Online Business Opportunities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Online business is a new opportunity that is growing very fast, especially when triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Online business is the fastest growing marketing channel in Indonesia. What are the best online business opportunities without capital, small capital?

The development of the high growth of internet users in recent years in Indonesia has created opportunities for doing business online.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly made online business free chips on bingo bash opportunities appear because people have to stay at home and carry out activities online.

Today, there are many online businesses without capital that a student can do, including the following:

1. Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

The first business without capital that students can do is to become a reseller or dropshipper.

Becoming a reseller or dropshipper is one way to start a business without having to have capital.

If you want to become a reseller or dropshipper, you only need to use a social media account.

In terms of profit too, you can manage it yourself, and that will definitely be less risky because you don’t have to stock up on a lot of stuff.

2. Content writing services

If you have a hobby of writing, then there is nothing wrong with starting a business by providing content writing services for an online media.

Starting a business as a content writer also doesn’t require a lot of capital.

You only need to post the ad on social media or via online platforms, then work on each writing project using your laptop or computer.

3 Become a Blogger

Becoming a blogger is also an online business without capital that students can do.

When you do business as a blogger, the source of income will come from the ads that appear on your blogger,

4. Become a Youtuber

The next business without capital that can be done is to become a Youtuber. But to become a Youtuber, it takes patience and perseverance in choosing the best content to fill your channel.

If you can become a successful Youtuber, then the income is not only obtained from AdSense, but also income from offline business and advertising.

If you don’t have a camera to become a Youtuber, you can use a smartphone camera.

5. Providing Graphic Design Services

If you like to create a lot of designs, then it never hurts to start a graphic design service business.

Currently, graphic design services are in high demand by many companies. You can start this business by working on projects on online job sites.

6. Sell Credit Online

Selling credit online can be said to be the first very promising online business idea for students.

You only need to sell electric pulses through online media accounts such as BlogSpot or WordPress or create your own website.

If you want to choose a credit distributor, then you have to choose selectively because the options available are quite diverse.

Generally, credit distributors are through direct providers, some are second-hand through online platforms such as Shopee or Tokopedia, which will provide all your needs to sell various digital products.

7. Online Electricity Payment

Not only selling credit online, you can also start a business by offering payment services and purchasing electricity tokens online.

To start this business, you can work with distributors who provide related services or you can also advertise through social media or create your own website.

8. T-shirt Screen Printing Service Business

As more and more online t-shirt screen printing services are mushrooming on the internet, it never hurts to pursue a business in this textile sector.

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