the development process.

In their usage, both options are helpful for every business. But the Mendix low code platform offers more flexibility with some coding needed. That is why the implementation of the digital platform can get better with the help of experts. It also means achieving better business agility, accelerating delivery, and optimizing the use of many other tools.  

How It Is Used In Business?

With the low code, the company can make or form varying systems in the business. It can include automated manual processes, across industry organizations, mobile apps, web portals, to many other exceptional UI tools that help businesses or companies run their work better.

Features Of Mendix Platform By Soltius

Due to its flexibility and extensible nature, Mendix can provide a range of features. But the fundamental function and features of the platform itself are abundant. The platform is reusable, collaborative, uses AI-assisted development, is secure, high quality, has built-in DevOps, is smart and connected to many apps, and is beautiful. 

But what is Soltius? If you are new or trying to use a good digital platform for the business, be sure to get the best partner or provider of the digital platform itself. Soltius Indonesia became a certified SPA channel partner and value-added reseller for Mendix. It also proves the reason why you should use the Mendix low code platform from Soltius. 

You can say that Mendix is just one of the software options for digital platform implementation in modern business. The platform uses low code, which is one of its styles with highlights in high extensible, cross-function, and tool integration. It is easier to collaborate, use, and develop in varying business forms.

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