Watching a movie can be one of the exciting activities on weekends. Moreover, watching movies is now not always necessarily in the cinema anyway, guys.

If you are lazy to go to the cinema to just watch, you can enjoy a variety of the latest favorite films via smartphone or PC / laptop.

You simply download repelisplus the streaming application to watch a movie first. After that, you can immediately watch any movie to your heart’s content.

In fact, yes, with this movie streaming application allows you to download favorite movies that have not been watched and will be shown.

But before that, first make sure you have enough internet quota, so that the streaming movie is not interrupted.

Free and Popular Movie Watch Streaming Application

Summarized Indozone, here are some recommendations for free and popular movie streaming applications for you movie geek :

1. Netflix

First presented in Indonesia in 2006, Netflix is ​​now a pioneer of the best film streaming service globally.

Millions of video content, ranging from films, dramas, TV series, to quality reality shows you can find here.

Of course, you can enjoy all that with HD quality, guys. To access all movies without limits, you need to subscribe to this Netflix application.


The next recommended streaming application for watching the latest movie is HOOQ. 

With the HOOQ application, a variety of local and foreign film genres can be enjoyed free of charge. But, you have to subscribe with fees starting from Rp.49,500 per month.

So, now watching movies isn’t confused anymore. All you have to do is download the HOOQ streaming app, find your favorite movie, and you can watch as much as you want.

3. Iflix

One of the largest application-based movie streaming services in Asia is Iflix. This application is from Malaysia.

Here, you will easily find video content, from TV series, Box Office movies, animated films, dramas, to live streaming sports.

For beginning users, the Iflix application can be used free for 30 days. After the trial period expires, you can continue to subscribe with prices starting from Rp. 39,000 / month.

4. VIU

Every time I hear the application of VIU, maybe what comes to mind is Korean films and dramas.

In fact, VIU doesn’t only present Korean films and dramas, guys . This watching application also presents shows from various countries, including Indonesia.

Watch Indian films, Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries are also available here. Moreover, VIU is also supported by several language subtitles .

VIU can be enjoyed for free, it’s just that video / movie content that can be watched is limited. So, you need to subscribe for some exclusive content.

5. Tubi TV

Do you enjoy anti-mainstream films or TV series ? Right, you need to download a movie streaming application called Tubi TV.

This application is suitable for you who like classic shows. Tubi TV display is similar to a desktop, so it makes users comfortable watching movies all day long here.

Films of various genres, from action, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, musical, and others, are all in one Tubi TV application.

The film release date, duration, rating, and genre of the film to be watched are also available here.

To access the Tubi TV application, you can use various devices, such as smartphones (Android / iOS), tablets, or computers / laptops.

Are you interested in streaming movies to your heart’s content on Tubi TV? Directly download the application, guys .

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