The situation of the Covid-19 pandemic , which has yet to be controlled, has a major impact on all lines of life, especially the economic sector. Many companies lose money, so that employees have to drop out of work. This situation has led to many people competing to find work, both for those who have just dropped out of work and for fresh graduates.

Looking for stellenangebote work amid the Covid-19 pandemic now has a bigger meaning, not only as a career stepping stone but also as a way of survival because by working, they can earn income. However, the conditions of this pandemic are sure to make the challenge of finding a job much more difficult.

The difficulties range from difficult to find vacancies to difficult to be mobile due to strict health protocols. It is different if the situation is normal, it will be easier for everyone to get a job.

Even so, you still have to be passionate about finding work. Indeed, you will find it difficult and it may take a long time but, when you keep trying, surely a way out will slowly open.

Well, for those of you who are experiencing a similar situation, namely, who are in the stage of looking for a job, you need to listen to the following article. will share information on 5 tips for finding work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic . Check out all the tips below.

Finding Job Vacancies Online

The first job search tip is to look for job vacancies online. Of course this is one of the wisest ways to find work in the midst of a pandemic because you cannot endanger yourself by looking for work outside the home like you have done before, for example.

You can search for job vacancy information on social media or on special sites for job vacancies on the internet. Take it easy, there is a lot of information as long as you are also thorough and careful, be careful with the job vacancies that you get too because there is a lot of fake information circulating on the internet.

Usually, certain job vacancy sites have provided a recruitment process feature so you don’t need to come to the office for the recruitment process unless you are already in the direct interview stage or are accepted.

Prepare CV and Portfolio

The second tip for finding a job in the midst of a pandemic is to prepare your curriculum vitae and portfolio files. Prepare as much as possible because the two files will always be the initial selection for every company that holds recruitment.

You can compose yourself or use a cv creation service. If you want to compile it yourself, it’s a good idea to be diligent in finding and reading information on how to create a professional CV and portfolio.

Remember, make an effort in your CV and portfolio to be able to write down your strengths that will impress the recruiters and ultimately be interested in inviting you to work at their company.

One thing, write down all your strengths but, be honest, don’t write something that is not your expertise in CV or portfolio because it could be that during the interview session, the recruitment will ask you to account for what you put. Honesty and integrity are the initial provisions and characters that you must hold.

Sharpen Yourself

Third, tips for finding work amid the Covid-19 pandemic is to hone one’s skills. In fact, this is an advanced step after you have successfully searched for job vacancies online and compiled a CV.

The recruitment process will usually take up to weeks, while you are waiting, it is better if you hone your skills, such as certain soft skills that can support your career. Honing your own abilities is very important so that you can increase your capacity and become a jobseeker who has competitiveness and qualified skills.

There are many online trainings both paid and free that you can follow. Luckily, usually this training will give you a certificate and you can enter this certificate into your CV as one of the training and academic activities that you have ever participated in.

Contacting Relations

Fourth, tips for finding work in the midst of the next pandemic is to contact all potential relationships to help you get a job. Remember, you don’t need prestige because that’s what relationships are for, to help you and cooperate with each other.

For example, if you’ve been looking for job vacancies but still have trouble, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the relationships you have. You can ask them if there is any information related to open job vacancies so that you can be connected with parties who need employees.

Be patient and stay optimistic

Finally, tips for finding work in the midst of a pandemic are to be patient and stay optimistic. You have tried various ways to get a job but, if you haven’t gotten it yet, maybe you need to be patient but don’t give up.

This difficult situation is not only you facing, many people are also going through the same difficulty. People’s processes and fortunes vary. Therefore, keep trying as much as you can and never never give up, rest assured that sooner or later you will get through this period and get the job you want.

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