Accounting Services in Singapore

Are you looking for Accounting facilities in Singapore?

Keeping proper accounting chronicles of a company is mandatory under the pension Tax lawsuit and accounting schedules, general ledgers, sales listing, purchases listings, procedures balance, bank account sheet, and profit and loss form portion of accounting records. We come up with the money for professional accounting facilities in Singapore at affordable rates. Also, we accomplish manage to pay for consultancy upon how to register a company in Singaporefor both local and overseas entrepreneur.

Our accounting services let you have a thorough promise of your companys financial status and transactions.

More importantly, you will be competent to concentrate on extra aspects of your event knowing that your accounting and bookkeeping issues are competently managed and taken care of.

If you pull off not have Accounting company in singapore the budget in hiring a official and experienced accounts clerk, we manage to pay for budget accounting services in Singapore on a monthly/quarterly, half twelve-monthly basis, which is unquestionably worth the money.

Our Accounting facilities are honorable and confidential.

We will urge on you to keep accurate archives of every your business and professional transactions as required by Singapore government.Our Accounting services includes:Setting in the works a chart of accountsMaintenance and preparation of accounting books and reportsBalance SheetProfit and Loss StatementTrial BalanceGeneral LedgerTrade Creditors ListingTrade Debtors ListingBank Reconciliation Report Fixed Assets Register

We complete not manage to pay for GST Bookkeeping or Filingservices.Estimated Price:

2 Arch Files – 40mm ($800-$950)

3 Arch Files – 40mm ($950-$1150)

First-time customers will be charged a one-time prosecution of $150. other Arch files upon summit of existing 3 Arch Files will cost $200 $280 per Arch File.Some of the Documents Required:

  • Monthly Bank Statements
  • Sales Invoices
  • Receipt Vouchers
  • Expenses Invoices
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Hire-Purchase Agreements (if any)
  • Monthly CPF Statements (if any)
  • Monthly Foreign Worker Levy Statements (if any)
  • Used Cheque record Stubs (if any)
  • Salary Vouchers (if any)
  • Any document that could possibly run by a particular accounting entry.

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