One of the important components supporting the swimming pool is a filter. The swimming pool filter is a water circulation system that functions to filter out the dirt in the pool water. With a filter, the pool water will always be in a clean, clear condition and free from all kinds of impurities.


Technically, there are 3 types of pool filters that are widely used as listed in the following description.


sand filter - A type of pool filter
sand filter -Type of pool filter

The first type of pool filter is Sand filter. This filter is a pool filter that uses special sand for the process of filtering pool water.

The way it works is very simple. Water that enters the filter tank will continuously spread to the inside of the filter. Then, the water will flow to the bottom of the tube through several layers of sand.

Dirt and dust carried by the water will be filtered and trapped in the sand grains and collect on top of the sand layer. The clean filtered water will be flowed back into the swimming pool. By using this filter, you can filter out dirt or dust that is about 40 microns in size. Sandfilteranlage

After the filtering process, over time the more and more dirt deposits will be on the sand and in the filter tube so that the water pressure will decrease. For that, it is necessary to do filter cleaning periodically. This cleaning is done by turning the filter tube upside down to remove the remaining water in it, or what is commonly called the backwashing system. After the filter is clean then rinse and pour the sand back into it.


Type of pool filter - filter cartridge
Catridge Filter – pool filter

The cartridge filter is a pool filter using a paper-type cartridge as the filter media. In general, this filter is in the form of a vertical tube in which there is a cartridge.

The function of this cartridge is to catch dirt. By using a cartridge, the dirt that can be caught is 10-20 microns in size, a size smaller than what a sand filter can catch.

As a result of the filtering process, over time a lot of dirt will stick to the cartridge and cause the cartridge to clog up. If you encounter a problem like this there are two ways of handling that need to be done. The first way is to clean the cartridge in the filter. Remove the cartridge from the spray tube with low pressure water. If spraying with high pressure water will damage the cartridge. The second way is to replace the filter cartridge with a new cartridge.


Type of pool filter - DE filter
DE – pool filter

DE (diatomaceous earth) filter is a swimming pool filter which works the same as using a cartridge. The only difference is the addition of DE powder to coat the cartridge. This powder is actually a fossil of an aquatic organism called a diatom. When dead diatom carcasses will fall and settle to the bottom of the water.

The purpose of this DE powder is to filter out the very small impurities. The dirt that can be caught by the DE powder is dirt that is 3-5 microns in size.

One of the diatom’s unique body structures is its cell wall which contains 90% silica. When viewed using a microscope, you will see tiny holes that have the ability to filter water so effectively. With a complex system, this type of pool filter is considered to be the most effective compared to sand filters and filter cartridges. However, the price and maintenance of this type of filter is more expensive than the other two types of pool filters.

That is the type of pool filter you can choose from. Hopefully our description is useful, it can be used as a reference for those of you who want to buy a swimming pool filter. However, each filter has its advantages and disadvantages. So, what you need to do when buying a swimming pool filter is to consider which filter will suit the condition of your pool and also the budget you have.

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