Important Travel Tips to Singapore for Beginners

With many promos for cheap airline tickets to Singapore, many travelers from Indonesia travel to this country. Singapore is known as a shopping paradise, so many people come to this country to buy their favorite things. But now it’s not just shopping, tourists also come to Singapore to explore every corner of this small country. Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club

For beginners, it might be a bit confusing when they have to prepare everything before a vacation to Singapore. How to get plane tickets, lodging, things to bring and much more. So that you don’t get dizzy, try to read the following tips for a vacation to Singapore before going!

1. Wear the Right Clothes

As you know, Singapore is located in Southeast Asia , so it has a tropical climate like Indonesia. This means you don’t need to bring a thick coat like for a winter vacation.

Just bring comfortable clothes that can absorb sweat well because the temperature in this country averages between 25-31 degrees throughout the year with fairly high humidity.

Although generally the seasons in Singapore are not so different, generally from November to January the average rainfall is quite high. So, if you want to take a vacation in these months, you can bring ordinary warm clothes as well as a thin plastic raincoat or folding umbrella.

2. Transportation Map and Tourist Map

Don’t take maps for granted. Even though Singapore is not as large as Indonesia or as complex as Jakarta, when you are in another country for the first time, a map is your best friend. To get a map of Singapore, when you arrive at Changi airport, be it at any terminal, 1,2 or 3, you will easily find booklets or brochures placed on a shelf near the immigration gate.

So it definitely won’t be difficult to find a map of Singapore. You can also look for it in the information section. Check first before taking the brochure because there are brochures in various languages. If it’s hard to find one in Indonesian, try looking for one in English.

In the brochures available at the airport, you will also find city and MRT maps that you will need during your vacation in Singapore. On the map also many tourist areas are marked. This will make it easier for you to plan your trip while there. This map is also useful for calculating the distance from lodging to MRT stations and tourist destinations.

3. Choose MRT

There are several transportation options in Singapore, but the most recommended is to take public transportation such as the MRT. By taking the MRT, you can save on transportation costs. The MRT network is very wide making it easier for you to use it.

The network is in almost all corners of Singapore. Therefore you can go anywhere by taking the MRT. Before entering the MRT, you must first have an e-money card which is similar to the card used to ride Transjakarta.

4. Explore Singapore on foot

One way to explore Singapore in more detail is on foot. Maybe you are thinking is it comfortable to walk in Singapore? For you to know, this country is very friendly for pedestrians. Here the sidewalks are wide and sometimes covered. So walking in Singapore is definitely comfortable.

Even in the middle of Singapore, there is a trekking route called Southern Ridges. On this path there is Henderson Waves, which is the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore which is unique and beautiful. Wear comfortable footwear when going for a walk so you can walk without feeling pain.

5. Buy EZ Link Card or Tourist Pass

When you arrive at Changi airport, it is recommended to first purchase an EZ Link Card that you will use to take the MRT. This card is sold at ticket counters. This e-money card is a widely accepted electronic payment instrument in Singapore.

Using this card, you can make various payments for public transportation, such as the MRT or LRT as well as buses in a practical way. To be able to enter the mode of public transportation, all you have to do is paste the card in a special machine on the means of transportation. Oh yes, you can also use this card to buy drinks at the vending machine .

In addition, you can also use this card as a means of payment at well-known retail outlets in Singapore. To top up this card, all you have to do is look for automatic vending machines at all MRT stations.

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