Tips For Choosing A Cheap Dump Truck Rental Service

Larger capacity or capacity makes dump trucks the main choice for today’s freight transport fleets. Transportation of various types of building materials such as cement, sand, as well as industrial goods on a large scale is indeed more practical if you use a dump truck. Besides being practical, it also saves time, money and energy.

Developments in various sectors that require large amounts of building materials are the trigger for the booming dump truck rental business, whether daily, weekly or even monthly. Even to win the rivalry between fellow businessmen, many service providers apply cheap dump truck rental rates or promos at certain times. Dumpster Rental Brandon Fl

On High Way Dump Truck and Off High Way Dump Truck

Apart from service companies that apply cheap dump truck rentals, there are several things we need to know regarding the type or class of dump trucks and their respective functions. This is important so that if we need this fleet at any time, we can get it according to the required capacity.

In brief, a dump truck is a tool for moving materials from medium to long distances (above 500 meters). The filling is done with the help of a loader, while this tool can work alone for the unloading process.

When viewed from the load capacity, dump truck vehicles are divided into 2 groups. The first is a dump truck with a load below 20 m3 or is called an On High Way Dump Truck . While the second one is called Off High Way Dump Truck with a capacity above 20 m3. If this vehicle is used as a means of transporting wood, it is usually called a Logging Truck.

Dump trucks for the type of On High Way Dump Truck, some of them use four wheel drive or front and rear wheel drive. Even so, there are also those who only use a rear wheel drive system or single wheel drive at the rear.

Best Dump Truck Selection

It’s not just a benchmark for cheap dump truck rental prices, but there are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing this transportation equipment rental service. The capacity of the selected dump truck must at least be balanced with the loader or loading equipment. If the comparison is not proportional, it is likely that the loader is waiting more or even vice versa.

In this case the comparison in question is a comparison of the capacity of the dump truck and the capacity of the loader, namely 4-5: 1. Here it can be interpreted that the capacity of the dump truck is 4-5 times greater than the capacity of the loader. Later this comparison will affect the loading time or loading time of goods.

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