Finding work in the midst of the corona virus pandemic is not easy. Not without reason, the economic implications have also hit employment, thus detaining new employees.

If like this, of course, you have to think of other steps so that this difficult situation can be passed.

With this in mind, of course there are several things that can be done to overcome this uncertainty.

The following is his explanation, quoting Jobstreet:

Be patient.

Because some companies implement a work from home policy, it is possible that the application process will take a little longer. Don’t worry too much, stay patient, and don’t give up hope.

You can try stellenangebote sending an email or calling to inquire about progress on the recruitment process. This will show that you are serious and interested in the job by following the progress of the application process.

Do not give up

Don’t give up easily and try methods like updating your CV or creating a better cover letter. When changing your CV, write down the important points as effectively as possible, show your accomplishments and wherever you are and get rid of things that are not important.

Develop yourself

While looking for a job and waiting to be called an interview, try to improve your skills so that later you are ready to grab new opportunities.

Look for contract jobs

If you are laid off and are in need of a job in the midst of this pandemic, try applying for contract-based vacancies. If your performance is good, the company will usually extend the contract and even offer a permanent job.


Try to find out if under these conditions, the company can meet the demand for your salary. An economy that has been sluggish due to the pandemic has made most companies unable to meet expected salary expectations even though they are in accordance with job standards.

After all, you are not prohibited from trying to negotiate salary issues, but prove to the company that you really deserve these numbers.

If the company does not comply with the request, try to lower your ego a little by lowering your salary request, then prove that you deserve to be paid according to expectations before asking for a raise when the company’s finances have started to improve.

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