Benefits of ironwood in aspects of life

Ironwood, also called bulian or iron wood, is a typical Kalimantan plant that is often used as a building material, such as construction of houses, bridges, power poles, and shipping. Ironwood is a large tree that can reach 50 meters in height and up to 120cm in diameter.

Because of its resistance to changes in temperature, humidity and the effects of sea water, ironwood has a very heavy and hard property. So, this wood is also often referred to as iron wood because it is very strong and ductile. ironwood australia trees

Ironwood grows with various special features that other forests may not have. Do not be surprised if ironwood is hunted by many people. In addition, the selling price is quite high. There are many benefits of this typical Indonesian wood, let’s see the reviews!

Ironwood has a high economic value

The wood which is known as iron wood is of no doubt its value. Many people prefer ironwood as the main construction material in construction.

Aside from being the main material for building construction, ironwood can also be used for craft materials, such as home furniture. Dead iron wood stumps can also be used as a carving material with a high selling value.

In fact, fossilized ironwood which has been petrified in the forest can also be used as material for making jewelry. The rum, texture, and scratches of ironwood are more exotic than gemstones. Ironwood raw material is also easy to get and lighter for jewelry making work.

With a million features, ironwood is also ecologically beneficial

Not only contributing to economic benefits, ironwood also benefits the surrounding ecology. Ironwood is the most favorite place for orangutans to make nests. Orangutans will eat the leaves of young ironwood trees. In addition, ironwood is able to maintain the benefits of groundwater and retain water and soil itself, preventing erosion or landslides.

Ironwood seeds and fruit are beneficial for health

Not only from an economic and ecological perspective, ironwood also has many health benefits, you know. Ironwood seeds have medicinal properties. The crushed seeds can be used as an inflammation medicine, it can also be used for

Black Hair, Like Polishing.

Apart from seeds, ironwood can be used by drying it first, then mixing it with the benefits of coconut oil. Processed fruit products in the form of wood oil are widely marketed in traditional markets, especially in Kalimantan as a product that has properties to blacken hair and prevent gray hair from growing.

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