How to Become a Reliable and Great Beginner Motivator

100% difficult to do. Your dream of becoming a reliable speaker can still be realized as long as you continue to practice and learn from experience.

9 Tips So You Can Be Good at Public Speaking and Become a Motivator

1. Improv at the right time

Speaking in public certainly requires careful preparation, both materially and mentally. Sometimes the preparation that you have done becomes messy because you forget a word in speech. As a result, you look panicked and the direction of the conversation becomes chaotic. Why does this condition occur? The answer is because you haven’t been able to improvise.

Though improvisation is very motivator di jogja important to overcome these problems because it can help you in keeping the focus of the audience’s attention. There are several ways you can improvise, such as providing a humorous interlude, inspiring stories, or asking questions. Also, understand that public speaking is not memorizing so as much as possible you should build a flow direction of the conversation.

2. Make a small note

As explained in the first point, careful planning is needed before speaking in public. One treatment that you can apply is to make a small note as a reminder. The contents of this note are the important points that you will convey to the audience. Thus, you can minimize the risk of missing one of the materials to be delivered.

3. Build interaction with the audience

An aspect that is no less important for a motivator is getting feedback or responses from the audience. You certainly already understand that the main purpose of someone speaking in public is to give influence either in the form of motivation, inspiration or suggestion. Therefore, don’t forget to build interaction with the audience so that the atmosphere created is more lively and not boring.

4. Occasionally insert humor

One well- known motivator named Anthony Robbins argues that humor can also make the information delivery you do more memorable. Why is that so? Speaking seriously in public for hours on end is certainly very boring, both for the speaker and the interlocutor. Therefore, you need to insert humor to entertain and refresh the audience’s emotional state. After doing this activity, you can invite them to focus back on the material.

5. Speak clearly

In order for you to become a successful speaker, you must master speaking skills to the fullest. Aspects that you need to master include pronunciation, diction and intonation selection. If you already have adequate speaking skills then the delivery of information will be easier. Thus, the message you want to convey can be well received by the audience.

6. Eye contact

When speaking in public, apart from good speaking skills, you must also dare to make eye contact with the audience. Do not ignore the people in front of you pay attention and look them in the eyes so that the communication that is established is much more alive. Eye contact is also very important to build and show your confidence.

7. Use body language

Often a public speaker ignores the use of body language when speaking in public. As a result, the information conveyed becomes less impressive and the effect is less significant. The use of body language when speaking in public is clearly important because it will provide confirmation of the information to be conveyed.

8. Good time management

As a public speaker , you must be able to manage your time well according to the portion given by the event organizer. Therefore, before you appear, you should plan the time allocation including the introduction, core and closing. Then, write down the timing on a small piece of paper for you to use as a guide when performing.

9. Build credibility

The credibility you have is very important because it can determine the level of trust of the listener. There are many ways you can build credibility when appearing in public. Among them is to use a clear and straightforward style of language when speaking. In addition, you can also convey information with the help of statistical data to strengthen the statement submitted.

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