Business Opportunities during the Covid 19 Pandemic

During the corona virus pandemic or Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid  19 ), the government urges the public to work from home or Work From Home (WFH), prohibit gatherings or crowds, and maintain a distance from one individual to another. Along with these regulations, in several affected areas , there was a slowdown in business activities that was evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.

The Covid-19 that hit Indonesia has made the domestic economy contract and have an impact on the national economy, occurring in almost all lines, from the workforce to industrial performance in the country. As a result of this Covid-19, not a few industries have reduced their business activities or even stopped, resulting in many layoffs or layoffs.

One of the business opportunities that continues to thrive and is increasingly mushrooming during the Covid- 19 pandemic is online business . Advances in information technology have changed the pattern of business where buyers and sellers used to have to meet face-to-face, but not anymore. Now business transactions can be carried out by sellers and buyers at different locations even far business ideas covid 19 apart through a business system or online commerce  ( e-commerce ). This online business is also growing with the support of product delivery services.

The development of technology makes more and more conveniences available to consumers and becomes a business opportunity for business people, both producers and intermediaries. Not only consumers who feel the ease with the presence of this online business , but also producers and intermediaries will get more benefits. This was felt during the Covid -19 pandemic where the government implemented various appeals or rules, online business provided many benefits for everyone. All the daily necessities are easily obtained with only a smartphone or laptop and an internet network.

Currently, there are many online business sites in Indonesia as a service for buying/selling goods or services online . With the easier and cheaper internet costs and the number of third- party providers ( e-commerce ), online business can not only be done by large companies, but many SMEs can also do business online . Large, medium or small business organizations, and even individuals can do business online by being realized in various types of platforms, for example; website , online shop , blog or through social media such as Facebook, YouTube , WhatsApp , Instagram and so on . During the Covid – 19 pandemic, many online businesses have sprung up which are carried out by individuals who act as producers and intermediaries.

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