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Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles on Blogs and Websites

Articles are one type of content that is needed if you have a website or blog. Whether for busjasa backlink terbaik iness websites, portfolios,or photo galleries though, articles you can use to bring your websiteup the rankings in search engines such as Google. Therefore, you need to learn how to write SEO friendly articles on your blog and website.

Starting from keyword research to promotion and article updates, here are 15 powerful ways to make SEO friendly articles for blogs and websites that you can directly apply. Curious? Check out the following discussion. How to Create AN SEO Friendly Article

Before knowing how to write SEO friendlyarticles, you should know that Google will always evolve and develop its algorithms when providing ratings for content that appears on their search pages or Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

SEO friendly articles are articles that are useful to readers as well as ‘liked’ by Google. Therefore, your job as a writer is to develop your writing so that it is useful for readers and can rank high enough on Google’s search results page.

Core Web Vitals: A Website Optimization Guide to Google’s New Algorithm

Google’s algorithm will continue to grow, then you must be up-to-date with the development of how to write SEO friendlyarticles. Check out some of the following important points that are the main foundation of how to write articles that are SEO friendly, useful to readers, and ‘liked’ by Google. Search for relevant keywords

Keyword research or keyword research is the first way you must do to write SEO articles. Look for keywords that are relevant to your websitetheme and may be frequently searched by your intended audience. You can find inspiration using free tools like Google Trends.

Then, make sure how many keyword searches are by checking the search volume using tools like SEMRush. In addition to knowing how much search volume, this way can certainly also make your articles more SEO friendly. Understand the reader’s search intent

Google will better assess articles that are in line with their principle, which is to provide answers for users. The users in question are those who type keywords inGoogle’s search bar. This is called search intent or the purpose of reader search.

Before writing an SEO article, you must first determine what questions your article can answer. If you think your article readers can answer their questions, then Google will consider your article to be a recommendation for other users in search results. Find an interesting title

To write SEO articles, you also have to be good at stringing together words that interest the user.

You have a split-second chance to convince readers that they want to read your article, that is, through the title. Therefore, determine an interesting title that can represent the content of the article so that readers feel the need to know what information is in your article.

Although there is no limit to the number of letters or words for title creation in a WordPress CMS, but you should not create a long-winded title, do not let the title not match the content of the article, and certainly must be easy to understand and interesting.

Also Read: 5 Tips for Creating Interesting and Engaging Content Titles4. Create an article structure

When creating an article, especially for articles that are SEO friendly,you must have a clear structure so as not to deviate from the main topic. In addition to being a benchmark so that your discussion does not deviate, the structure of the article can also make it easier for you when explaining the content of the article.

The easy way, position yourself as a reader, then estimate what answers you want to get from the article. If it’s still difficult, you can consider answering basic 5W+1H questions (What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How).5 Use headings and subheadings

Heading and subheading are just like the subtopics of an article. The use of headings and subheading can help you maximize the structure of the article. Because, heading will be the element that divides the article into several main subtopics.

When determining headings,pay attention to the search intent you are aiming for. If your article is made in the form of a listicle (list article)such as reviewing “10 Best Staycation Hotels in Jakarta” or “15 French Fries Menu Ideas”, then you should place heading 2 (H2) after H1 or title.

However, articles that cover a topic in depth such as “Complete Guide to Installing Adobe” or “Tutorial on Making Banana Bread” usually require using headings in different ways. You can use headings at H2 to H4 levels. But for sure, do not let you jump over the headinglevel, yes.6. Maximize meta title

Unlike the title or H1, the meta title will later appear in search engines. This title will be ‘read’ by Google as an assessment to rank in search engines. The condition is, use 50-60 character letters so that when your article appears in the search results, the title will not be cut.

In addition, you are also obliged to create a title that can attract the interest of readers. The way is, point them specifically. For example, “5 Tips to Burn Calories for Those of You Who Are Mageran” will be more interesting than “5 Tips to Burn Calories”. Optimization of meta description

Meta descriptions are often used as an assessment also by Google. Then create a meta description that contains keywords and can lure readers to click. For example, you can include a call to action (CTA) or a question sentence to provoke curiosity.

In addition, make sure the meta description you create can also represent the content of your article. Then, in jasa backlink order for your article to be SEO friendly,do not make a meta description that is too long, enough 120-150 characters. Image optimization

Not only meta description,you also need to optimize images as one way to make articles that are SEO friendly. Image optimization aims to shorten loading time on the website. Because, websites with a weak load time can get poor judgment from Google to be able to lower the ranking of your website.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the size of the images used in your article. You can reduce the size of images through websites such as TinyJPG or TinyPNG. In addition, you also have to add alternative text to describe images so that Google understands what images are in your article.

Also Read: SEO Tools for Website Optimization9. Take advantage of internal and external links

Internal links are links or links that point to other articles on your website or blog. This link you can include in the article so that website visitors are interested in reading your other articles. You can put an internal link in the middle of the article in the form of article recommendations or as anchor text,which is a piece of text that can be clicked.

On the other hand, there are also external links that direct to other websites. The goal is to ensure the truth of the data or evidence you attached to the article. Although it does not have a direct impact on the SEO of your articles, but you can use this method when exchanging articles with other websites. Shorten posts per paragraph

Using 3-5 sentences per paragraph may be applicable in the context of discourses we have learned in school. However, this rule does not apply in the way seo friendly articles are written on websites and blogs. Because, the level of reader focus on the internet is lower than the reader of the book.

Therefore, make a short and clear post in your article. Instead of using 3-5 sentences, you can write 4-5 lines of sentences in one paragraph with a maximum of 20 words per line. The shorter the writing per paragraph, the better. But, make sure the message you mean is still conveyed clearly, yes. Adjust the length of the article with keywords

Although your article is long and jasa backlink terpercaya comprehensive, not necessarily Google will give a good assessment. Because, the reason is back again to the purpose of the search or search intent of your readers.

Dumps 2022 – New NETSUITE NS0-001 Exam Questions

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How to Set SEO On Page on Content That Must Be Done

On-page SEO is a technique that is done to increase the num jasa backlink terpercaya ber of visitors to your website. On-page SEO can also be said as one of the SEO jasa backlink techniques that will optimize the organic traffic of a website page to be tracked on the first page of search engines. There are many search engines in circulation, but the most commonly used is Google. Well, how to set up on-pageSEO? On-Page SEO Settings that Must Be Done

In contrast to off-page SEO, on-page SEO focuses more on the performance of your own website, ranging from meta keyword settings, meta descriptions, determination of targeted keywords, imagesize, and the quality of articles or content on each website page, and so on.

For those of you who want to explore knowledge about websites and Search Engine Optimization,you can take some online courses available in the following QuBisa online learning application:

  • Become a Reliable Website Designer with WordPress
  • How to Improve Pro Website Security
  • Pros of Creating Landing Page and Website Design jasa backlink terbaik Without Coding
  • Google’s SEO Advanced Guide for Beginners

In this QuBisa article, on-page SEO will be discussed more on how to produce articles or content that is in accordance with on-pageSEO rules. Why? Because of the availability of content and the quality of content that will make visitors interested in visiting your website or not. What to do? Keywords

Keywords or keywords are the most decisive thing. Don’t just create articles without strong keywords. To find out the keywords that google users are most searched for, you need to do keyword research first.

There are several tools that can be used to do popular keyword searches, such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Wordtracker, Moz, and many more. Make sure your keywords are included in the permalink or URL of your website page.

You also need to set the repetition of the number of keywords and their spread. The goal, so that your article is not over optimization and website visitors remain comfortable when reading the article or content you publish. Article Title

The title of the article includes one of the important factors in on-pageSEO. An interesting title is not enough, but the title should also be easily searched by Google and should be SEO friendly. For that, include the main keyword in the title of the content you create. Google’s algorithm will assess how the relevance between the title and the content of the article on your website. The more relevant the relationship between the title and the content of the article or content, the easier it is for you to get the best position on the search page. Permalink and Internal Link

Permalink is a website page link that can be adjusted so that the keywords that have been specified. In addition to permalink,try to provide internal links, which are links that link between one page with another page on your website.

For example, when article A has a discussion related to self-development or a free online course, then make sure there is an internal link to article B which is also themed about self-development, online courses, or the world of work. It should be noted, do not give links to different articles of discussion. This will make it difficult for readers and will reduce the credibility of your website.

Images are a form of visualization of the contents of the article you create. Do not carelessly upload images, especially images that are not related to the content of the article. In addition, the image must also be self-work or license-free. Avoid taking pictures from people’s websites, as images could be copyrighted. If you don’t have time to create your own images, you can use images from free image providers, such as Freepik, Pixabay, Pexels, and others.

Images also need to be optimized on-pageSEO techniques. You can add an alternative tag (alt tag) so that search engines can recognize the content of images in articles. Important things that you need to pay attention to, try to include keywords in your image alt tags.

These days, the number of words in a website’s article is a concern. The number of good words in an article ranges from 500-1000 words. Many assume, if the number of words is more, then the article will be more popular. But that’s not entirely true. Articles less than 1000 words can enter the first page of Google as long as the article or content is based on SEO rules.

After looking at some important factors in on-page SEO, you can directly practice on-page SEO on the content you create. Do not forget to apply off page SEO techniques as well so that your website performance is more optimal.

Tips Belanja Online Dari Rumah Agar Tidak Tertipu

Rutinitas berbelanja online tambah jadi tambah didalam penduduk Indonesia. Tetapi, ini disertai bersama pertambahan efek penipuan online. Oleh karenanya, sebagai pembeli anda harus pintar dan selamanya mengaplikasikan anjuran berbelanja online yang betul layaknya berikut, ya!

Perubahan tehnologi sesungguhnya sanggup dibuktikan beri tambahan keringanan untuk semua aspek kehidupan.

Bahkan juga, perkembangan tehnologi sekarang memungkinkanmu untuk berbelanja tanpa harus mengambil alih langkah muncul dari rumah.

Namun, keringanan ini disertai bersama efek negatif, yaitu penipuan online.

Terutama jika berbelanja di e-commerce, terlalu mungkin anda berjumpa penjaja bodong.

Nach, agar tidak zonk, berikut sejumlah anjuran berbelanja online untukmu!Panduan Aman Berbelanja Online dari Rumah1. Tentukan Penjual Online yang Memberikan keyakinan tips apps dan game android

Tips Belanja Online – Saat berbelanja di e-commerce, yakinkan toko yang diputuskan membawa peringkat tinggi dan sebagai toko sah atau star seller.Tidak boleh mudah dipengaruhi harga terjangkau, dikarenakan ini sanggup membawa dampak anda jadi obyek empuk penjaja bodong.

Jika anda berbelanja online lewat Shopee, Tokopedia, dan yang lain, tambah lebih mudah untuk jalankan pengujian.Ini dikarenakan mereka sedia kan feature peringkat dan ulasan oleh pembeli setia.2. Check Rekam jejak Situs Berbelanja Online

Tips Belanja Online – Jika tidak belanja lewat e-commerce, dikarenakan itu anda agar lebih jeli ulang terhadap jalankan penelitian.Ini sanggup dilakukan bersama memeriksa web sosial fasilitas punyai mereka jika ada.

Bila tidak ada, anda sanggup cari di feature penelusuran Google untuk memeriksa pembahasan dari pembeli yang dulu berbelanja di situ.Jika perlu, anda sanggup check rekening penjaja untuk pastikan apa dia dulu disampaikan dikarenakan penipuan atau mungkin tidak.3. Check Tanda Situs Berbelanja Online Aman

Tips Belanja Online – Tahukah kamu, ada langkah mudah untuk memeriksa web berbelanja online yang anda pakai, lo.Kamu sanggup memerhatikan bar terhadap bagian atas, tepat di wajah alamat situs.Bila di situ ada isyarat kunci gembok, dikarenakan itu punyai arti web safe untuk dipakai.

Tidak cuman aman, transaksi bisnis online yang anda lakukan di situ terjaga keamanan datanya.

Selanjutnya sata dapat masukkan information kartu credit, yakinkan alamat web berbeda dari ‘http’ ke ‘https’.4. Lihat bersama Baik Photo dan Detil Produk

Tips Belanja Online – Langkah berbelanja online agar safe selanjutnya, pastikanlah anda memperhatikan photo product dan penjelasannya.Untuk product mode, yakinkan ke penjaja apa warnanya dipotret sesuai warna asli agar anda tidak sedih sesudah membeli.decal nmax merah 1 maxgraphica cutting sticker sidoarjo

Masalahnya banyak pembeli transaksi bisnis online yang sering tertipu bersama warna photo.Produk yang tiba berwarna sering lebih kusam atau pucat.Periksa ulang ukuran product yang dipasarkan, janganlah hingga amat besar atau amat kecil dari perkiraanmu.5. Baca bersama Baik Peraturan Situs Berbelanja Online Pada Data Individu

Tips Belanja Online – Situs berbelanja online apa saja yang anda pakai, yakinkan untuk membaca peraturannya terhadap information personal.Bila anda tidak cermat, sanggup saja nanti information pribadimu dipasarkan oleh web yang dipakai untuk transaksi bisnis online.

Walau muncul remeh, jual-beli information personal sanggup amat merugikanmu, Teman dekat maxgraphicaIni sanggup berbuntut terhadap penyimpangan information untuk aktivitas ilegal, misalkan saja penipuan.6. Panduan Berbelanja Online untuk Harga Produk

Tips Belanja Online – Harga yang dijajakan penjaja lebih tidak mahal dari harga pasar?

Awas, tidak boleh terburu suka dahulu, Teman dekat maxgraphica.Bila perbedaan harga amat jauh, sanggup saja barang yang dijajakan bukan product orisinal.sticker decal Aerox hologram

Terutama jika barang yang mendambakan dibeli ialah product electronic.

Kalau telah telah terburu beli product layaknya iPhone secara online, semestinya lakukan check IMEI untuk pastikan orisinalitasnya.7. Panduan Berbelanja Online Produk Sticker decal motor-mobil

Tips Belanja Online – Bila anda jalankan transaksi bisnis online untuk Sticker decal atau cutting sticker motor – mobil yakinkan penjaja melampirkan atau punyai galerry photo – photo waktu memproduksi (memberikan kalau penjaja sekalian produsen bukan cuma makelar) – perumpamaan photo fisik lebih dari satu barang atau proses penempatan.

misalkan bersama check di medsos seperi facebook,insrgram..dan lain-lain dan di google ,contoh nya di google tulis “maxgraphica ‘ maka ada mengenai profil dari bisnis toko sticker maxgraphica.

Pertimbangkan waktu pengangkutan yang diperlukan dari posisi penjaja hingga ke tempatmu.8. Panduan Berbelanja Online untuk Keamanan Transfer

Tips Belanja Online – Beberapa aktor penipuan online sering merayu calon mangsanya untuk berbisnis di luar marketplace.Ini pasti beresiko, dikarenakan tidak ada faksi ke-3 yang sanggup membawa dampak bantuan pembeli didalam transaksi bisnis online.

JIKA KONSUMEN TIDAK JELI didalam check ke sahan profil bisnis dari toko ituOleh karenanya, jika ada penjaja nakal yang mintamu untuk berbisnis di luar marketplace, janganlah lekas menerimanya. CEK- dan REchek,. BUKAN punyai arti TRANSAKSI di luar MARKETPLACE 100% TIDAK safe ya brow..contoh nya nich berbelanja online di maxgraphica ,check saja profil nya di google.

Tips Memilih Server Pulsa untuk Bisnis Pulsa Anda

Seiring bersama dengan makin lama meningkatnya keperluan bakal pulsa maupun kota, banyak orang yang menentukan bisnis pulsa baik itu sebagai bisnis utama maupun bisnis sampingan. Untuk mengawali bisnis pulsa, tentu perihal yang pertama kudu dilaksanakan adalah menentukan server pulsa. Namun ternyata menentukan server pulsa ini tidak semudah yang dikira.

Anda kudu menentukan bersama dengan baik server pulsa ini. Jangan hingga disaat Anda telah menentukan kerja serupa bersama dengan tidak benar satu server pulsa, tapi ternyata di tengah jalan ada ketidakcocokan atau kendala agar pada akhirnya menyesal. Lantas, adakah tips untuk menentukan server pulsa?

Nah, selanjutnya ini lebih dari satu tips yang sanggup penulis informasikan tentang bersama dengan penentuan server pulsa.Lihat Track Recordnya

Umumnya, server pulsa yang telah lama dan berpengalaman bakal menentukan bahwa mereka punyai mutu layanan yang baik. Banyak terhitung server pulsa yang telah lama berpengalaman tapi disaat di tengah jalan ternyata beri tambahan layanan dan kinerja yang kurang bagus. Jadi, sebaiknya Anda melihat pernah track record berasal dari server pulsa tersebut. Ini sanggup Anda ketahui berasal dari testimoni para pelanggan pada mulanya terhadap halaman websitenya.Pertimbangkan Harga Dasar Pulsa dan Jam Pelayanan

Selain perhitungkan track record, Anda terhitung kudu perhitungkan harga dasar pulsa dan juga jam layanan yang sanggup diberikan penyedia server pulsa. Pilih server pulsa yang beri tambahan harga lebih tidak mahal tapi tetap wajar agar keuntungan yang didapatkan sanggup lebih besar. Sementara pertimbangan jam layanan dilaksanakan agar Anda sanggup lakukan transaksi terhadap jam-jam bersama dengan kondisi tertentu, jikalau terhadap malam hari atau waktu ada kendala.Pastikan Kejelasan Perusahaan

Sebelum menentukan server pulsa, pastikan pernah perusahaan selanjutnya jelas. Ini sanggup dilaksanakan jika Anda bakal mengawali bisnis pulsa bersama dengan modal atau deposit yang cukup besar, jikalau jutaan. Pastikan Anda sadar pemilik perusahaan, alamat perusahaan, dan sebagainya.Pertimbangkan Biaya dan Kemudahan Bertransaksi

Pertimbangan setelah itu yang kudu Anda hiraukan adalah murahnya cost pendaftaran dan juga mudahnya transaksi dilakukan. Dalam bisnis pulsa keuntungan yang diambil tidak amat besar. Jadi sebaiknya menentukan server pulsa yang tawarkan cost pendaftaran yang tidak mahal agar pos pengeluaran Anda tidak amat besar.

Selain itu, Anda terhitung kudu perhatikan kemudahan di dalam bertransaksi, jikalau saja rekening server pulsa yang berbeda bank bersama dengan rekening Anda. Jika demikian, Anda kudu mengeluarkan cost admin disaat bakal lakukan transaksi deposit pulsa. Namun jika server pulsa yang bakal dipilih punyai banyak variasi rekening pulsa dan sanggup mengfungsikan bank yang serupa bersama dengan Anda, ini amat membantu.

Itulah lebih dari satu tips di dalam menentukan server pulsa agar Anda sanggup menentukan server pulsa yang amanah dan terpercaya.

10 Ways to Write Good and True SEO Friendly Articles

For those of you who want or are dabbling in the field of content writer or copy writer on blogs / websites, it jasa backlink terpercaya is certainly familiar with the term SEO friendly. Especially if you are a blogger who is in the world of internet marketing or online business, then SEO is an integral part of your blogging activities.

Actually, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or referred to as a technique for optimizing google search engines. SEO is widely applied to the content used in online business, especially articles. That is why in this article will be discussed on how to write SEO friendly articles (SEO Friendly) well and correctly. Why should articles be written based on SEO rules?

The main reason is to get the top position in the search engines so that visitor traffic increases. What’s the point of having a web whose design is cool but no visitors read at all?

If we want to win the SEO competition then it takes a commitment to always present SEO Friendly articles, thus your web becomes popular and can be an authority in the field / niche that you discuss.

So, how to write a good and correct SEO Friendly article? Here’s the guide: 1. Use Keywords that Many Visitors Are Looking for

First of all, you have to look for keywords (keywords) that may be searched by many of your web users, do not forget to adjust the keywords are also written in the title or title of your site. Because Google provides a large portion of ranking on websites that have keyword relevance in the title section.

These keywords will later be typed in google search engine by the audience, and if your website title contains keywords then readers will have the opportunity to click on your search listing.

You can use ahrefs,, and google keyword planner tool in adwords, then enter the keywords you want and do not forget to adjust to the country first. But remember, do not forget to target long tail derivative keywords (not the main keyword) that have a high amount of traffic. Use Keyword Focus Accordingly

Although you are targeting keywords that make the article in the top rankings, it does not mean you use it excessively. To repeat these keywords there are rules. For example, for articles that are 800 words long, you should repeat keywords 4 times. This also applies multiples, so 600 words then 2 times, and so on.

In addition, the keywords you put in the content of the article must be good for human reading. Because who will read the article later is the audience, not google search engine.

We should also include other keywords that may be relevant to our main keywords. Suppose I sell USB, then I will insert keyword thumb drive, flash disk, USB drive, etc.

Second example: if my online store sells table mats, then I can use keywords such as tablecloths, dining mats, etc. Thus prospective buyers who use different terms will still get the same product you offer. Use the Google keyword tool to search for synonyms, or to search for LSI words that are relevant to your product.

3. Articles Should Be Worth Reading

As mentioned earlier, the article you jasa backlink terbaik create should be worth reading. If you try to create a careless article let alone keyword stuffing, then later the bounce rate of your site will be high which is a sign that readers are not satisfied with the quality of your content. Then Google will lower your site’s ranking from the SERP.

How to write articles that are worth reading is to research the topic to be discussed, then do self-editing or editing it. You can do it with a break of 1 hour after writing up the article.

If you don’t have free time, you can ask a friend for help to correct the article. Then ask what they think about the content of the article, whether it can be understood or not. You can use friend criticism to improve the article you created. Make sure the article answers visitors’ questions.

Just like the point above, the indicator that indicates the article you created can answer the questions of these audience is determined by Google based on:

  • The length of time the reader spends reading the article. The longer it takes, indicating the reader is satisfied with your article.
  • Articles that visitors read are shared or not, for example through social media. To get your article shared, make it as complete as possible.

If both of these things have been fulfilled, then Google will provide additional points for your article.

Suppose you write an article about how to earn money from a blog without capital in your post, then as much as possible answer the question by presenting relevant articles and providing a real example of how to make money from the internet. For example, you can explain all the alternatives to making money online, such as adsense, affiliates, ads, follow reviews, create online stores, dropships, then make case studies, or success stories from others who succeed from internet marketing, etc. The more interesting the better.

Then when the article is finished you write, try asking yourself. Has my post answered the reader’s question? Will readers be satisfied with the quality of my article?

When readers are satisfied with your article then it is likely that Google will also reward your site with a higher ranking position. Take Advantage of Internal and External Links

The function of these two links is to complete the explanation of the content of the article that you have not listed to the readers. Internal links refer to other articles on your blog. While external links refer to articles on other blogs.

The purpose of listing internal links is to increase the length of time readers spend visiting your website, thus helping Google understand the topics of the web you manage. While external links have the main purpose of convincing readers of the results of the research you do.

With these two links, reader knowledge will be wider and your web ranking will increase. Image Optimization

You can enter keywords in the alt tag and image title section so that the image is included in google rankings. The second optimization is to reduce the size of the image.

This image optimization aims to speed up the process of loading articles on your web. Because images that have a large size (between 1 MB to more) can hamper the loading process, which will make the audience saturated to open your blog.

How to optimize images can be done by compressing images before uploading on the web. Because in this way, you can minimize the image size file without reducing its quality.

To facilitate this work, you can use the following service sites:,, and tinypng.com7. Use a Unique Point of View

The uniqueness of the viewpoints outlined in the content of the article makes your blog look more prominent than other blogs. This unique point of view is for example jasa backlink related to your personal experience on the topic, by staying consistent with the focus of the keywords you use. Thus readers will enjoy the content you provide more and may share your articles to social media where your website will get extra traffic in the future. Make sure the article length is optimal

Based on research, the Orbit Media Study revealed that the average number of words used in a single article is 1,142 words. However, if you are only able to write 500 words it also does not matter, because that is the minimum amount. In general, to be able to get the top ranking, usually Google will choose articles whose word count is above 1000 words. But remember yes, quantity must be accompanied by quality as well. Take Advantage of Heading and Subheading

Articles on the internet usually have the shortest paragraph stacking possible so as not to make readers saturated and easily understand your article. This short paragraph usually consists of 3 to 4 lines, then interspersed with headings or subheadings.

With the section in the form of headings or subheading, you can help readers find the subject matter of the article, readers are not bored, and also so that the structure of the article becomes more organized.

You can use the table of contents plugin provided free of charge by wordpress so that headings and subheadings are automatically included in the table of contents. Promote Your Article

7 Ways to Create Interesting and Quality Content for Your Blog

As we both know, that writing interesting and quality writing blog content is an option. On the other hand, creating a careless content is also an option. However, if we want to think repeatedly, why create content that is careless? This is a waste of time, as well as the energy you have. So actually all of that is a choice and back to each of you!

For some people, maybe everything is clear, which is to build useful and interesting content to be visited periodically by readers. One of the goals of writing interesting and quality content is to improve SEO rankings, jasa backlink terpercaya get traffic and leads.

Search Engines like Google even highly appreciate content written with attractive and quality. One of the criteria is content that does not contain elements of duplicate or copying the writings of others. Therefore, the originality or authenticity of a content is highly considered by some people.

Well, Exabytes Friends, after you read a few paragraphs above, you must have gotten a little idea of how to create content wrapped interesting and of course quality for the blog. Eits but below will be discussed more and peeled thoroughly how to create content that is interesting, eye catching, quality, and of course increases the interest in reading others. Let’s see more below, guys! Complete Peel 7 Ways to Create Interesting and Quality Content

Whatever your reason for writing a blog, whether it’s for business, just a hobby, or whatever it is, it’s worth doing it in earnest so that the results are also satisfactory for yourself, and many people. As a result, to realize that, you need to create interesting and quality blog content. How’s it going? Check out the 7 tips below Create Original or Original Content

As has been read a little above and explained in the previous paragraph, that writing content for an original or original blog is one way to be looked at by Google Search Engines. This will be very impactful for the existence of the blog you create. In addition, the blog you create with authenticity will also get traffic and leads.

Google highly appreciates the variety of content created without duplication or copy elements, jasa backlink terbaik known as original or original content. If your content contains authenticity, it is certain that its existence is guaranteed by Google. However, not with a short time yes, Exabytes Friends, you need to keep up the hard work! Tell Us What You Can Do Directly By Readers in Your Blog Content!

Most people visit Google Search Engines based on a purpose. One of them is to find the answer to a question. Well, if you want your content to contain useful or informative elements, it’s a good thing you write and convey something that they can do directly. Let’s take one example, for example, people are looking for answers to a healthy diet like, then what can he do to diet healthy? Then you can write information related to this. Of course, tell them something that they can apply in their homes directly. Write Content That Is Short, Dense, and Clear

During the writing journey, try to write what is needed by your blog visitors. Do not write information that “deviates” from the theme or title written. One of your blogs will even be called a misguided blog if the information you write does not match the chosen title. In addition, after you finish writing you also need to correct whether there is anything less clear than the delivery you wrote. Also, don’t get hung up on the number of sentences or words written. There are so many articles that paragraph too much, but the information is only dabbling there, aka the discussion is not clear and tends to be the same.

Therefore, try to wrap the content that “SPJ” is short, dense, clear, yes, Exabytes Friends! Add Images or Videos Related to Written Content

Imagine, if you read something that is a lot but not interspersed with pictures or something interesting, where do you get the motivation to read it until it runs out? You will definitely get bored and choose to leave such a blog page. For that with tips on writing content on this one, it is expected to make you understand that an image and video is very important to be included in the article for the blog that you will post later.

Add an interesting video or image, but keep in mind yes guys, the image or video you list should be clear. If you take people’s work, try to list where you got the picture or video from. In addition, the images and videos you include should also be related to the theme you are discussing. Create Content That You Write Stay Up to Date!

Paragraph by paragraph, writing by writing, visitors on your blog will prefer to read up to date information. Maximize yourself in researching something that is being warmly talked about by many people. After completing the research, make points what people are asking about the hotly discussed. Of course, you also have to wrap neat and neat jasa backlink things very informatively.

Because just imagine, it’s useless if the content you discuss is up to date, but not informative. So, in this case you should also be able to position yourself as a reader. About what they questioned regarding the matter that was being hotly discussed, after which make a writing that answered their question! Present Accurate and Informative Blog Content

Well, Exabytes Friends, as mentioned above, in how to create interesting content for your blog, write something informative, yes! Also, in addition to being informative, you should present something or accurate information. Accurate means something and the information you write is true, does not contain hoax elements. Especially if you’re blogging for a company. If something you write is inaccurate, then the result will be fatal for yourself and the company.

Back again, research before writing is very necessary in this regard. Well, guys, If something and the information you convey on the blog is accurate, of course readers will be satisfied. And most likely if you write the next piece of content, readers won’t miss reading something you wrote! Create Engaging Content

What is engaging content? Engaging content is content that offers something new, a new perspective or outlook, knowledge, something useful, inspiring, or entertaining. And, the criteria for engaging content are 6 information that has been described above. Make your content at least have 5 things from the 6 things above.

If it is like that, it is certain that readers will be happy to read the content you write in your blog. Make the content you serve as interesting and seinformative as the delivery above, and also does not reduce the quality element yes, Exabytes Friends!

Well, Exabytes Friends, the 7 ways above can really apply friends if indeed the goals and purpose of friends is to create interesting and quality content. Don’t forget to always write with your heart, because if you write with your heart, then the results will be very impressive.

Eits, if you are currently still confused about what to write or inhibited, it could be because you experience writer’s block you know. If you still often mutter “I’ve written with my heart, but often hit no idea,” calm down, you can find a way to find inspiration for your blog content here!

If you like a challenge or want something new on your blog, you can really join the Exabytes Blog Competition. The race starts with the deadline until September 17. Do not miss and immediately register yourself and invite your friends.

Now, you can start applying the 7 tips above from today yes, guys! Hopefully the information above can provide a new outlook for friends who like to write or friends who are livelihoods in the world of blogs! Good luck!

Tips dan Trick Menulis Surat Lamaran Kerja

Pekerjaan merupakan salah satu cara manusia memenuhi kebutuhannya, bersama dengan demikianlah lapangan pekerjaan yang diakses menjadi serbuan masyarakat yang tidak atau sedang mencari pekerjaan. Masyarakat yang menghendaki mengisi lowongan pekerjaan berikut tidak dan juga merta langsung daftar, mereka umumnya diberi kriteria kudu menyebabkan salah satunya surat lamaran kerja.

Kekuatan surat lamaran kerja di dalam meyakinkan HRD perusahaan menjadi kunci apakah di terima atau tidak di dalam melamar kerj tersebut. Umumnya masyarakat menyebabkan surat lamaran pekerjaan bersama dengan seenaknya dan sesuka hati mereka, namun faktanya surat lamaran pekerjaan ini beri tambahan nilai tersendiri bagi diri kamu dari HRD yang membacanya.

Kesalahan di dalam penulisan surat lamaran kerja menyebabkan kamu kehilangan nilai penting, yakni perihal kualitas diri anda. Jika surat lamaran yang ditulis mampu di terima oleh nalar dan tidak terkesan dilebih-lebihkan, HRD mampu menilai bahwa apa yang kamu tulis adalah kualitas diri kamu dan sebaliknya.

contoh surat lamaran kerja tulis tangan

Maksimalnya kamu di dalam menulis surat lamaran kerja, mampu menjadi kunci besar bisa saja kamu diterima. Menulis surat lamaran pekerjaan ini tidak mampu dilaksanakan begitu saja, namun tersedia beberapa tips yang hrus dipelajari supaya lamaran kerja kamu diminati oleh perusahaan yang dituju. Tips yang mampu dilaksanakan sebagai berikut:Menggunakan format penulisan yang baik dan benar

Format bisa saja tidak diakui perlu oleh beberapa masyarakat, mereka berasumsi bahwa bersama dengan tulisan yang baik dan mengetahui saja mampu menyebabkan lamaran kerja menarik. Namun faktanya ini salah kaprah, format penulisan membawa kemampuan perlu di dalam lamaran kerja.Format penulisannya sesuai bersama dengan kaidah EYD

Sebab gunakan kalimat formal diwajibkan di dalam slamaran kerja dan jangan sekali-kali gunakan kaliman informal. Pengetahuan perihal EYD juga berpengaruh pada kualitas diri anda, jikalau pelamar mampu gunakan EYD bersama dengan baik artinya pelamar berikut mengetahui bersama dengan tata cara berbahasa yang baik.Penentuan format penulisan surat lamaran kerja

Biasanya juga udah diatur oleh perusahaan yang berikan lowongan kerja terkait. Disini masyarakat yang bakal melamar kerja dikehendaki mengikuti peraturan yang udah di sediakan oleh perusahaan. Misalkan perusahaan berikan ketetapan pada anggota subjek dan badan teks di email.Jangan hingga tersedia Typo, bekas dihapus, dan coretan-soretan

Typo dan coretan mampu menyebabkan surat lamaran kerja kamu berkurang kualitasnya, gara-gara secara tidak langsung HRD mampu menganalisis bahwa kamu merupakan orang yang tidak cukup hati-hati di dalam lakukan sesuatu.Adanya persoalan di atas mampu kurangi nilai diri anda

anda mampu bersama dengan mudah memperoleh nilai negatif dari HRD. Pada akhirnya surat lamaran pekerjaan kamu tidak di terima lebih-lebih tidak dilirik sama sekali, gara-gara tak hanya tidak cukup berhati-hati coretan dan typo juga mampu miliki nilai kamu merupakan orang yang tidak cukup disiplin, belum lakukan pekerjaan bersama dengan benar, dan juga berantakan.Usahakan jangan hingga menghapus tulisan yang kamu tulis gunakan penghapus.

Sama seperti di atas, perihal ini juga berpengaruh negatif pada penilaian diri kamu oleh perusahaan. Lebih baik, jikalau salah tulis kembali surat lamaran pekerjaan anda.Surat lamaran kerja kudu sederhana namun jelas

Menulis surat lamaran kerja tidak usaha bertele-tele, gara-gara mampu merubah penilaian HRD yang membacanya. Tunjukan apa adanya pada diri kamu di lamaran kerja, jangan terlalu hiperbola bersama dengan suasana anda, gara-gara perihal ini menunjukkan keambisiusan kamu berlebihan dan mampu menyebabkan yang membaca menjadi muak sendiri.Gunakanlah kalimat dan juga bhs yang langsung to the ponit

Tidak berlebihan dan tidak bertele-tele, mudah dipahami, dan langung ke pokok pembahasan. Jelaskan sesingkat bisa saja suasana diri kamu yang sesuai bersama dengan pekerjaan yang bakal kamu lamar.

Format pembukaan kalimat usahakan menyapa perusahaan berkenaan bersama dengan kalimat yang mengetahui dan simple. Tulisan dari mana kamu memperoleh informasi lowongan pekerjaan berikut dan kapan waktunya. Jelaskan juga kamu menghendaki mengambil alih posisi apa pada perusahaan berikut seperti pada pilihan yang tersedia di lowongan pekerjaan.Sebutkan pihak yang kamu tuju, informasikan secara singkat dan jelas

pengalaman dan kualifikasi yang kamu miliki supaya perusahaan berikut pantas mempertimbangan kamu menjadi salah satu pegawainya. Di akhir tulisan ucapkan kalimat penutup yakni permintaan di terima oleh perusahaan berikut dan salam.Jangan copy paste tulisan yang tersedia di Internet

Surat lamaran kerja merupakan representasi dari diri anda, menjadi apa yang memang tersedia pada diri kamu itulah yang kudu kamu tulisan bukan bersama dengan mencomot dan mengambil alih representasi dari pihak lain.Belajar menjawab interview

Belajar mampu dilaksanakan lewat tempat sosial, lewat orang yang lebih berpengalaman. Dengan demikianlah rasa gugup kamu sementara di interview tidak berlebihan dan sedikit lebih tenang, gara-gara kamu mampu menjawab dan udah mengetahui poin-poin apa yang bakal ditanyakan dan bagaimana kamu bakal menjawabnya.Update CV anda

Dengan kamu lakukan pembaharuan pada Curriculum Vitae anda, maka HRD bakal lebih tertarik bersama dengan pengalaman yang kamu punya. Karena pada tahun yang sama kamu tetap lakukan kesibukan sambil tunggu memperoleh pekerjaaan.

Apa yang kudu pelajari? Yang dipelajari adalah surat lamaran kerja yang udah kamu buat, gara-gara itulah nanti yang bakal kamu presentasikan di di dalam interview dan itu juga yang bakal ditanyakan oleh HRD perusahaan. Jadi sebelum akan menyebabkan lamaran kerja, lebih baik kenali potensi diri kamu supaya sementara ditanya kamu sigap, tepat, dan yakin di dalam menjawab segala pertanyaan yang terjalin bersama dengan diri anda.Contoh Beberapa Surat Lamaran Kerja

Sekarang ini banyak di internet beraneka surat lamaran pekerjaanyang mampu menjadi referensi, namun umumnya format yang diberikan berbeda-beda sebagai berikut:

Surat lamaran kerja satu ini udah di atur oleh BKD atau Dewan Kepegawaian Daerah. Umumnya surat lamaran pekerjaan untuk CPNS atau instansi pemerintah gunakan materiai dan berbeda dari lamaran kerja di perusahaan biasa yang tidak gunakan materai.

Pada surat lamaran kerja CPNS ini misalnya, berisikan syarat dan ketetapan yang diminta oleh instansi pemerintahan tersebut. Lalu, sesudah itu tercantum di dalam unsur unsur persyaratan. Kemudian diakhiri bersama dengan kalimat pengakuan sikap bakal mengikuti dan bertanggung jawab bersama dengan konsekuensi yang diterima. Karena surat ini dimaksudkan untuk pemerintah, maka kudu membubuhkan tanda tangan dan materai 6.000 supaya legalitasnya tetap terjaga.

Perbedaan surat lamaran pekerjaan yang tersedia pada instansi pemerintah bersama dengan perusahaan umumnya terletak pada materai yang digunakan.

Jika tadi surat lamaran CPNS memuat unsur – unsur kriteria dan konsekuensi pertanggung jawaban, maka lain halnya bersama dengan surat lamaran untuk perusahaan. Surat ini memuat knowledge diri, tanggal, hingga apa saja lampiran yang tercantum untuk diajukan. Terakhir, kamu mampu membubuhkan tanda tangan diatas nama anda.

Perlu kamu tanamkan di dalam diri kamu yaitu, bagaimana kamu menjadi diri kamu sendiri. Sebab pekerjaan sejatinya kudu sesuai bersama dengan pashion anda, jikalau pekerjaan yang bakal kamu ambil gara-gara paksaan mampu menjadi pekerjaan berikut tidak bertahan lama. Jadi, mengatur pekerjaan bersama dengan kemampuan yang kamu miliki.

Diharapkan setelah mengetahui tips menyebabkan surat lamaran kerja yang baik dan sesusai, kamu mampu memperoleh pekerjaan yang diinginkan baik pada perusahaan atau instansi pmerintah. Hal terpenting kamu kudu yakin bersama dengan apa yang kamu tulis dan apa yang tersedia pada diri anda, selamat mencoba.

Jangan lupa selain  melengkai berkas, update konsisten tanggal surat lamaran anda. Hal ini mampu berpengaruh besar pada ketelitian kamu di dalam mengerjakan sesuatu. Perlu digaris bawahi, jikalau kamu menghendaki mengerjakan sesuatu, baik Curriculum Vitae maupun surat lamaran kerja kamu kudu di perbaharui supaya tetap keliatan di update oleh hrd yang menyeleksi.

How to use google trends for content strategy and SEO

Google Trends is one of jasa backlink terbaik the useful tools especially for designing content and SEO strategies. Because you can learn what your target audience is looking for so you can create content appropriately and can drive traffic to the site.

So, how to use Google Trends to support your needs in the content and SEO strategy? Check out the following review. Get to know Google Trends

You can see the seasonal trends of Google user search – EKRUT

Basically Google Trends has a function like a simple Google analytics tool. This free tool collects and compjasa backlink ares search trends that users do in google search engine, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping to Youtube around the world and display it in graphic form.

Through Google Trends, you can use it to analyze things like:

  • Keyword trends. You can understand the trends of a word in a search engine. From here you can also understand the type of language used by the target audience.
  • Seasonal trends. You can see the interests of your audience or customers seasonally.  This will help you design an editorial calendar so that it can publish content that is more relevant to the interests of the target audience.
  • Regional trends. You can see how keywords are used based on a specific geographic location. That way you can get a view of the trends and interests of the audience in several different regions.
  • Related topics. You can also use Google Trends to see the keyword-related topics you’re looking for. This will help you understand users’ search behavior more broadly and find relevant terms.

Read also: Creators must know, the usability of Google Question HubHow to use Google Trends in general

Google Trends can be used for free – EKRUT

How to use Google Trends is basically quite easy. You jasa backlink terpercaya just need to do the following steps:

  • Open
  • In the top right corner, select the location of the desired country
  • On the first page you can see the latest insights or articles from Google. In addition, you can find a list of the latest trending searches. There is also a summary of search trending on Google based on the year at the bottom.
  • If you already know how a particular topic or keyword searches, you just enter that topic or keyword in the column available on the Google Trends front page.
  • Google Trends will show you information about the topic you entered in the search field. Starting from interest graphs, related topics and related queries
  • You can manage these results by setting the country location, time, category to type of search (web search, image search, youtube, news search, to google shopping) that you want.
  • How to use Google Trends for content strategy and SEO

    Although it does not display search numbers, you can see search trends from the graph displayed – EKRUT

    You can use Google Trends for the purposes of your SEO strategy and content, such as: 1. See keyword search trends

    Although Google Trends is not a keyword research tool that displays search volume numbers and so on, you can use Google Trends to see the popularity of a keyword. How to use Google Trens to see keyword search trends i.e.

    • Keywords in Google Trends
    • Look and analyze the trend of interest in that keyword by looking at the existing graph. You can also change the time span to see the trend of these keywords at a certain time span. Try to look at those keyword trends in the span of 2 to 3 years. That way you can see which keywords are really projected to increase in popularity for the next period of time, or which are just seasonal.
    • See if the trend will those keywords continue to increase or vice versa. Avoid choosing keywords whose search trends in the graph look to be decreasing. Choose keywords that look like the trend continues to increase over time and use the keywords into the content you want to create.

    2. Find related keywords

    Incorporating related keywords into content can maximize on-page SEO. To search for related keywords you may usually be able to use Google Keyword Planner, but this can also be found in Google Trends. How

    • Search for keywords as usual in Google trends
    • Scroll to the bottom and find related queries, or related queries
    • You can find keywords related to the keywords you typed in the Google Trends search field. These keywords are not only related but also trending. You can see it at the percentage increase in search volume that is next to the related keyword.

    3. Search for related topics

    Just like searching for related keywords, you can also search for topics related to Google Trends. How:

    • Type a keyword in the Google Trends search field
    • Scroll to the bottom, find the related topics section or related topics
    • You’ll find almost the same column as the related keywords. It’s just that in the related topics column that comes out is a common topic that people are looking for and considered related to the keywords you are currently looking for.

    This method can help you design the topic of a series of blog posts, videos or social media. Although of course you have to search again for certain keywords that fit the topic, but knowing the related topics helps find topic ideas that you may find difficult to find yourself.

    Also read: 5 Recommendations of YouTube SEO Tools that are widely used4. Search for keywords for Youtube videos

    As explained earlier, you can set keywords in the type of search you want to know its popularity through Google Trends, one of which is Youtube. How:.

    • Keywords in the Google Trends search field
    • Click the drop down web search menu and then select youtube search
    • You can immediately see how the keyword trend in this type of Youtube search.

    5. Know local trends

    Google Trends offers a feature where you can see trends in a specific area. Use these advantages for example to find keywords as local SEO targets.

    For example, if you want to optimize a local site with the keyword “moving services”, then you have to see if these keywords are trending in the area. If it’s popular, then you can apply it to keywords on your site or social media profile.

    How to use Google Trends to find out local trends is quite simple.

    • You can simply do the search steps in Google Trends as usual.
    • Then scroll down to see search interests by sub-region. You can replace sub-region categories with cities.
    • After that click on the sub-region you want to see.
    • From there you can see a graph of interest in that topic or keyword over time in the region you want to see.

    6. Find new content ideas

    Not only do you search for keywords, in Google Trends you can also find new ideas for your content. How:

    • Go to Google Trends
    • Click the three-line image in the upper-left corner
    • Select trending search.
    • This feature displays trending search data over the past 24 hours. Although the keywords are usually only short, but from there you can develop new content topic ideas. For example, in the trending list there is a pre-employment card term that is popular. Then you can use that word as your content idea.

    In addition to content strategy and SEO purposes, Google Trends can actually also be used to do market research before starting a business.
    How, many benefits that you can get by using Google Trends, right? Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of these free tools from Google for your needs.



    How to Write SEO Content

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used in web publishing to increase jasa backlink terpercaya the visibility and traffic jasa backlink terbaik of web pages in order to rank higher in search engines and bring in more visitors. Writing articles using search engine optimization requires good writing skills to make the article interesting and easy to read. Strategically placing phrases and keywords in text and hypertaut inclusion will increase your website’s readership. Read the following steps to learn how to write articles using search engine optimization. Step

  • Design articles.
    • Articles should be well written, alluring, and informative. These articles should present a new point of view on a particular topic. A very interesting opening section accompanied by useful information will make people want to continue reading the article. The article should be useful, entertaining, or valuable.
    • Well-written articles with good content will make website traffic more crowded. That is, many readers will visit your site. This makes the article more attractive to marketers (people who link their websites to your site) and increases the chances of advertisers wanting to place ads on your website.
    • Google’s search engine gives great weight to the title of articles and blogs. That’s the reason for the importance of keyword phrases being included in the title of the article as an important part of effective SEO content.
  • Make a list of key phrases and keywords for your article. This is important so that your article publisher can include it in the metadata in the HTML code of the page.
    • Readers and Google rankings will be greatly helped if the article is divided by subheadings, because readers prefer articles that are easy to read. Remember, most people who browse websites on the internet just read fast. That’s why the subtitle makes them tend to read the article until it is complete and is on the page longer.
    • Keywords and keywords are the various words or phrases that people use to find information about the topic you are about to write about. For example, key phrases for an article about moving are “packing and moving” or “loading a moving truck,” while the key words could be “move,” “relocation,” or “relocate.”
    • Phrases and keywords are recorded by “spiders,” which are scripts that search engines send to all web pages on the internet. These spiders “browse” each page and website and then analyze the content and quality of the page’s content. One way is to register all the keywords and key phrases to determine the subject of the web page. They also detected how often each keyword or phrase was used, whether a grammar page was correct, and what types of inbound and outbound hypertauts were. Hypertaut is links to other pages that are relevant to your web topic.
  • Write an article.
    • Make sure the grammar of the article is correct without misspelling.
    • Give the title to the article.
    • Break the article into short paragraphs with subtitles.
    • Use the most important keywords and key phrases as early as possible, as in the first sentence, and in the first paragraph.
    • Don’t overuse keywords or key phrases. Spread these words throughout the text of the article until it can be read as senateurally as possible. The recommended keyword density is 1-3% of the entire text[citation required].
    • Include keywords and key phrases in headings and subtitles.
    • If that keyword or key phrase fits in a particular sentence, bold or italics those words and phrases.
    • If there are too many keywords on the content, Google’s search engine will assume those keywords are very content with the article. Don’t make basic mistakes and put a lot of keyword phrases in 155-200 words.
    • If the title of the article contains a keyword phrase, the first sentence of the article should also contain keywords. In order not to be redundant, try to jasa backlink start the article with a question. Since the keyword has been inserted in the sentence, all you have to do is thicken the word. This will emphasize keywords and have a big effect on Google’s algorithm when scanning the article.
    • Just like in the first sentence, the keyword should also be included in the last sentence to emphasize it more.
  • Include hypertaut in the article.
    • Hypertaut is links to other web pages that are relevant to the topic of your site. You can highlight a word or phrase and add the web address you want to link to. Make sure all links point to quality websites that offer clear information and easy navigation.
  • Create links to your article.
    • Even if you have written an amazing article, it should be read by many people. The way is simple. Just share the link to your new article, on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and encourage your friends to share the link again.
    • Converting keywords into clickable links makes Google searches emphasize those keywords more. Make this change at the beginning and end of each article, which is in the place that contains the most keywords.
  • Make it easy for readers to share the content.
    • Your content will rank better if Google can see that content shared on other sites. Sharing your own links to your website as in the “Create links to your articles” step is a great first step, but making it easier for people to share them can make your site better known!
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