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How to Download Songs Without an Application

Listening to songs or music is indeed a very entertaining thing and also makes the heart have a different atmosphere, especially when we are feeling bored or bored.

This is because music is a means of entertainment that we can enjoy at any time without making us feel difficult or practical. Free Streaming Music

To hear music today, we only need to open the smartphone that you have and then play the song that you are playing.

But there are times when some bands release their newest album which you automatically don’t have.

But you also want to have and play the song on your smartphone. So, how do you deal with this?

The attitude that has the highest probability is that you search on Google and then download the song.

The activity of downloading music through Google is commonplace and easy for people who are already used to such things.

By downloading songs, we don’t need an internet connection anymore when we want to listen to music, and it’s very helpful when we don’t get an internet signal or when we run out of quota.

Downloading songs is actually very easy and simple to do, this is because there are so many websites that provide free music or songs.

But it turns out that there are still a lot of people who still don’t understand how to download songs via Google.

Because when you find a website, there are lots of buttons that say download or we are made to play around first.

Well, if you’ve ever experienced this, then it’s fair to say.

Because there are so many websites that make their own visitors play around first and set some traps for their own visitors.

But if you have read this article, then you will not repeat the same mistakes again when downloading songs on websites on Google.

Because in this article, it will be explained and will allow you to solve the problem.

On this occasion, Teknoinside will provide a tutorial or how to download songs without an application on the internet.list of contents

How to Download Songs Without an Application

For the sake of our own convenience in downloading songs on the internet, this time Teknoinside uses assistance from the MetroLagu website to download the desired song.

Why use MetroLagu? Yes, because according to Teknoinside this website does not confuse visitors and is also easy to use. Check out how to download songs on MetroLagu below.

1. Visit the Web

The first thing you do is open the MetroLagu website in the browser on your smartphone or laptop, or you can directly visit

2. Search Song Title

After successfully entering the MetroLagu website, then write the title of the song to be downloaded in the search box, then click the Search button.

3. Download Songs

When it is done, then visitors will be directed to the selection page of the song to be downloaded. Then click download on the song you want to download.

4. Click Download

After that, please click download mp3, and it will be redirected back to the next page.

Then you just have to wait a while until the download server 1 and server 2 buttons appear, then click one.

If server 1 does not respond, then click download on server 2.

When downloading via a laptop, there will be a download confirmation as shown in the image below, but if you use a smartphone, it will be downloaded immediately.

How to Download Free MP3 Songs Online

For the website that Teknoinside uses this time, it is DownloadMp3, the process when downloading songs.

The collection of songs on this website is also very large, so don’t worry that the song you want isn’t there. So just take a good look at the following tutorial.

1. Visit Web DownloadMp3

The very first thing you do is clear, namely visiting the Download Song website , or please click

2. Search Songs

Do a song search by writing the song title in the search field, then click search.

3. Select and Download

When it’s finished loading, select the song you want to download, then click.

After successfully redirected back, click download mp3 to continue downloading.

Wait a few moments to download until the main link text displays a button to download.

If the main link is not responding, then try an alternative link.

After successfully downloading, a confirmation will appear like the image below, but if you download using a smartphone, the song you selected will immediately download.

Know Tips for Choosing the Best Application Development Services Below

The development of the number of internet users and gadgets currently provides its own opportunities for business owners who are targeting through various applications. Such a large market share can be a potential target market. With the convenience offered in several applications, it allows business people to target a broad market segmentation.

For those of you who want to innovate using website-based applications and mobile apps, then make sure you choose a trusted developer. We recommend that you consider the following important points app developing agency singapore to choose the most appropriate app developer.

  1. Services Provided

You should know what services are provided and whether they meet your needs. Ensure that the service providers for making website-based and mobile apps provide complete services, such as integration of website-based applications and mobile apps. If the service provider for making website-based applications and mobile apps has limited services, later you will have difficulty when you want to add certain features to your application.

  1. Terms of Service

Companies that provide application development services should have terms of service. This is very important as an agreement between you and the service provider so that no one party is harmed. For that, make sure to read carefully all the terms of service and agree to the terms of service.

  1. Do not be easily tempted by the low cost of manufacture.

Maybe one of the considerations that you usually do is the low cost of making applications used as a benchmark when choosing an application development service. But what you should know, quality will always be directly proportional to the cost required.

For that, it will be more effective if you buy a quality application at a reasonable price compared to buying a cheap application that you are not even sure about the benefits provided.

  1. Company Portfolio

Also make sure you always check the portfolio of applications that have been made by providers of website-based application development and mobile apps. From that portfolio, later you can find out how many users are using the application.

  1. Choose the Best Developer

The last thing you have to do is choose the best application developer who can prioritize user experience, such as application development services at my site. This is a very important aspect because one of the things that makes the application superior to others is its convenience and practicality so that it can help users get what they want.

A good user experience will help users get what they want optimally. Of course, it is not easy, so you really need application development services that already have a lot of experience in designing reliable user experiences.

Perhatikan Hal Ini sebelum Memilih Undangan Pernikahan 2022

Pernikahan yang berkesan merupakan idaman tiap tiap pasangan yang inginkan menikah. Ada banyak perihal yang sanggup membawa dampak perikahan Anda jadi berkesan, keliru satunya bersama dengan terwujudnya undangan pernikahan yang Anda impikan selama ini.

Walaupun punya faedah sebagai alat untuk memberitahukan segala informasi tentang pernikahan Anda pada semua tamu undangan, undangan terhitung berfaedah sebagai gambaran pesta pernikahan Anda sendiri. Misalnya undangan digital, bagaimana rancangan pernikahan Anda, apakah tersedia persyaratan spesifik terkecuali inginkan menghadiri pesta pernikahan Anda, dan lain sebagainya. Oleh dikarenakan itu, Anda tidak boleh sembarangan didalam pilih undangan.

Tentunya undangan perlu sesuai rancangan pernikahan Anda
Jika pernikahan Anda berkonsep mewah dan internasional, sudah pasti dapat terlampau aneh terkecuali undangan Anda keluar lebih tradisoinal atau terlampau simpel. Karena undangan merupakan gambaran dari pesta pernikahan Anda nantinya, seharusnya undangan pernikahannya terhitung berkonsep mewah.

Masukkan semua informasi secara lengkap pada undangan
Seperti yang telah diberitahu pada mulanya bahwa undangan punya tujuan untuk menambahkan informasi pada tamu undangan, makanya informasi yang jelas, padat dan tepat merupakan perihal perlu tersedia di undangan. Berilah denah wilayah pesta Anda, berilah alamat yang jelas, berilah tanggal kapan hari pernikahan Anda dapat diadakan beserta jamnya, sampai memasukkan informasi tambahan terkecuali Anda punya permohonan spesifik untuk semua tamu undangan. Misalnya Anda inginkan mengajak semua tamu undangan mengfungsikan pakaian berwarna putih, maka informasi ini sanggup disematkan didalam undangan.

Mencari-cari referensi undangan kekinian
Demi mendapatkan undangan yang sesuai keinginan, sudah pasti Anda perlu sering mencari referensi jenis kartu undangan. Untuk mendapatkan banyak referensi, Anda sanggup mampir ke pameran-pameran pernikahan dikarenakan di sana pasti banyak vendor katu undangan yang terpercaya. Dengan mampir ke pameran, Anda sanggup sekalian berkonsultasi bersama dengan vendor tersebut.

Jika tak sempat mampir ke pameran pernikahan, Anda sanggup memandang semua referensi undangan di beraneka sarana sosial pas ini. Setelah itu, jenis berikut sanggup Anda sampaikan pada vendor kartu undangan pilihan Anda dan pasangan. Hal yang mirip sanggup Anda melaksanakan terkecuali pilih undangan digital.

Tips Top Up Mobile Legends Murah

Ada banyak banget penjaja yang nawarin top up Mobile Legend tidak mahal di luar sana. Wajar kecuali Sobat Gamers resah atau curiga, soalnya harganya terlalu kebanting. Kalian harus lebih berhati-hati dan menegaskan bahwa penjaja selanjutnya legal dapet Diamond secara resmi.

Pasalnya, enggak sedikit player terperangkap ke peredaran Diamond Mobile Legends tidak mahal ini. Alih-alih sanggup membeli banyak skin, eh, malah akun kena banned dikarenakan Diamond yang dibeli ternyata ilegal.

Lantas, emang ada langkah top up game Diamond tidak mahal tetapi senantiasa legal dan aman?
Pada dasarnya, perbandingan harga Diamond di satu daerah bersama yang lainnya enggak berbeda. Tapi kecuali ada penjaja yang nawarin top up Mobile Legends murah, bukan bermakna mereka menipu ya, Sobat Gamers. Mungkin emang kembali ada promo tertentu, menjadi kalian sanggup membeli Diamond murah.

Nah, sehingga enggak tertipu, cermati lebih dari satu tips membeli Diamond ML selanjutnya ini, ya!

  1. Ikuti Media Sosial Resmi Penjual
    Apabila Sobat Gamers telah berlangganan top up ML Codashop, ada baiknya sih kalian terhitung ngikutin media sosial mereka. Biasanya, ada momen-momen promo spesial yang buat harga Diamond lebih murah.

Selain itu, ada terhitung potongan harga yang didapat dari konten sponsor penjual. Misalnya nih, ada satu video seorang YouTuber yang disponsori oleh Codashop. Bisa saja ada promo spesial yang sebenarnya disampaikan dari video tersebut.

  1. Beli di Aplikasi E-Commerce atau E-Wallet
    Sobat Gamers barangkali telah tahu, Diamond Mobile Legends kala ini terhitung sanggup dibeli dari aplikasi e-commerce dan e-wallet. Sebut saja layaknya Tokopedia, Shopee, LinkAja, Dana, dan GoJek.

Biasanya, ada banyak keuntungan yang akan kalian dapetin, sih. Misalnya promo cashback atau potongan harga tiap tiap bulannya. Lumayan banget, kan!

Selain resmi, harga yang ditawarkan dari toko online ini sebenarnya agak lebih tidak mahal ketimbang di daerah top up game umumnya. Kalau penasaran, coba aja bandingkan harga Diamond di aplikasi Dana dan Codashop. Pasti Sobat Gamers sanggup segera menyaksikan perbedaannya.

  1. Top Up In-game Saat Ada Event
    Tips Top Up Mobile Legend Murah, Anti Banned dan Pasti Masuk 5
    Promo spesial Mobile Legends sanggup membeli Diamond tidak mahal banyak hadiah
    Jarang-jarang nih, ada promo pembelian Diamond di dalam game. Sekalinya ada, bonus yang didapatkan cukup banget, loh!

Lagipula top up in-game adalah langkah paling safe dan resmi. Cara ini terhitung lebih pasti, Sobat Gamers, daripada kalian ikut giveaway random di media sosial?

  1. Beli Diamond di Penjual Tidak Resmi
    Sobat Gamers pasti menemukan banyak penjaja Diamond ML dan fasilitas top up game lainnya di media sosial. Pertanyaannya, emang mereka beneran penjaja resmi? Tentu saja bukan. Tapi bukan bermakna Diamond yang dijual adalah ilegal.

Buat ngebedain, kalian harus menyadari tanda-tanda penjaja Diamond ML terpercaya di media sosial. Simak, ya!

Mungkin Sobat Gamers ada yang dulu (atau apalagi sedang) mengalami mengalami kasus top up. Pembayaran telah dilakukan, eh tetapi top up gagal. Malah terlihat pesan kecuali akun kalian sedang dalam bahaya.

Hah? Apa artinya?

Tenang, jangan panik dulu, ya! Biasanya, yang kayak begini sanggup kejadian cuma dikarenakan Sobat Gamers belum menghubungkan akun ML bersama Facebook atau Vk.

Ini hukum harus ya, Sobat Gamers! Soalnya, Moonton manfaatkan akun selanjutnya sebagai pengaman.

Kalau telah tertaut dan pesan akun dalam bahaya masih muncul, bermakna akun kalian terlalu sedang tidak aman. Coba ingat lagi, apa di awalnya kalian dulu melakukan top up secara ilegal atau manfaatkan mod APK?

Tips Top Up Mobile Legend Murah, Anti Banned dan Pasti Masuk 6
Beli skin Mobile Legends manfaatkan Diamond
Bisa jadi, kalian dulu tergiur promo atau giveaway khusus tetapi ujung-ujungnya malah buntung. Soalnya, praktek pengelabuan atau phising berkedok top up Diamond tak terbatas sebenarnya terlalu meresahkan dan telah ngejebak banyak player.

Solusinya, segera ubah kata sandi akun Mobile Legends atau akun yang tertaut.

Setelah mengganti kata sandi, coba bermain di mode klasik layaknya biasa dan menyelesaikan pertandingannya. Kemudian ulangi langkah-langkah top up dari dalam game bersama metode pembayaran lewat Google Play Store.

Saldo yang terpotong tetapi pengisian gagal akan dikembalikan oleh Google kecuali kalian melakukan pembelian in-game.

Cara Memelihara Lovebird di Rumah

Lovebird atau burung cinta merupakan satu model burung yang memiliki fans memadai banyak di Indonesia.

Burung ini termasuk didalam model beo kecil bersama dengan nada sangat indah dan memiliki banyak variasi. Lovebird termasuk terkenal bersama dengan burung yang memiliki kicauan unik dan ngekek yang panjang.

Jenis model lovebird yang banyak dipelihara diantaranya adalah lovebird rosy face bersama dengan warna dominan hijau, lovebird fischeri bersama dengan dominan warna hijau dan kuning emas, lovebird yellow collared yang memiliki warna kuning di anggota dada, lovebird black checked berpipi hitam, lovebird lilian’s yang jadi model lovebird terkecil di dunia berwarna dominan hijau oranye dan tetap banyak kembali model lovebird lainnya.

Lovebird merupakan suara burung lovebird burung yang perlu perawatan sangat ekstra, tetapi perawatan burung untuk lomba atau hanya hanya klangenan tentnya berbeda. Untuk kamu yang tertarik bersama dengan burung kicau ini, silahkan simak langkah memelihara lovebird di tempat tinggal selengkapnya.

Persiapan Sangkar
Untuk langkah pertama melindungi lovebird pertama yang mesti dilakukan adalah memilih sangkar untuk lovebird terutama pernah yang termasuk dilakukan terhadap langkah ternak lovebird koloni. Pastikan sangkar bersih bersama dengan ukuran yang memadai luas. Pastikan termasuk sangkar ringan diakses untuk dibersihkan dan tidak terbuat dari bahan yang mampu melukai burung serta menyediakan tempat pakan dan minum yang ringan dijangkau. Untuk anggota alas termasuk mesti ringan diganti dan tidak membawa dampak banyak masalah supaya burung tidak stres.

Membedakan Jenis Kelamin Lovebird
Untuk membedakan lovebird jantan dan betina kategori dimorfik memadai ringan dilakukan dan sebagian model lovebird yang masuk didalam kategori dimorfik ini adalah lovebird red headed, lovebird madagaskar serta lovebird abyssinia.

Untuk lovebird jantan memiliki kepala lebih kecil bersama dengan wujud rata, tubuh dan anggota paruh lebih kecil dari betina, kaki rapat, ekor berupa huruf “V”, lebih gesit dan agresif dan ngekek bersama dengan panjang. Sedangkan lovebird betina memiliki wujud kepala besar dan menonjol ke atas, paruh dan tubuh lebih besar dari betina, lebih kerap bertengger bersama dengan kaki melebar, ekor berupa huruf “U”, lebih tenang dan ngekek yang tidak lebih panjang dari jantan.

Pakan Lovebird
Pemberian pakan untuk lovebird tidak boleh diberikan secara asal dan mesti bervariasi terutama jikalau lovebird tetap muda yang mesti tetap dilakukan didalam langkah memelihara burung lovebird. Beberapa model pakan terbaik yang mampu diberikan untuk lovebird diantaranya adalah kuaci, milet putih, milet merah, pelet, biji bunga matahari, biji sawi, jumawut, canary seed dan hemp seed.

Pakan lovebird mampu diberikan tiap tiap hari secara bergantian. Tambahkan termasuk buah dan sayuran lebih kurang 2 kali seminggu supaya kebolehan berkicau lovebird makin bagus. Untuk model sayuran yang mampu diberikan diantaranya adalah tauge, jagung muda dan kangkung.

Pakan Anakan Lovebird
Pakan lovebird dan anakan pastinya tidak serupa sebab pakan untuk anakan mesti berkwalitas baik untuk menopang tumbuh kembang anakan tersebut. Jika pakan anakan lovebird susah ditemukan, kamu mampu memanfaatkan pakan alternatif seperti bubur bayi instan yang dicampur bersama dengan air hangat. Sementara untuk melindungi kebugaran mampu diberikan multivitamin yang mempunyai kandungan vitamin A, B, C, D, E dan termasuk K supaya burung termasuk mampu berkicau bersama dengan baik.

Hindari Beberapa Jenis Pakan
Buah apel sesungguhnya termasuk model buah yang baik untuk lovebird, tetapi menjauhi anggota biji apel sebab mempunyai kandungan sianida yang mampu berakibat fatal untuk lovebird yang termasuk mesti dilakukan didalam langkah melindungi lovebird supaya ngekek panjang. Beberapa model makanan yang tidak boleh diberikan lainnya adalah coklat, alpukat dan termasuk bawang putih.

Dalam daging alpukat mempunyai kandungan zat persin yang mampu menyempitkan pembuluh darah lovebird, namun coklat mampu menurunkan manfaat saraf lovebird dan bawang putih yang mampu membawa dampak anemia hemolitik yakni kerusakan sel darah merah yang berujung terhadap kematian.

The Right Choice of Food For Iguanas

Of the several types of reptiles, the iguana is one of the most commonly kept reptiles. Compared to similar reptiles, the green iguana has the largest size than a chameleon or gecko. The length itself is about 1.2  1.5 meters from head to toe. In addition to being superior in body shape, the age of the iguana is also fairly long, which is between 10-15 years.

Although the age can reach 10-15 years, it returns to the way of care applied by the owner. In addition to the spines that run straight from head to tail, iguanas also have large, circular scales under their eardrums. If you are interested in keeping iguanas with all their uniqueness, you must first know how to choose iguana food tips.

This is done to support the health of pets, so that they can have a long life. Just like humans, if they eat the wrong food, can guinea pigs eat strawberry iguanas can experience serious health problems that can end up endangering their lives. Here are tips for choosing the right iguana food.

Best Food for Iguanas

Despite having a frightening face and body shape, it turns out that iguanas are plant-eating animals, aka herbivores, you know. In their natural habitat, iguanas eat leaves or vines. But when kept at home, you can give some of these types of food:

  1. Processed Iguana Food

Providing processed food is the first tip for choosing iguana food. Processed packaged iguana foods can be easily found in pet shops, as well as processed cat or dog food. The type itself is in the form of pellets or dry food , so you need to add water or mix it with other iguana foods. Don’t make processed food the main menu, OK?

  1. Vegetables

Giving vegetables is a tip for choosing the next iguana food. To choose the right vegetables, try to be dark green. The dark color of the vegetables indicates high nutrient content, so they are suitable for consumption by iguanas. Here are some types of vegetables that are suitable for consumption by pet iguanas:

  • Mustard greens;
  • green watercress;
  • green cabbage;
  • green pumpkin;
  • Bok choy;
  • green radish;
  • Mung beans.

In addition, there are several types of vegetables that can be given as an interlude to staple foods. Some types of vegetables that can be used as an additional menu, namely:

  • Asparagus;
  • Mold;
  • Carrot;
  • Sweet potato;
  • Cucumbers;
  • Peas;
  • Corn.
  1. Fruits

Fruits can be given as a variation. As is well known, fruit contains a variety of important nutrients that can support a healthy body. Make fruit as an interlude to the main menu, yes. Do not give fruit with a sour taste. Here are some recommended types of fruit:

  • Apple;
  • The bridge;
  • Banana with peel;
  • Mango;
  • Pawpaw;
  • Melon;
  • Tomato;
  • Guava.
  1. Additional Supplements

Additional supplements are sometimes needed to support the growth of bones and teeth that cannot be met from food. In this regard, you can add calcium powder 2-3 times a week. Before deciding to buy it, read the label on the packaging first, yes. Choose calcium powder with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D3 which can help absorb calcium in the digestive system.

Just like any other pet, to feed an iguana you need to pay attention to its age. Young iguanas will need more food intake than adult iguanas. Self – feeding can be done 1-2 times a day, with the main meal in the morning and snacks in the afternoon.

Recommendations For The Best Iguana Food To Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Don't be mistaken!  This is the right type of iguana food, to grow up fast

Choosing the best type of iguana food can make your iguana grow big and live long. Also avoid the following foods that iguanas should not eat.

With all its uniqueness, maybe you intend to keep it at home, right? But before that, you must first know the best iguana food choices that must be considered.

Don’t make the mistake and make your Smart Buddy pet iguana later experience some serious health problems, OK!

Recommendations For The Best Iguana Food To Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Iguana Food
Iguana Food – Freepik

As PetPi mentioned above, don’t mistake an iguana’s food by its physical appearance, you know. In fact, iguanas are herbivores, aka plant eaters.

In particular, according to Dr. Rick Axelson, as reported by, explained that iguanas are folivorous or leaf-eating animals. can bearded dragons eat cucumber

In the wild, iguanas get their food from the leaves on trees and vines. But after being kept, iguanas also get food intake from fruit to flowers, you know.

So, so that you don’t choose the wrong one, here are recommendations for the best iguana food choices that are suitable for meeting their nutritional needs.

1. Processed Iguana Food

Processed iguana food in question is a commercial type of packaged iguana food, the same as cat or dog food that is commonly found in pet shops .

This type of food is generally available in dry form ( dry food) in the form of pellets that can be given directly or mixed with other iguana foods.

One of the best iguana food brands that is highly recommended is Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food which is priced in the range of IDR 500,000 – IDR 600,000 for a 1.13 kg package.

Because it is only available in dry food form , it is best if this food is moistened before giving it to make it easier for the iguana to eat it.

To make it healthier, don’t make processed iguana food the main feed. But only occasionally as additional feed, yes.

2. Vegetables

The type of vegetables or leaves that are given as food for iguanas are dark green. Because this color indicates sufficient nutritional content for their needs.

In contrast, the types of vegetables with light green color, such as lettuce and celery, contain only a few nutrients that are dominant in fiber and water.

As for some types of vegetables and leaves that are recommended as an iguana’s daily diet are as follows.

  • green dandelions;
  • Mustard greens;
  • Bok choy;
  • green radish;
  • green watercress;
  • Endive;
  • green cabbage;
  • green pumpkin;
  • Mung beans; and others.

While the types of vegetables that can be given as an alternative to the above staple foods that can be given 2-3 times a week are as follows.

  • Cactus;
  • Sprouts;
  • Sweet potato;
  • Cucumbers;
  • Asparagus;
  • Mold;
  • Carrot;
  • Peas;
  • Corn; and others.

3. Fruits

As a variation as well as a source of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, you can combine iguana food with several types of fruits that are easy for you to find.

But for sure, you can’t make fruits as the main food source, right! The following are some types of fruit that you can use.

  • Apple;
  • Pear;
  • Banana (with skin);
  • Mango;
  • Pawpaw;
  • Melon;
  • Tomato;
  • Guava;
  • Kiwi; and others.

In giving fruit as a food interlude for this type of lizard, you must also avoid types of fruits with acidic characteristics.

As in all types of citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, and lemons. Also avoid other acidic fruits, such as grapes and pineapple.

4. Additional Supplements

For the growth of bones and teeth, iguanas also require adequate amounts of calcium intake obtained through their diet.

In order to help the iguana grow and develop, you can also add calcium powder as an additional supplement that can be given 2-3 times a week.

Also choose calcium powder which also contains vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D3 which also helps the absorption of calcium in the digestive system, you know.

Well, giving this calcium powder can be done with the dusting method by sprinkling it on the iguana’s staple food 2-3 times a week.

But remember, Smart Buddy! Giving calcium powder should be in small amounts and sufficient. It’s better to consult a reptile expert or veterinarian before giving additional supplements, yes.

5. Water

A source of clean water should be available at all times for iguanas. You can provide drinking water in a special container, but you must pay attention to cleanliness.

Because not infrequently, this drinking water container is also used as a place for bathing and bathing so that it gets dirty quickly. Replace immediately if it feels dirty and not fit to drink anymore.

In addition, you can wet the iguana’s body with a water spray several times a week. This is intended to maintain body moisture, because iguanas have a natural habitat in tropical climates, you know.

6. Pasta Or Bread

Furthermore, as reported by the Pet Iguana Care page, iguanas can also be given additional food such as rice, cooked pasta or breads such as wheat bread.

This is done so that they do not get bored with their daily feed, because monotonous feed can cause the iguana to go on hunger strike and even stress.

Learn Python Beginners: Basic Introduction

Python is a popular programming language. This programming language was created by Guido van Rossum and introduced in 1991. Before starting to learn basic Python, it would be better to understand what Python is and how it works.

Python is a programming language that is easy to learn. Until now the Python programming language is almost used in all fields such as games, web-based systems, and can even create your own search engine. So in general, this programming language is used in website development, software development , mathematics, python course london and system scripting .

To learn more about Python, this article will explain what you need to know when learning Python for beginners. What exactly can be done in Python?

What To Do With Python

Before learning Python any further, you should know what can be done with this programming language.

Here are some things you can do using Python:

  1. Python can be one of the programming languages ​​to build a server when you create a website.
  2. When you need a prototyping process or production-ready software development, Python can be counted on.
  3. Python can be used to create workflows in software development.
  4. Python is used to read and modify a file in the construction of a database system.
  5. Python allows you to handle big data and perform complex mathematical processing.

Benefits of Learning Python

Even though there are tons of programming languages ​​out there, I still recommend you to learn Python. Of course there are also some advantages that you need to know. When compared to other programming languages, here are the advantages of the Python programming language:

  1. Python has a simple syntax and is more similar to English.
  2. Python can run on a variety of operating systems.
  3. Python runs in the interpreter system, meaning that this programming language line of code will be executed as soon as it is written.
  4. Python can be treated in a procedural way, an object-oriented way or a functional way.
  5. Python has a syntax that allows developers to write programs more concisely than other programming languages.

How to Install and Use Python

As explained above, Python can work on various operating systems (Windows, Arch, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and so on). In order to learn Python, you don’t need to install any programs. Because most operating systems have a Python compiler installed in them. To check it you can type the command below into your terminal or CMD:

$ python –versionPython 3.7.1

If your operating system doesn’t already have Python on it, you can download the latest Python version from this page . Once installed, you can perform experiments such as printing text or something. Below is an example of using Python on an operating system:

learn python

Python is indeed very simple compared to other programming languages. You don’t need to do this or that to create a “Hello World” program. Even the tagline of the developer of this programming language is to make Python users work faster and more effectively.

python display

How to Create Python Programs

After you make sure Python is properly installed on the device. The next step is to experiment with some Python program executions. But before that it would be better if you know in advance what the components are in Python.


Python syntax can be executed directly by typing it in the Command Line. Also, you can create Python files on the server using the .py extension and run them using the Command Line.

>>> print(“Hello, World!”)Hello, World!

Or if directly using Terminal or CMD:

$ python


Just like any other programming language, Python also has code to turn program lines into comments. You can use the hash ‘#’ to make a line of code in Python into a comment.

# This is a comment line in Python.print(“Hello, World!”)

Python Identitations

Unlike other programming languages, if you write in Python, indentation – the placement of sentences or lines of code – is very important. Python uses indents to indicate lines of code.

if 9> 2: print (“Nine is greater than two!”)

However, when the line of code is written into one column or in the same tab, the program will be an error. Below is an example of writing that produces an error.

if 9> 2: print (“Nine is greater than two!”)


Python also has Variables, not unlike any other programming language. This variable is used for storing and working with various data types.

Python itself has a standard variable declaration. Variables in Python can be short names (like x and y earlier) or more descriptive names like age, name, address, and so on. Variable naming rules in Python are like:

  • Variables cannot start with a number.
  • Variables must begin with a letter, or an underscore character ( underscore ),
  • Variables can only contain alpha-numeric characters and underscore characters,
  • Variables in Python are case-sensitive

However, unlike other programming languages, Python does not require variable initiation to declare variables. This means a variable is created the first time you add a value to it.

For example, when you want to create variables ‘x’ and ‘y’, you just need to enter the values ​​directly as below:

x = 10y = “Budi”

The above command will fill the variable ‘x’ with the value ‘5’ and ‘y’ with the value ‘Budi’. So the process of compiling lines of code is more concise.

Another convenience, you do not need to define the type of the variable. Python will automatically assign a variable type according to the value assigned to that variable. For example in the example below:

x = 10 # x is of type integery = “Budi” # y is of type string


After studying working variables, in this section you will learn about Booleans. While Variables can store numbers with one data type, booleans are also used to store a data type, but a different data type.

Data types in Booleans are only ‘true’ or ‘false’. So it’s similar to a light switch, it only has two values. You can use booleans like below example:

a = Trueb = False


When you learn Python numbers, there are three types of numeric variables in Python: int, float, and complex. You’ll probably never write the type of the variable in every declaration, because (as explained above) Python already initializes the type of the variable when you add a value to it.

Int, float, and complex have different ranges. An int or integer is a positive or negative integer, without decimal places, of infinite length. A float or ‘floating point number’ is a number, positive or negative, that contains one or more decimal places. While complex is a complex number written with “j” as part of the imaginary.

For example, below are three different types of numeric variables:

x = 1    # inty = 2.8  # floatz = 1j   # complex

So Python will recognize and distinguish the type of each variable when you fill it with a value. Meanwhile, to find out the type of each variable you can use the type() function :



When you want to learn Python strings, you only need to add single quotes or double quotes between the values ​​of the variables you want to add. For example, when you want to add the string “Budi” into the variable x then all you need to do is declare it as below:

x = “Budi”# Orx = ‘Budi’
# “Budi” is the same as ‘Budi’.

Just like other programming languages, strings in Python are byte arrays that represent unicode characters. However, Python doesn’t have a character data type so a single character is just a string of length 1. When you want to access a character in a string, all you need to do is use square brackets.

Below is an example of retrieving the second character in a string.

a = “Hello, World!”print(a[1])

The example code line above will display the character ‘H’ because for writing in programming languages, the first character is in the position of 0 (which here is the letter H), while the second character is in the position of 1. You can try it as below:

learn python

When you want to retrieve a character from positions 3 to 6 then the line of code you use is as below:

a = “Hello, World!”print(a[3:6])

In addition to the above command, there are many other string functions such as: len() is used to calculate the length of a string, lower() produces a string with lowercase letters, upper() produces a string with uppercase letters, replace() to replace the value in a string variable. , and split() to split strings based on specific punctuation marks.


The last part of the introduction to Python components is Operators. During the coding process you will definitely need operators to create a logical flow, calculate numbers, or something else.

These operators work to perform operations on variables and values. In the Python programming language, there are several groups of operators, such as arithmetic operators, assignment , comparison , logical , identity , membership , and bitwise.

Among other operators, arithmetic operators are often used. This arithmetic operator contains several operators. Below is a complete list of arithmetic operators:

+Additionx + y
*Multiplicationx * y
/Distributionx / y
%Modulusx % y
**Exponential (Rank)x ** y
//Floor divisionx // y

In addition, some development processes also often require operators that can assign a value to a variable. The following is a list of assignment operators you can use in Python:

=x = 5x = 5
+=x += 3x = x + 3
-=x -= 3x = x – 3
*=x *= 3x = x * 3
/=x /= 3x = x / 3
%=x %= 3x = x % 3
//=x //= 3x = x // 3
**=x **= 3x = x ** 3
&=x &= 3x = x & 3
|=x |= 3x = x | 3
^=x ^= 3x = x ^ 3
>>=x >>= 3x = x >> 3
<<=x <<= 3x = x << 3

Whereas when you want to compare between one or more variables, you usually need a comparison operator between them. This operator consists of six types. The following are comparison operators used to compare two values:

==Together withx == y
!=Not equal tox != y
>Greater thanx > y
<Less thanx < y
>=Greater or equal tox >= y
<=Less than or equal tox <= y

Python if .. Else

When you need to compare one condition to another, Python can be used to support logical conditions from mathematics. This logical rule is usually used to provide conditions before a program line is fetched.

According to the comparison table discussed in the previous section, there are six logical conditions that can be used in Python; equal to (a == b), not equal to (a != b), less than (a < b), less than or equal to (a <= b), greater than (a > b), greater or equal to (a >= b).

This condition can be used with some modifications, more often it is used for “If statements” and loops. When used for an “If statement”, an example is as below:

a = 8b = 10if a > a: print(“b is greater than a”)

In addition to using “If”, you can use “Elif and Else”. Elif means “if the previous condition is not true, then try this condition. Meanwhile, Else stated “perform the following command if all conditions do not match”.

Below is an example of using If, Elif, and Else in one logic.

a = 8b = 10if a > a: print(“b is greater than a”)elif a == b: print(“a is equal to b”)Else: print( is greater than b”)

Simple Python Program Example

Once you know what the components are in Python, it’s better if you immediately implement them. Below is an example of a simple Python program . This program serves to request an input. This input will be checked by the program whether the number is prime or not. After checking, the program will generate a string stating that the number is prime or not.

You should pay attention to indents in Python because placing them incorrectly can cause a function to run in the wrong process.

How to Learn English Fast with These 5+ Tips

English can be called a universal language. In today’s era, speaking in English tends to be important to broaden horizons and careers. It’s no wonder why today many Indonesians are starting to learn the language.

When it comes to learning a language, most people give up before trying. Of course, learning a language is not that easy, let alone memorizing vocabulary that sounds foreign. 

Luckily, you don’t need to know reading classes singapore all the vocabulary in the dictionary. In English, only about 300 words make up 65% of everyday reading and writing. Meaning, English is not as difficult as you think.

Of course, in addition to vocabulary ( vocabulary ), you still have to learn grammar ( grammar ) in a language. However, there is no need to despair. There is an easy way to learn this language.

Come on, follow the tips below so that you can quickly become proficient in English!

How to Learn English Fast

1. Learn Vocabulary With Flashcards

flashcard - a fast way to learn english
Image Source:

Toppers ever heard of the Flashcard method ? Flashcard is a type of card with words in a certain category. For example, flashcards about animals, colors, or food.

Flashcards are often considered boring. However, this method has proven to be effective for memorization because the words are repeated over and over again.

Flashcards can be made yourself easily. Or there are many kinds of English Flashcards on the market that you can buy. Usually, this flashcard is accompanied by an image so that it looks more attractive.

2. Listen to music and try to write the lyrics

Toppers may subconsciously learn English when they hear English song lyrics. Listening to music is a method that is often used to teach language to young children. But, that doesn’t mean adults can’t take advantage of these benefits.

Try choosing your favorite type of song to make it more enjoyable. Don’t forget to also learn the meaning of the lyrics to expand your English words.

3. Often Read English Books

how to quickly learn english
Image source: pexels

For beginners, start by reading children’s books in English. Besides being filled with interesting pictures, children’s books generally use basic vocabulary and grammar that are used every day.

As you get better at it, you can gradually read more difficult books , such as fiction novels or self-improvement books. 

4. Read English News & Articles Every Day

how to quickly learn english
Image source: pexels

Do you often check news and articles in Indonesian? Try to get into the habit of looking for the latest news in English, whether it’s news about business, celebrities, or health.

Some examples of popular websites are CNN, Dailymail, and Yahoo News. Of course there are many rows of news sources that you can look for.

5. Watch Movies Without Subtitles

how to quickly learn english
Image source: pexels

This step you may often hear. Yes, often watching can make you talk more naturally. This is made easier by using YouTube or Netflix.

First, while watching, turn on subtitles in English and Indonesian. Make sure you pause the video for any confusing sentences.

Write and translate the sentences. Keep repeating this method every day. Although tedious, this process has proven to be effective!

6. Listen to English Podcasts

how to quickly learn english
Image source: pexels

In this digital age, podcasts are increasingly popular among young Indonesians. From comedy, sports, to socio-cultural stories, you can hear them while doing various activities.

Try listening to English podcasts once in a while. You can easily access English podcasts through Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Start with a short story or your favorite theme.

7. Regularly Write in English

how to quickly learn english
Image source: pexels

Get a notebook and take it with you wherever you go. Actively look for new vocabulary every day that you find interesting, and write it in the book.

One of the fastest ways to learn English is to write a paragraph a day. You can define any theme.

Don’t worry about mistakes. You can ask your teacher, friends, or via the internet for help to check your writing results.

Money For Benefits Of Granola During Pregnancy

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