Stress and 9 Other Causes of Impotence That Needs Caution

Impotence or what is often called impotence, is often regarded as an embarrassing disease. So, not a few men who are then indifferent about this condition of sexual dysfunction. In fact, impotence can be a sign of serious illness, such as nerve damage to heart disease.

Recognizing further the causes of impotence and its symptoms can help you detect this condition early on. That way, proper and effective treatment can start immediately so that your complaints can be resolved.

9 The most common causes of impotence

Impotence can actually be caused levitra by various things. However, the most common are the five conditions below.

1. Vascular disorders

New erections can occur when blood has collected in the shaft of the penis. In order to get there, the blood must be pumped well into the area.

In men who have blood vessel abnormalities, the process can be disrupted. This condition is the most common cause of impotence.

2. Nerve damage

To be able to experience an erection, nerve function in men must also go well. Besides being caused by direct damage due to collisions, some of the conditions below can also cause nerve damage that results in impotence.

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Prostate surgery
  • Disorders of the spinal cord

3. Hormonal factors

The body needs hormones so that sexual function can work well. Hormones in the body are produced by the endocrine system, which also regulates metabolism to reproduction.

When the endocrine system is disrupted by a disease such as diabetes, the body’s ability to use the hormone insulin becomes impaired. As a result, there was impotence.

4. Heart disease

The heart functions to pump blood throughout the body, including the penis. When the heart is unable to function properly, its ability to pump blood to the penis is also impaired, resulting in impotence.

5. Psychological disorders

Not only physical factors, psychological factors can be a cause of impotence. Because, erections need to start with a feeling of pleasure to have sex. That’s where the brain plays a role. The brain will provide a trigger or stimulation so that an erection can occur. Psychological disorders can obstruct the process, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Stress
  • Problems with a partner

6. Diabetes

Men who suffer from diabetes , at risk of two to three times greater experience impotence. In fact, this disease can appear 10 to 15 years earlier than the average age of impotence sufferers. The risk can be reduced by taking steps to control blood sugar.

7. Unhealthy lifestyles

Lifestyle can also affect sexual performance in men. For men who have the habit of smoking, drinking excess alcohol and taking illegal drugs, maintaining an erection will be difficult. 

Because, living an unhealthy lifestyle can damage blood vessels and disrupt blood flow to the penis. Being overweight and never exercising also increases one’s risk of being impotent.

8. Side effects of drugs

Impotence can also appear as a side effect of consuming drugs. Types of drugs that can trigger this condition include medications to reduce high blood pressure and antidepressants. Consult a doctor if the prescribed medication has these side effects. However, do not stop taking the drug before you consult.

9. Low testosterone levels

Low testoseron levels, can reduce the ability to maintain an erection of a man, resulting in impotence can occur. Because, in addition to blood flow to the penis, testoseron levels also affect the process of erection. Low testosterone levels are also closely related to diseases that are known to trigger the onset of this condition, such as diabetes, obesity,

Impotence can threaten men of all ages

Although impotence is generally experienced by the elderly, men under the age of 60 can also experience it. As many as 12% sufferers of impotence, mentioned under the age of 60 years, 22% were in their 60s, and 30% were aged over 70 years. 

Keep in mind that not all men will surely experience impotence when entering old age. In general, the healthier your body, the better your sexual function will be. 

For men under the age of 40 who experience impotence, the main cause is an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking. 

These are the symptoms if you experience impotence

Men who experience impotence, will have difficulty maintaining an erection. This condition can occur suddenly, or slowly.

In conditions that occur slowly, the duration of erections will gradually decrease. While impotence that occurs suddenly, usually will be caused by psychological disorders. Impotence that occurs suddenly, can improve suddenly too.

Different from the shadow of many people, men who are impotent or impotent, can still experience orgasm. In addition, the man can also experience ejaculation without a full erection. Thus, sexual life in men who experience impotence is actually still able to walk. 

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