In this online era, almost all forms of services can be ordered online, including on-call massage services. Starting from a few threads on social media from several people who had experienced fraud when ordering online call massage services, I hope this post from Mr. Massage admin can help.

Here, Mr. Massage admin will give some tips in choosing and ordering online massage services. Screening When you first want to order online massage services. In general, people will enter several keywords such as Call Massage Services, Nearest Call Massage Services, Call  Massage Services Can Come to Place, pijat panggilan karawaci Call Massage Services in our City/Area/Region, etc. Now in this process Google will direct us to the top 10 search engine results.

From the top results, google calls for massage service providers will appear, on call massage service provider sites, video/photo platforms, on call massage service providers websites, and even social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. etc. We can start by clicking on one of the links from the top google search results on our gadget/desktop. First check the profile of the call massage service provider, here are the steps: Google Business

Do a check on the review/review column, uploaded photos, or related links if any, the higher the rating and positive reviews, the more recommended the call massage service. Test the location map of the call massage service provider on google business, make sure they are close to our current location. Save and copy and paste the service provider number in a google search, if the result is positive then please proceed to the ordering stage. Website/Blog

Make sure the website is credible with a dot com domain, dot co id, dot id and other TLD domains (although in some cases blogspot or wordpress domains are also not a problem). Check the address of the call massage provider, the authority page, and the disclaimer of the website/blog. If you find discrepancies between the service description and the type of post (Photo/Video) on the website/blog, the admin recommends looking for another call massage service provider site. Video/Photo Platform

Make sure the uploaded content from the on-call massage service is a concern for on-call massage services. Check the uploader’s bio, check the comments column. Sync data from those Video/Photo platforms with their related platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, linked in, etc. In addition, real call massage service providers will be very easy to find data on google search, that’s for sure! Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Tumblr, Medium, etc.)

Do a screening on the social media timeline of the on-call massage service provider, make sure the account is really concerned about on-call massage services. Don’t be easily tempted by photos of men or women who claim to be their therapists, because they aren’t necessarily real photos, they could be photos taken from other social media, chat platforms, photo sites like pixabay, or even from  the deep web (to avoid screening). google photos). 

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