Save Costs, Follow The Guide To Making The Right Home Swimming Pool

In the middle of hot weather, it is most exciting to play water in the swimming pool to cool down the body temperature. Although using a public swimming pool is the easiest and cheapest way, a home swimming pool is still the best in terms of comfort and practicality.

If you are a swimming hobby and have leftover land in your yard, making your own home swimming pool will be much more efficient. You can swim right away when you want.

Don’t worry about the cost of making a home swimming pool. The reason is, Kania has compiled a guide on how to make the right home swimming pool so that it can save costs.

Determine the size of the home pool

pool house on terrace

The first step you need to determine is to determine the size of the home swimming pool. The size of the home swimming pool will determine the cost of making and the remaining land for the house for other needs. When considering the number of users, the ideal size is 5 square meters for four people.

When viewed from the size of the land available, usually the design of a home swimming pool is made in a size of 3 x 7 meters for a 4 x 8 meter land, leaving one meter Pool selber bauen at the end of the pool for the footing. If you want to make the pool bigger and the area allows, use a 2: 1 ratio to determine the size of the pool.

Determine the depth of the home pool

home pool in the yard

Do you have small children who will use the home pool? If so, then the correct swimming pool depth is 0.5-1 meter. As for adults, make a pool with a depth of 1.4-2 meters. If you want to combine the two depths, make a incline in the pool to separate them.

Choosing a pool water circulation system

water pump on the wall of the house swimming pool

When you throw yourself into your home swimming pool, the amount of water will decrease as it spills out. It would be troublesome if you have to refill the pool water all the time to get the right water level.

Therefore, you need to use the home swimming pool water circulation system. Water that comes out of the pool can be channeled back into the pool. Cleanliness is also maintained because the circulation has a water filter .

home swimming pool with a skimmer system

There are at least two pond water circulation systems, namely skimmers and overflows . Skimmer systems are suitable for indoor or small home swimming pools , where the walls of the pool are made higher than the water level so that the number doesn’t decrease much. You don’t need to prepare a water reservoir, just a skimmer box that is placed on the pool wall to absorb dirt.

pool house with overflow system

Meanwhile, the overflow system works by collecting spilled water into the gutter, the water channel around the house swimming pool. The water in this reservoir will be filtered, then released back into the swimming pool.

In terms of cleanliness of the home swimming pool, the overflow system is superior. But for cost-effective matters, the skimmer system is superior because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

Adjust the height of the pool wall with the floor surface

pool house with see-through glass walls

Have you ever heard of the term infinity pool or a swimming pool that looks unlimited? Even though these designs are often seen on social media, it’s better not to apply the concept to a home swimming pool .

The wall of the house swimming pool should be lower than the surrounding floor or ground. If you want to further reduce the risk of slipping out of the pool, make sure there is a small ladder that can be used to climb out of the pool.

Choose an internal coating for a home swimming pool

blue ceramic tile for home swimming pool wall

Compared to other internal swimming pool coatings, ceramic is considered the most efficient for home swimming pools. The price of goods, installation costs, and maintenance are quite cheap. Beautiful appearance and strong against water. It’s just that, you need to be careful if there is a broken grout because it can endanger pool users.

After understanding the guide, please determine the home swimming pool design that you want to apply. Make sure you have calculated carefully so you don’t have to modify and think about the cost of renovating it again.

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