Tips and how to create a good and correct article for beginners

Everyone has the basic ability to write, but not everyone knows how to create quality articles. In fact, articles with good jasa backlink terpercaya content are actually relatively easy to create as long as you want to practice.

Quality articles consist of two elements, namely good content and techniques. The content of the article is available everywhere and you just need to choose what to discuss. So, how can you have a good writing technique?

To answer the question, here are 6 steps that need to be done to create a quality article that captivates readers.

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How to create seo friendly articles to maximize search engine platforms. (Photo: Pexels)

One of the biggest challenges facing website or blog content writers is how to create content articles that are optimized for search engine optimization, but also appealing to people. If you want to build an audience, you need to know carefully how to create effective articles. You need to understand that although the goal is optimization for search engines but be sure to have the mindset that you are writing for people to read, and not the engines.

How to create a good SEO friendly article should meet the elements:

  • Solve a specific problem.
  • Interesting to users or readers (customers, clients, prospects, readers, etc.).

SEO is a method of optimizing the effectiveness of content for search engines, to help it rank higher than content from other sites targeting the same search terms. As for the simple stages of how to make articles that are SEO friendly is to research the keywords that become the keywords of the topic to be created. Then select the keyword. Use those keywords to write content with SEO rules with clear and concise but interesting descriptions and content.

The titles, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs used in the content should be convincing and cause the reader to take certain actions. An SEO article writer should also understand how search engine keywords like Google trends regarding certain words and phrases, especially phrases with long derivatives.8 Ways to Make a Good and Correct Article as a Content Writer

As a beginner content writer you need to learn how to create a good article. (Photo: Pexels)

Here are 8 steps how to create a good and correct article for those of you who will start writing content: 1. Make interesting headlines

Headlines play an important role in selling your articles – EKRUT

Every day, tens of thousands of articles from various topics are published to captivate readers. Readers don’t even necessarily open articles that appear on their main page. So, this is where headlines play an important role in selling your articles. The headline is like a short synopsis of the article you created. Make sure that the headline of your article is interesting and contains four elements, namely unique, specific, necessary, and useful to the reader.

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Opening paragraph will determine the article worthy of the reader – EKRUT

The opening paragraph will determine whether the article you created has the information that the reader needs. If the opening paragraph does not contain jasa backlink terbaik these elements, it is likely that the reader will not continue reading your article. Make the opening paragraph consisting of 2-3 sentences, but keep the sentence not too long. Include the keywords and core of your article in the paragraph so that readers feel that your article suits their needs. Make short paragraphs on your articles readable

Presenting specific article content is one way to make articles in demand – EKRUT

Long, dense paragraphs will pique the reader’s interest, especially if they access your article from a mobile phone with a limited screen. So, try to separate one long paragraph into shorter sentences. Breaking down one large paragraph into smaller ideas will entice readers to dig deeper into your article. Do not forget to provide a link between two sentences so that the content of the paragraph remains continuous. Give readers the specific content of the article

Specific article content will be more interesting to readers – EKRUT

Not a few articles circulating on the internet contain many empty sentences without a specific discussion. The paragraphs in these articles only make things public without providing real examples that readers can apply. To make your article more in demand, give readers the specific information they really need. For example, if you create an article on how to cope with stress, then give examples of concrete activities that can be done so that readers feel confident that your article is useful.

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It’s best to review your article whether it’s in accordance with the punctuation mark or the sentence – EKRUT

Before completing the article, check again if there are still shortcomings in your article. These shortcomings can take the form of typos, incorrect use of grammar and punctuation, or less topic discussions. You can also use free and paid features on the platform where you upload articles to find out the suitability of articles with keywords. Optimizing these features will make your article skyrocket in the search page. Create a credible article

You also need to pay attention to the credibility of the articles you create – EKRUT

How to create the next article that needs to be considered is to provide credible articles that can be jasa backlink trusted. Especially at this time, hoax information is widely spread everywhere. Therefore, to create articles with such a model, it takes in-depth research to complete the necessary data. Use data from a decent source to support the argument. Also make sure the source is listed to avoid plagiarism. It would also be better if you can enter the data in the form of infographics for easy for readers to understand.  7. End the article with a sentence that invites

It’s best to end your last paragraph with a call-on sentence – EKRUT

Like the opening paragraph, the closing paragraph is also no less important. The function of this paragraph is to help the reader draw conclusions from the discussion of your article and make the reader ‘unite’ in the article. After the conclusion sentence, try to make this paragraph contain sentences that encourage readers to dispute the content of your article or call to action. If possible, end also with a question sentence that can be useful to increase engagement. Don’t stop practicing

Continue to practice and develop your ability to create articles – EKRUT

Every writer certainly has enhanced potential and shortcomings that need to be evaluated. The key is to continue to practice and develop self-abilities in various aspects that are elements of an article. Compare your writing with various articles on the internet so that you understand where your shortcomings are. Take note of the points that are your strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, ask an editor for help to provide an evaluation. The structure of the example makes a good and correct article

Creating a writing structure before starting to create articles will facilitate the writing process. (Photo: Pexels)

The structure of how to create a good and correct article will make SEO articles appear on the top list of Google search engines when someone does a search with keywords. The structure of how to create the correct article must meet the components:

  • The headline or title of the article is short and dense with keywords and clear article intent and purpose. Include numbers if possible to make them more interesting.
  • Content that is clear and not made carelessly.
  • Meta descriptions, descriptions that should be created in less than 150 characters that will help search engines identify the topic and purpose of the article.
  • Keyword frequency or frequency with the right number of how often keywords appear in an article.
  • Contains external and internal links that will direct the user to some additional information on the internal site or reference.
  • Below is an example of an article with good SEO curation will appear on the top list of search engines and make it easier for readers to find information:

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