Family background and situation did not make a man named Rehan Staton despair. While working as a garbage collector, Rehan successfully entered Harvard University. In accordance with his ideals, the man majored in law and will start college when the new semester changes. Rehan’s story also inspired many people not to give up on the situation.

Since childhood, Rehan admitted that he had experienced many difficulties. Moreover, the mother left Rehan, his father and brother to return to their home country, Sri Lanka. Because of that, his father had difficulty in taking care of and supporting the family. Although still small, the 24-year-old man also knows if the situation is bad because they have difficulty getting food and electricity.

“We continued to suffer. My father easter quotes lost his job and had to work in three places to support us. At that time I rarely saw my father and most of my childhood was very lonely,” he told the Boston Globe.

Even though his family is having a hard time, Rehan is a smart kid in school and talented in sports. Unfortunately, the man from the United States could not immediately continue his education but registered as a cleaning worker. Luckily, at that time the company boss who heard Rehan’s story took him to a Bowie State University lecturer to be able to study there.

After briefly transferring to the University of Maryland, Rehan aspires to major in law. Unfortunately he found another obstacle. At that time Rehan’s father had a stroke so he had to go back to being a garbage man while continuing his studies. While working while taking care of my father, Rehan also tried to register a number of prestigious universities and chose Harvard Law School from several campuses that accepted him.

“When I look back at my experiences, I think I did my best from the worst situation. Every tragedy that I experienced forced me out of my comfort zone but I was lucky to have a supportive system to help me thrive in trouble,” he said.

Despite being accepted at Harvard Law School, Rehan actually lacked money to pay for college. Therefore, a fundraiser through GoFundMe was created to help him. To date, $63,586 have been collected from donors.

“It’s the people under the hierarchy that really lift me up. It really helps me to focus. If it’s only about myself and fighting for myself, I’ve really stopped,” said Rehan.

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