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Tips Memilih Jasa Kolam Renang Profesional

Mempunyai kolam renang di rumah sendiri pastinya jadi perihal yang sangatlah mengasyikkan. Tidak hanya terpelihara kebersihannya, hingga Kamu juga pula dapat renang kapan saja cocok kemauan Kamu. Apabila Kamu telah mempunyai kolam renang, tetapi merasa bosan dengan wujud yang itu- itu saja serta bernazar buat melaksanakan renovasi kolam renang, hingga Kamu wajib melaksanakan pemilihan jasa renovasi yang terbaik serta handal.

Bila Kamu tinggal di kota kembang, hingga Kamu bisa buat mencari ketahui Jasa renovasi kolam renang Bandung dengan metode mencarinya di mesin pencari google ataupun mencari saran dari teman- tema Kamu. Terdapat banyak aspek yang wajib dicermati pada dikala Kamu mau melaksanakan pencarian kontraktor ataupun jasa renovasi buat kolam renang Kamu.

Jasa kontraktor yang terbaik serta profesioal hendak siap menerima permintaan seluruh tipe wujud serta model kolam renang yang Kamu mau. Jasa kontraktor hendak mewujudkan impian Kamu lewat skill yang dimilikinya. Buat menciptakan jasa kontraktor handal, hingga Kamu wajib mencermati langkah- langkah yang terdapat di dasar berikut ini: kontraktor kolam renang semarang

Mengenali tipe kolam renang

Apabila Kamu mau menciptakan jasa kontraktor profesioal, hingga jangan cuma bediam diri ditempat. Cari ketahui banyak perihal menimpa jasanya. Kontraktor profesioal pastinya telah mengenali tipe kolam renang bersumber pada pada gunanya. Apabila jasa kontraktor yang Kamu seleksi tidak mengenali poin awal ini, hingga perihal ini malah hendak merugikan diri Kamu sendiri, tercantum bayaran, waktu serta lahan.

Buat kolam renang individu telah sepantasnya bila dijadikan selaku tempat buat berelaksasi. Jasa kontraktor yang telah pakar pastinya telah mengenali bawah pembuatan, siapa yang memakainya, golongan semacam apa buat kolam renang yang dibuatnya.

Sesi pengerjaan

Pembuatan kolam renang wajib dicoba dengan perhitungan yang pas serta matang, sebab terdapat banyak langkah yang wajib dilakukanya, ialah semacam penggalian apalagi proses finishing. Jasa kontraktor hendak membagikan ditaksir waktu pada tiap kali sesi pengerjaannya.

Bila Kamu merupakan orang yang mempunyai banyak banyak aktivitas serta tidak mempunyai waktu buat memilah satu persatu jasa kontraktor yang terbaik, hingga Kamu bisa memilah Jasa renovasi kolam renang Bandung semacam Butterfly Pool yang mana ini merupakan industri yang bergerak dalam bidang kontraktor kolam renang, water boom, konstruksi kolam renang serta pula waterpark. Dengan demikian, Kamu bisa mempercayakan Butterfly Pool buat merenovasi kolam renang cocok dengan kemauan Kamu.

Paham kebutuhan material

Jasa kontraktor yang baik merupakan yang mengenali tipe kebutuhan material yang diperlukan sepanjang proses pembuatan kolam renang. Bahan material yang digunakan juga pula wajib disesuaikan pada tipe kolam renang yang nantinya hendak dibuatnya. Bila Kamu memilah Butterfly Pool selaku jasa kontraktor kolam renang, hingga Kamu tidak butuh mencemaskan hendak perihal ini, sebab Butterfly Pool mempunyai tenaga handal yang hendak membagikan Kamu inspirasi menimpa bahan material apa saja yang diperlukan buat merenovasi kolam renang Kamu.

Tenaga kerja

Panduan memilah jasa renovasi kolam renang berikutnya ialah dengan memandang tenaga kerja yang digunakan. Yakinkan kalau Kamu terletak pada jasa kontraktor yang handal serta mempunyai skill dibidangnya. Perihal ini memanglah hendak terasa sedikit menyulitkan untuk Kamu buat memandang serta mencermati tenaga kerjanya satu persatu. Buat mempersingkat waktu Kamu, hingga jangan hingga Kamu memilah jasa kontraktor tidak hanya Butterfly Pool. Industri jasa renovasi kolam renang bandung ini telah populer dengan sistem kerjanya yang memuaskan, sebab mempunyai tenaga kerja profesioal yang bisa diandalkan.

Segala tenaga kerja yang diterjunkan dalam pembuatan kolam renang merupakan tenaga kerja yang mempunyai keahlian dalam bidangnya. Sehingga sistem kerja serta hasilnya juga tidak butuh lagi diragukan. Semacam yang telah Kamu tahu, kalau tenaga kerja hendak sangat mempengaruhi dengan hasil kolam renang yang dikerjakannya, sehingga disinilah keuntungan Kamu apabila memilah Butterfly Pool, tidak terdapat yang butuh diragukan lagi Mengenai tenaga kerjanya.

Tips and Guide to Buying the Best Dog Food

Many of us feel confused when it comes to choosing the ideal dog food.

Some owners make mistakes when choosing food for their pets.

Here are some suggestions and rules of thumb when it comes to choosing the best food for your beloved dog.

Tips No. 1: Look Here To Find The Best Dog Food

You need to find dog food supplies out some of the aspects that make a product the best dog food product.

You will need to identify some of the elements and match them to the different brands of dog food available.

Good dog food is able to meet most of the nutritional needs of dogs. But the best brands are the ones that cover all aspects.

In essence, a good dog food must be able to meet the nutrition your beloved pet needs.

In addition to nutritional adequacy, the best dog food does not use artificial preservatives.

Artificial preservatives such as BHT, Ethoxyquin, and BHA affect the taste of food.

It is best to choose a dog food with ascorbate (ascorbate) or tocopherol (tocopherol) preservatives which are safer for dogs.

Tips No. 2: Check Your Dog’s Age

Good food must be adapted to the age of the dog. There are several classifications of dog life stages as follows: puppy (puppy), adult, and senior dog (old).

Each stage requires different types of food because the nutritional needs they need are also different.

> Puppy (Puppies)

Food for puppies should have the ideal protein to fat ratio needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier.

> Adult Dog

Dogs are considered to be adults when they are between 1 and 6 years old.

As adults, the need for protein and fat will increase.

Dry dog ​​food is often considered sufficient for dogs at this age.

> Senior Dog (Old)

Dry dog ​​food is especially helpful at this stage. Needs less protein and fat than adult dogs.

However, senior dogs need more fiber to maintain their fitness.

Tips No. 3 – Pay attention to the content and ingredients

Looking at the ingredients for dog food is very important. Always choose foods that have at least two sources of meat.

Next, you have to look for the content of carbohydrate sources. Whole grains are considered a good source of carbohydrates.

Some people think grains will cause problems in the dog’s digestion.

In fact, grains are still needed except in dogs with sensitive digestion.

If this is the case, then avoid choosing dog food that contains grains.

In addition, natural dog food usually contains minerals and probiotics.

However, the price of natural food can be much more expensive than dry food.

Choose a dog food that fits your budget.

Tips No. 4 – Choosing between Wet, Dry and Raw Dog Food

This may seem unimportant, but in fact you have to make a choice.

Dry dog ​​food is usually the most affordable. This type of food also provides protein and vegetables that your pet really needs.

However, dry dog ​​food needs to be supplemented with wet and raw dog food to provide better nutrition.

Wet dog food is usually high in protein to fat ratio. These foods also contain a small amount of preservatives.

The main reason is that wet food is usually packaged in cans that have undergone preservation in the process.

Meanwhile, raw food is usually sold frozen in its raw form so you may need to process it (cook) before giving it to your pet dog.

Tips No. 5 – Change Your Dog’s Food Carefully

When you want to replace an old dog food with a new type, do it gradually.

Mix half of the old food with half of the new food. Give your dog time to make adjustments.

Tips No. 6 – Give Different Foods to Pregnant or Breastfeeding Female Dogs

Pregnant dogs need different types of food.

Basically, a pregnant female dog needs more energy during the final third of her pregnancy.

That’s why your dog may need protein and carbohydrate supplements in their diet.

Breastfeeding dogs also need 8 times more energy than normal.

You have to give them probiotics to keep them active and agile. At the same time, protein and carbohydrates are also needed to keep the chicks strong.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Website Development Service

The website is now one of the platforms that must be owned by business people, agencies, institutions, and individuals who want to be known by the public. As for the purpose of creating a website, you don’t have to master coding and be able to create your own website. Because, professional website creation services can provide services from concept to site ready to use according to your needs.

However, you must carefully choose a web creation service so that the results are satisfactory and do not cause losses in the future. Here are some tips for choosing a professional website creation service that you should know to avoid fake services. Jasa pembuatan website

1. Attention Required Costs

Before making a choice, pay attention to the amount of costs you have to spend and its designation. Know in detail the costs of making designs, templates, domains, hosting , to other costs that may not be stated in the offer. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices because you might end up burdened with other costs that were not previously mentioned. Generally, the quality of the resulting website is also proportional to the price.

2. Pay attention to the track record of the service you will choose

Nowadays it is very easy to find out the track record of a company or individual that provides website creation services. You can access discussion forums and groups through social media related to these services or browse search engines for complete information. It’s best not to just trust company profiles and testimonials displayed on their websites and social media.

Also make sure the company you choose has legality. Especially if your website will be used for professional purposes. Choose a service that is able to provide services according to tariffs, not just looking for profit. Equally important, you should also look at the portfolio or sample website projects that have been created.

3. Pay attention to the website design provided

Design is an important aspect that can attract many visitors to your website. Therefore, don’t leave the creation to a random website creation service. Try to choose a web builder who can provide design advice that fits your needs. See also examples of designs available, whether they look attractive, elegant, and visitor-friendly, or just plain.

4. Make sure the website is easily accessible and responsive

The majority of internet users today access information using their smartphones. So, make sure the website you create is easily accessible using mobile devices and is responsive. Websites that are smartphone user friendly and can be accessed quickly certainly have a high probability of getting a lot of visitors. In addition, make sure the website service provider is able to provide the website features you need. For example, if you want to create an online store website, then at least they can make instant chat features, baskets, and check out items.

5. Prioritize Site Security Level

A professional website is different from a regular blog. Websites are more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Therefore, in order to avoid hacking attempts, the website must have a strong security system. So, make sure the web development service provides a security system for your site.

In addition to the five things above, you also need to be careful about the specifications of the hosting offered and how long it will take for your order to be completed. Finally, make sure the web development service has a professional and communicative team to help you solve problems that may occur after the website has been created.

How to Become a Reliable Motivator

How to become a reliable motivator is a question I hear most often. As a motivator, of course, you must be able to help people who are motivated to get a change. There are many ways to become a reliable motivator, but in general there are 4 important factors that you must also have. These 4 factors: motivator di jogja

Extensive knowledge

In other words, if you want to be a motivator, you must have broad insight. Instill confidence in yourself to be ready for anything that will happen, whether you know it or not in motivating someone. The motivation you give must have a clear and precise purpose.

Have Good Quality

There are several important qualities in being a motivator, such as:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Approach Ability
  • Ability To Open
  • Desire
  • Commitment
  • Relevant Experience

The most important of the above qualities is commitment and enthusiasm. The abilities you have will be very relevant when you motivate others. If you have good qualities, of course, it will provide many benefits and have a positive influence on others.

Relevant Experience

Relevant experience is useful in certain situations, but is not essential and does not necessarily have the same professional qualifications as the motivated person. If you are teaching individuals who are studying for a professional qualification, then you should be familiar with the syllabus and professional development requirements.

Personal Skills

You need to know the personal skills needed, such as:

  • Motivating
  • Listen
  • Influence
  • Fact Finding
  • Connect
  • Time Management
  • Counseling

Those are 4 things from several ways to become a reliable motivator. You must have enthusiasm, will, commitment and the ability to be open.

How to Become a Reliable and Great Beginner Motivator

100% difficult to do. Your dream of becoming a reliable speaker can still be realized as long as you continue to practice and learn from experience.

9 Tips So You Can Be Good at Public Speaking and Become a Motivator

1. Improv at the right time

Speaking in public certainly requires careful preparation, both materially and mentally. Sometimes the preparation that you have done becomes messy because you forget a word in speech. As a result, you look panicked and the direction of the conversation becomes chaotic. Why does this condition occur? The answer is because you haven’t been able to improvise.

Though improvisation is very motivator di jogja important to overcome these problems because it can help you in keeping the focus of the audience’s attention. There are several ways you can improvise, such as providing a humorous interlude, inspiring stories, or asking questions. Also, understand that public speaking is not memorizing so as much as possible you should build a flow direction of the conversation.

2. Make a small note

As explained in the first point, careful planning is needed before speaking in public. One treatment that you can apply is to make a small note as a reminder. The contents of this note are the important points that you will convey to the audience. Thus, you can minimize the risk of missing one of the materials to be delivered.

3. Build interaction with the audience

An aspect that is no less important for a motivator is getting feedback or responses from the audience. You certainly already understand that the main purpose of someone speaking in public is to give influence either in the form of motivation, inspiration or suggestion. Therefore, don’t forget to build interaction with the audience so that the atmosphere created is more lively and not boring.

4. Occasionally insert humor

One well- known motivator named Anthony Robbins argues that humor can also make the information delivery you do more memorable. Why is that so? Speaking seriously in public for hours on end is certainly very boring, both for the speaker and the interlocutor. Therefore, you need to insert humor to entertain and refresh the audience’s emotional state. After doing this activity, you can invite them to focus back on the material.

5. Speak clearly

In order for you to become a successful speaker, you must master speaking skills to the fullest. Aspects that you need to master include pronunciation, diction and intonation selection. If you already have adequate speaking skills then the delivery of information will be easier. Thus, the message you want to convey can be well received by the audience.

6. Eye contact

When speaking in public, apart from good speaking skills, you must also dare to make eye contact with the audience. Do not ignore the people in front of you pay attention and look them in the eyes so that the communication that is established is much more alive. Eye contact is also very important to build and show your confidence.

7. Use body language

Often a public speaker ignores the use of body language when speaking in public. As a result, the information conveyed becomes less impressive and the effect is less significant. The use of body language when speaking in public is clearly important because it will provide confirmation of the information to be conveyed.

8. Good time management

As a public speaker , you must be able to manage your time well according to the portion given by the event organizer. Therefore, before you appear, you should plan the time allocation including the introduction, core and closing. Then, write down the timing on a small piece of paper for you to use as a guide when performing.

9. Build credibility

The credibility you have is very important because it can determine the level of trust of the listener. There are many ways you can build credibility when appearing in public. Among them is to use a clear and straightforward style of language when speaking. In addition, you can also convey information with the help of statistical data to strengthen the statement submitted.

Best Deals in Central Europe: tips for vacation plan

How To Get The Best Vacation Deals There are a lot of different travel companies that you can look into to see where you can get the best deals on resorts and other vacations when you want to take a break. Even though that can be a job.

long and hard at that. With so many travel companies out there, it can be hard to find the one that truly has the best vacation deals on resorts and other things you want to do on vacation. They aren’t the ones that you see all over TV and on the Internet. They don’t have the best vacation deals.

 Having ads on TV and radio running almost nonstop all day and night doesn’t mean they have the best prices. So, the reason they can afford to run these ads is because they charge people too much to book their vacations through them. In order to book a vacation through these travel companies, you have to pay a third-party fee. These extra fees are not only unnecessary, but they are also costly and a waste of your hard-earned money.

 These travel companies charge a lot of money for the same trips to resorts and cruises that you can get for a lot less from someone else. Why would you do that?

To get the best deals on resorts and other types of vacation, think about joining a travel or vacation club. There is only one person who can guarantee the best vacation deals.

 A visit to Central Europe

Vacation plan – Everyone is going to get a taste of everything. With beautiful cities in Germany, you can see a lot of history and beauty from Switzerland and Austria. Learning about the history and culture of the countries in Europe today is like reading a good book about a good adventure.

Only by being there can you feel the atmosphere on your own, and not everyone else can. The goal of this article is to come up with four different routes based on how long you want to spend in Central Europe.

 A one-week trip to Central Europe will get you the best deals.

If you want to make it short, or if your boss doesn’t understand that you need more time off, this route might be right for you. If you want to combine your trip to Central Europe with other parts of the continent or the world, this route might be right for you.

I know that choosing the cities may be hard. As a trip organizer, I always recommend visiting Berlin in Germany, Vienna in Austria, and going to Zürich, Switzerland. As I said before, the best way to do it would be to buy a train pass for three countries and four days of travel. Use Ryanair first, then German Wings or Easyjet if Ryanair doesn’t cover your route. Low-cost flights in Europe are probably 10 times cheaper than in the United States.

For a two-week trip to Central Europe, the best deals can be found.

These are ideas for how most people spend their vacation time. As well as the cities of Vienna, Zürich, and Berlin, I would also add Prague, because it is on the way between Berlin and Vienna and is an impressive city in the Czech Republic. Salzburg, which sits next to the mountains and has a medieval castle, and Munich, which is in Germany,

If you’re a quick traveler and want to see a lot in a short amount of time, Geneva would be a good place to start. There are a lot of cities in Europe, but I would start in Berlin and work my way north toward Prague and Berlin. Of course, you can start the route in other places, depending on the best flights you can get from your home city to Europe.

3 Week Trip: The Best Deals in Central Europe for 3 Weeks

A long vacation is what we’re talking about in this case. You’ll be able to see more of the country and the landscape. That’s why I think a train trip is a great idea. This is how I would add Köln to the itinerary for the two-week trip: I would go to Berlin first and then go to Köln. I would then drive south to Geneva. If you want to go east, you should start in Bern, Switzerland’s capital city, and go to Bern, Interlaken and Zürich in Switzerland, and Zürich and Innsbruck in Austria. This is the last part of my two-week trip. I’d go north and visit Prague, then go to Berlin.

4 Week Trip: The Best Deals in Central Europe for 4 Weeks

They finally get to go on that trip they’ve been looking forward to for a long time. For people who have the time and energy to spend a whole month in the central part of Europe and want to learn more about its culture, history, and way of life, Hamburg is between Berlin and Köln, Luzern is between Interlaken and Zürich, and Bratislava, which is in Slovakia and is close to Vienna, is a good place to visit before moving up to Prague for the three-week trip. If you have more time to spare, you should think about taking a ferry trip to Copenhagen, Denmark or Amsterdam, Netherlands if you have more time to spare.

Clear where to go but… where to stay at?

Hotels in Central Europe aren’t very expensive, but they can be more expensive than in other parts of the country. There are a lot of ways you can book them, but travel certificates are the way that has worked best for me. I always recommend them to my clients.

Because travel certificates are free and should never be sold for any amount, don’t believe anyone who says you have to pay to get one. A lot of the cities that are on this list have free travel certificates that you can use to get discounts on 3, 4, and even 5 star hotel rooms. You can get discounts of up to 95%. Which places, then?


Every company travels together every year, whether it’s just traveling, doing training or a business trip with a group that wants to travel a lot.

Among the many available transportation, the tourist bus is the most appropriate transportation to get various deals. Even so, before you open a tour bus at the Tour Bus Rental service bureau for the various activities above, prepare you to consider a number of appropriate things to avoid problems in the future.

One of the things you need to pay attention to beforehand is about travel times, more so in the case of groups that need to accommodate a bit of all the needs of the group so that the trip feels comfortable and relaxing.

For this problem, not all bus rental agents or agents can serve it. Therefore, you should be able to choose which bus to use. Here are a few things to look out for, including:

Choose a Quality Bus Rental Agent or Agent

Currently there are many agents or businesses that provide bus rental services at low prices. Even so, not many provide security and comfort for every passenger. Therefore, before you consider the price, there are considerations that you also consider from the agent or bureau. friend of bus in singapore

Sembodo Rent Car, which is a transportation service company that provides car rental and tourism buses in South Jakarta, has been known as a professional company that helps companies provide vehicle rental services for all companies, both for government companies and private companies. LKPP (Government Service Procurement Policy Agency).

What are the Tips for Choosing a Tour Bus Rental Service?

Be careful in choosing a bus

Once you have determined your transportation service provider, the next step is to choose carefully the bus you want to use. In this case, you have the right to ask anything that asks about what your company will use.

It is necessary to know about the security and convenience issues that you will get. Because, many transportation service providers use old bus models but are wrapped in new sheaths so that they look better, but have poor performance.

In Sembodo Rent Car, you won’t have any trouble. The reason is, we are committed to always being open to our clients regarding the type, model and year of the tourist bus output that you will use.


Since this concerns the safety and reputation of the company, you can choose a rental service company that has approved insurance so that it can provide more protection to the group. This course will keep you calm during your journey.

You can find this in our service, where we provide all risk and commercial insurance services on each of our vehicles, so you don’t have to worry when our tour bus and damage occurs. Insurance claims will be taken through the deposit you previously provided when compiling your initial rental.

Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Service

In this globalization and modern era, most users or companies and agencies like things that are instant, fast, efficient, and efficient. This includes the cleanliness of the office environment, apartments, shopping centers and other public areas.

To create a clean, comfortable and beautiful environment, at least the company definitely needs an Indonesian cleaning service company that is professional in the field of cleanliness.

Now !! this time we will provide some tips for choosing the right Indonesian cleaning service for you or your company.

Before you join the right cleaning service company for your company, at least you need to know what a cleaning service is? clean hero and what types of services exist in the cleaning service.

The following is the meaning of the meaning of cleaning service and the types of services that exist in cleaning service:

1.Cleaning Service

In general, the definition of cleaning service is to provide cleaning services, tidiness, beauty and hygenization of a building or building, which includes indoor or outdoor cleaning so that a comfortable atmosphere can be created in supporting daily activities as a short-term goal, and as a long-term goal. to maintain the life time of an object that is included in the scope of the cleaning service.

2.Commercial cleaning.

is a type of service that is used to clean buildings for commercial use, such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, offices, schools, factories and other public areas. This cleaning service can be adjusted according to the type of building so that it suits your needs.

3.General cleaning.

is a cleaning service that is carried out only at a certain time. An example of this service is a cleaning service hired to clean the building after holding an exhibition or other event. Newly renovated houses can also use this type of service.

4.Specialized cleaning.

Needed to clean materials that require special cleaning agents and special skills. Examples are cleaning ceramics, granite, sofas, carpets and glass with a height of more than 2 meters.

When The Camellia Blooms Korean Drama Review

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog, even to write a Korean drama review, I forgot when I watched this drama, hahahaha. But because my intention to write a drama review on this blog is to remember what dramas I’ve watched and want to remember how I felt while watching the drama, then let’s just continue. Youwatch

This drama When The Camellia Blooms aired in 2019. When it aired, many people talked about this drama so I was interested in trying to watch it. But how come it’s only episode 1, are you bored? Ha ha ha ha. so I leave.

After a few years people are still around making this drama a really good benchmark drama to watch. IMdb reviews are high and the drama won the Baeksang Award which is a prestigious award in Korea. Because I’m really unstable, I wanted to try watching it again in 2021 and finally I managed to finish this drama.

But have I gone from being boring in 2019 to really fun in 2021? Yes of course NO! Ha ha ha ha. I feel this drama is still boring. I don’t know what influenced me to finish watching this drama. Which dramas are really long, up to 20 episodes, where the average short drama in Korea is 16 episodes.

So Dong Baek (Kong Hyo Jin) moves to Ongsan with his baby son. She is a single mother and started a bar business in the area. Because of his status and place of work, he was disliked by mothers in his area.

Six years later, Hwang Yong Sik (Kang Ha Neul) who is a police officer returns to Ongsan where he was born after serving in Seoul. When Yong Sik first meets Dong Baek, he immediately falls in love at first sight. He’s also not shy about expressing his fondness for Dong Baek. But of course their love journey is not smooth because Yong Sik is not blessed by his mother on the grounds of Dong Baek’s status as a single mother.

Then, will the story revolve around an unsanctioned love story? Oh of course not! At first, no one knew who the father of Dong Baek’s child was, until one day it was discovered that a professional baseball player Kang Jong Ryeol (Kim Ji Suk) was the father of his child. Jong Ryeol, who knows that he has a child with Dong Baek, certainly wants to have the child. However, the problem now was that he was already a famous person and it would be a problem if he suddenly had a child. Moreover, he now has a wife and daughter from his wife.

Unresolved issues of unsanctioned love, love triangle, child custody. Another more serious problem comes. Someone who 5 years ago became a killer in Ongsan and suddenly disappeared, then reappeared. This time, he’s aiming for Dong Baek as he is the only living witness of the murder. She also feels that Dong Baek is too nosy to her.

This case has caught the attention of many people in Ongsan because sadly, Ongsan is a small town and they know each other well. Suspecting one of the people they grew up with is not something easy for them.

Actually, I don’t have a problem with various kinds of drama genres. I like romance dramas that are relaxed and have no villains. I like fantasy dramas that don’t seem to make sense, I also like family dramas like Reply 1988 and 1997 which I keep repeating. So yeah, I don’t think I’m influenced by a drama because of its genre.

Our Beloved Summer Korean Drama Review

When this drama first aired, I had no interest in watching it. Apart from being really tired of watching On going, I also don’t know what this drama will tell you about Blass. The drama continues to air and why do people like and review every episode in this drama. As a person who watches dramas that are the results of people’s reviews, of course I’m interested, I want to watch it! But still you don’t want to go on, how do you do it? Ha ha ha. Finally decided to watch this drama when it was already episode 10 on going. I meant it would take a long time to watch it and in time it would be finished together with the last episode without any ongoing. Kordramas

Choi Ung (Choi Woo Sik) is the lowest ranked child in school while Kook Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi) is the number one child in school. Once upon a time, a documentary series producer wanted to make a documentary about these two academically opposite children. Yeon Su accepts the offer because the TV station will reward him for the results of his filming, while Choi Ung accepts it because he is forced by his parents who think Ung will get positive things as long as he is around the number 1 child at school. Finally they made the documentary series.

As it turned out, not only were the two of them academically incompatible, but they were also very different in nature. Ung, who has no ambition and has no idea where his future will lead, is very different from Yeon Su, who always plans everything. With all their differences, of course, they always fight every time the shoot is run.

However, if you like the name, any difference will not be a barrier. Since the two of them had been together for several months while filming the documentary series, they ended up liking each other and decided to date after filming was over.

Ung and Yeon Su also dated for 5 years, starting from high school, then until they enrolled in university together until they went to college. But suddenly Yeon Su asked Ung to break up with an unclear reason that made Ung hate him so much. They were then determined never to see each other again. Until finally, 5 years later, or 10 years after they made a documentary series in high school, they met again. After 10 years Ung has become a famous painter and Yeon Su is just a manager in a small Start Up company.

Ung, of course really hates Yeon Su for leaving him for no reason. Moreover, Ung went through a difficult time after breaking up with Yeon Su. However, when they met, their documentary series 10 years ago went viral in the media again. That made the TV station where they made the documentary again invite them to make the series to show what happened to their lives after 10 years. At first they would refuse it, but Ung finally accepts because he wants Yeon Su to feel trapped with him, and Yeon Su who wants to get Ung’s help in his work is forced to accept it too.

Then what happened to them both after breaking up and meeting again to make a documentary series. And what exactly was Yeon Su’s problem that she broke up with Ung so heartily 5 years ago?

In the words of Teh Erry, the drama of Our Beloved Summer is about the process of maturation. We are presented with how they behave from high school to college and in the end when they are both adults.

Ung, whose life is always flat, doesn’t want to stand out and doesn’t have his own goals, turns out to have one strong reason why he acts like that. Likewise, Yeok Su is very rude and fierce because he wants to protect himself from people who despise him as a child from a poor family.

In this drama, it is also shown that all humans have their own problems in life. No human is born perfect, not even an artist who looks sparkly on television but is very lonely in the real world.

This drama also tells how each character gets out of his childhood problems (which today’s people say is his inner child) and finds time with himself. What do they really want? Is it true that Yeok Su really feels that he only works hard on his own and the world is always getting in the way of his success? Or is it true that Ung shouldn’t have ambitions because he doesn’t want to look different from his parents?