Review and Synopsis of the Political Comedy The Interview

But unfortunately, on the way home, Joe had an accident. Not without reason, the three boys refused to return home in North Sumatra because they had a disharmony relationship with Pak Domu. This film teaches us to maintain good relationships with others, stay away from selfishness, be sensitive to the environment, and enjoy every sadness and failure in life. The sequel was well received by horror fans and easily topped the list of best Indonesian horror films of the year. Ivanna itself is a sequel or continuation of the film Danur 2: Maddah which was once the highest-grossing horror film. This sarong fighting or sigajang laleng lipa culture is a one-on-one Makassar culture with bare hands or bandik bounded by a sarong. Other interesting things are presented in the scene of introducing the culture of the Bugis community, such as the typical food of the area, ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี namely barongko cake and also the culture of gotong houses or residents together with a ball mappalette. Not only that, this film is also thick with Batak culture plus Sundanese and Javanese.

This film is very interesting and thick with cultural values, religion and an invitation to love the environment. In “The Great Before”, Joe tries to find a way out to return to Earth, but his efforts are always in vain. The film “Soul” invites us to ask again about what is really the purpose of our lives. However, after seeing the seriousness of Deni’s intention to practice sarong, finally Pak Khalid wanted to teach him on the condition that he had to learn to believe in God again. If you are a fan of the horror genre film and are curious to see the Ivanna film (2022), check out some review points about the Ivanna film that will not make you hesitate to watch it. So, is The Interview a bad comedy, and a disappointment? If you are curious about this political comedy that alludes to North Korea, check out the following review and synopsis of The Interview! It’s more about how Pengabdi Setan 2 Communion can become a role model for horror films, with a good story, scary visuals, and gripping music.

Pak Khalid also registered Deni to take part in the sarong fighting national championship so he could fight Sanrego. The movement of the camera is fairly smooth when following the characters as they surround the flats. Assisted by neat editing, it makes the audience feel ‘up and down’ when following the story of Rini, Toni and Bondi in the flats. Every ‘soul’ in “The Great Before” must complete an earth-shaped badge that will be their ‘ticket’ to descend to earth. Together with Joe, 22 tries to find the spark or purpose in his life, as the last piece of badge. Are our goals and dreams now the purpose of this life? Do you have acrophobia? Are Beauties getting interested in watching the movie Servant of Satan 2: Communion? SRAGEN UPDATE – Pengabdi Setan 2 Communion is directed by Joko Anwar and stars Tara Basro, Endy Alfian, Nasser Anuz, Bronto Paralae and Ratu Felicia. Let’s just wait to hear from Joko Anwar, Beauties! Joko Anwar as well as the scriptwriter makes a neat story with natural dialogues between the characters.

Director Joko Anwar and cinematographer, Ical Tanjung, created a magnificent visual that spoils the eyes. Servant of Satan 2 explores how Joko continues to innovate in his skills. Even the devil worship sects were not explained any further, so there was still a question mark in the minds of the audience. Even though some of the scores are too loud, the dialogue spoken by the characters can’t be heard clearly. Deni’s mother wanted her son to learn how to manage one of the Ruso Corp offices there, so he wouldn’t be busy with fights anymore. While working, Sarma also helps his parents cook and take care of the house. You are sure that living in an apartment is safe because there are quite a lot of residents. Several years after they managed to save themselves from the terrible incident that happened to their mother and youngest, Ian, now Rini and her younger siblings, Toni, Bondi and Father live in an apartment. On top of the radio antenna that is very high, the capabilities of both are tested. The incident left the two stranded at the end of a radio antenna. The aftermath of the incident ignited Hutch’s anger displacing him from his dark past as the “Lone Wolf”. A series of films released this April, Nobody brings a surprise for thriller lovers. One of the charms of horror films is of course jumpscare and for horror film lovers, you will definitely like the many jumpscares in Pengabdi Setan 2. From the beginning of the film, the audience was treated to some horror scenes and a little jumpscare.

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