Definition and Types of Hosting Services

Hosting is a place to rent a server to store data on a website so that it can be accessed online. The types and types of hosting services vary, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Starting from HDD storage space to SSD. All of these facilities can be tailored to the needs and situations. For beginners, they usually use the share service type. Various sharing facilities also vary, some are still manual using HDD, some are somewhat modern using SSD, a more sophisticated technology, namely using the cloud. You can get these three services on a shared hosting basis.

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The types of hosting services vary, from shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated. The principle of performance of some of these types is basically the same, it’s just that the three of them are different considering the size of the room and the features provided are also different. I have explained the type of share in the previous section, while this VPS server still uses half share and half dedicated. Then in the type of dedicated service, you rent one server for one user only. Of course the prices and services provided are also different.

Best Hosting Criteria
A good hosting certainly has certain qualities and criteria. Not all hosting providers provide features and services well. Like choosing a dress, of course there is a way that there is a price. The criteria for choosing the best hosting include the following:

  1. Server reliability
    The website requires 24 hours of power every day, for that you need a stable network connection. The good uptime guarantee is at 99%, if the value is less than that then you shouldn’t use it. Indeed, it is very rare to find an uptime guarantee at 100% because this requires very strong power.
  2. Can Upgrade Server
    A cheap and affordable initial choice usually starts with a shared hosting service. Today the features offered by shared hosting services are very capable, ranging from control panels, fast SSDs to LiteSpeed. All these additional features can make the hosting you use even more classy.
  3. Total Ad On Domain
    Hosting that provides additional sub domains can be the right choice for a website. If this is utilized optimally, the web that you have will continue to rise and generate dollars easily.
  4. Prices and Promos
    Sometimes, a company will continue to promote and continue to provide the best price. They will continue to try to provide competitive services and prices so that customers do not move to another place. It’s good to take advantage of this moment to find out the quality and service they provide.
  5. Hosting Features
    Currently, the features offered in share-based hosting are very complete. However, you certainly need additional features that are tailored to the development of your website. It’s not good if it’s just starting out and no visitors have stopped by who are already using VPS or dedicated services. It’s not wrong, it’s just that the features needed on a beginner’s website will certainly be different from the needs of a website that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Therefore, you need to choose the right features for your website needs.
  6. Refund Terms
    There are several conditions to be able to make a refund. Each company certainly has different ways and requirements. For that you must read the TOS (Terms of Service) section on each hosting provider website. This seems trivial and simple but has considerable benefits. Never buy a cat in a sack.
  7. Email on the Domain
    Email services on domains are usually optional. This means that this service is an additional feature provided by the hosting provider. No wonder this service has limitations and there is a nominal amount to be paid when the services offered also increase.
  8. Subscription Period
    A hosting service certainly has a subscription period that starts from monthly to yearly. All of these periods need to be considered carefully so that there are no mistakes in choosing quality hosting. Not all services that offer long-term hosting are much better than those that offer short-term services. All of that must be adapted to all needs.
  9. Website Backup Service
    The provision of this backup service is very important to do in order to save the important data that you have in the event of a virus attack or DDOS attack. Some hosting services provide this addition, some do not. These additional services can be adjusted according to price and needs.
  10. Live Chat Tim Support
    Providing 24-hour active service with good quality can add more value to the hosting company. Not only is it active 24 hours non-stop, but also various questions and difficulties such as technical matters or special configurations must be answered right away. With this, your website can still run well if there are a few obstacles. It is feared that websites that often experience problems will reduce the number of visitors who come.

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