Easy Ways to Restore Deleted WhatsApp

Do you agree that WhatsApp is currently the most used chat application? Whatsapp has indeed proven to be a free application that is lightweight and rarely interferes with. Maybe a little different from the neighboring applications that often checklist. Horu.my.id

Well, because it’s been a long time using this application, have you ever wanted to restore messages from WhatsApp that you deleted intentionally or not. Maybe you have given up hope, there is no way the message can come back again. Moreover, if the message is very important it will be even more worrying.

But you should not worry anymore because here we will share with you a tutorial on how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages. Check out the following:

Easy Ways to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chats

You can apply this method both on iPhone and on Android.

Using the Recent backup feature

The first way we can say we use common sense. Because actually this backup feature is intended when you move devices or change phones. But we can also use it to restore files that have been backed up regularly. Here’s how

  • First please Uninstall WhatsApp
  • Then re-install your WhatsApp
  • When asked to restore your chat history, select restore.
  • Wait for a moment
  • Done, your chat is back again.

Utilize Backup Folder

Whatsapp will do regular backups in 7 days and store it in the cellphone folder. But first you have to create a backup folder.

The trick, please enter the Settings menu > Chats and Calls > Back up Chat, then later the backup will be msgstore.db.crypt8 in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases Then save the file with the name msgstore.db.crypt8.current

If so, we will start the next step.

  • First Uninstall WhatsApp
  • Choose backup from the folder where we saved earlier /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases
  • Change the name from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 to db.crypt8
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Select Restore when prompted.
  • Finished

Using Google Drive

We can also use a google drive account to restore your chat files that have been backed up by the google drive service. We just need to do a restore.

  • Uninstall WhatsApp
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Choose restore from Google Drive
  • Wait for a moment
  • Finished

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