With careful and good planning, residents can carry out activities in the apartment “space” comfortably and maintain function, circulation and beauty. Now this increasingly popular concept of residential apartments. Average apartment units are gaining popularity. The average apartment unit consists of a family room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Arquiteto Santos

Upon handover, the owner usually gets the unit in the blank form. Sometimes during the handover, some of the buyers were shocked. The unit looks less flexible, especially for those who are accustomed to living in a landed house , some elements of the building are fixed , starting from the location of doors and windows, and the presence of walls. All of that should not be dismantled arbitrarily. This is what makes the effort to arrange the interior of the apartment a special trick.

That’s according to Daisy Bazrewan , interior designer from Impact Interior Design Solutions who dressed the show unit The SpringLake View. Here are some tips from Daisy:

  1. Bright colors can be used to keep the room fresh and spacious and comfortable to live in. Room decorations can suit the tastes of residents, from eclectic , classic to modern, so that the room has artistic value and can be enjoyed for a long time.
  2. For the studio type, you should use furniture that is multifunctional, for example a sofa bed that can be used as a sofa and a bed. Bright colors can be used to avoid the impression of being cramped. For type 1 room, it is also recommended to use simple furniture and have lots of storage so that the space can look clean and spacious. For type 2 rooms, even though they have a bigger space , it is still recommended to use simple and practical furniture so that maintenance is easy.
  3. Besides being recommended to choose a simple model, it’s also good to choose the type of furniture that is easy to use and maintain. For example, using a sliding dining table (a dining table that can be stored in a pantry cabinet ), a dining table creation like this does not take up space and can be removed from the cabinet if it is only used.

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