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Cara mengunduh atau menyimpan video YouTube?

YouTube dirancang hanya untuk memungkinkan pengguna menonton dan melihat ( streaming ) video di situs web mereka. Banyak pengguna ingin mengunduh atau menyimpan video YouTube favorit mereka ke komputer mereka sehingga mereka dapat menontonnya tanpa terhubung ke Internet, melihatnya di perangkat lain, atau mengeditnya. Cara Download Video Youtube Dengan Cepat

YouTube tidak memungkinkan Anda untuk mengunduh video langsung dari situs mereka. Anda perlu menggunakan layanan pihak ketiga, menginstal perangkat lunak, atau mendapatkan layanan berlangganan YouTube untuk mengunduh video YouTube. Di bawah ini adalah rekomendasi kami untuk mengunduh dan menonton video YouTube di komputer Anda.

Unduh video YouTube menggunakan layanan situs web

Sebagian besar situs web yang menawarkan layanan mengunduh video YouTube secara gratis tidak lagi aman untuk digunakan. Situs web ini sering mengakibatkan malware diunduh ke komputer Anda, baik dari layanan situs web itu sendiri atau melalui salah satu situs web mitra mereka.

Situs web yang menawarkan layanan pengunduhan video YouTube gratis sekarang telah secara permanen mematikan situs mereka (mis., ), beralih ke iklan terkait malware, atau menggunakan taktik menipu lainnya.

Karena alasan ini, Computer Hope tidak merekomendasikan penggunaan layanan situs web apa pun yang menawarkan unduhan video YouTube gratis dan tidak lagi memberikan instruksi untuk situs web tersebut.

Sebagai gantinya, kami sekarang merekomendasikan penggunaan youtube-dl, perekam layar, atau langganan YouTube Premium. Ini adalah opsi terbaik untuk menjaga komputer Anda bebas dari malware.

Unduh video YouTube menggunakan youtube-dl

Mengunduh video dengan youtube-dl

Salah satu cara terbaik, dan metode favorit kami, untuk mengunduh video YouTube adalah dengan menggunakan program gratis youtube-dl . Ia mampu mengunduh format video YouTube yang tersedia ke komputer Anda, termasuk versi HD .

Namun, menggunakan youtube-dl sedikit lebih kompleks dan dirancang untuk pengguna komputer yang lebih berpengalaman dan canggih. Youtube-dl menggunakan baris perintah Windows untuk komputer Windows, dan Terminal untuk komputer MacOS dan Linux.

Untuk bantuan menginstal dan menggunakan youtube-dl di komputer Anda, klik tautan di bawah ini untuk meninjau instruksi.

Menyimpan video YouTube menggunakan perekam layar

Perekam layar adalah program perangkat lunak yang dirancang untuk berjalan di komputer, ponsel cerdas, atau tablet dan merekam apa pun di layar. Selain merekam layar Anda, program ini juga dapat digunakan untuk merekam video atau bagian video.

Unduh video YouTube menggunakan YouTube Premium

Logo Premium YouTube

Opsi aman lainnya untuk mengunduh video YouTube adalah YouTube Premium , yang merupakan layanan ramah pengguna yang dirancang untuk pengguna komputer dan perangkat seluler di tingkat pengalaman apa pun.

YouTube Premium memerlukan berlangganan bulanan, tetapi dengan $ 11,99 per bulan, Anda diperbolehkan mengunduh video sebanyak yang Anda inginkan, dan menontonnya secara offline kapan saja. Selain itu, Anda juga dapat mendengarkan musik secara offline menggunakan aplikasi Musik YouTube. Mirip dengan layanan streaming video lainnya, YouTube Premium memberikan akses tanpa batas ke video dan musik YouTube, dengan harga yang lebih murah daripada layanan streaming lainnya.

Tidak seperti youtube-dl, YouTube Premium hanya memungkinkan pengguna untuk melihat video dari dalam aplikasi. Setelah 48 jam di pustaka unduhan Anda, Anda tidak dapat lagi mengakses video secara offline hingga tersambung kembali ke Internet untuk membuktikan validitas langganan Premium YouTube Anda.

YouTube menawarkan uji coba gratis satu bulan untuk YouTube Premium, sehingga Anda dapat mencobanya dan memutuskan apakah Anda suka sebelum membayar untuk layanan tersebut.

Best practices for effective laser scanning

Laser checking innovation keeps on picking up force in the development business for its capacity to help Building Teams gather huge amounts of exceptionally exact data in an extremely brief timeframe. At the point when done right, laser examining can demonstrate gainful to all partners for the duration of the existence pattern of a task.

Over the most recent two years, JE Dunn has performed 1,450 hours of laser examining information assortment. In spite of the fact that looking over and examining isn’t our 3d laser scanning essential business, our involvement with utilizing laser filtering has certainly helped us improve the nature of our work and our work forms. Here are nine things we have found out about utilizing laser checking adequately in a wide assortment of ongoing tasks.


  1. Recognize the expected utilization of the laser check information.
  2. Teach your client on laser checking innovation.
  3. Comprehend the physical space where laser examining is being applied.
  4. Know the task scope.
  5. Decide the necessary deliverable.
  6. Build up venture review control before you begin examining.
  7. Gather a greater number of information than you need, since “more will be more.”
  8. Survey time accessible to convey the completed item.
  9. Field a devoted, experienced laser examining group.
  10. Recognize the proposed utilization of the laser examine information. The initial step for utilizing laser examining is distinguishing how and at what phase of the venture the information will be used. Helping the structure documentation process? Checking existing conditions? Planning the mechanical exchanges during the development stages? Confirming as-assembled post development? The entirety of the abovementioned? Three models show how this functions.

For Kauffman Charter School, a 208,000-sf expansion and remaking venture in Kansas City, Mo., the plan group began with old as-manufactured records. At the point when our firm acquired the laser filter information and contrasted it with the Revit model gave by the plan group, we found an inconsistency between the area of the sections in the computerized model and their real area in the field.

For a venture with Denver-based Swanson Rink building advisors, an industry head in 3D MEP plan, the customer mentioned a laser output of its structure to aid the improvement of agreement records. By joining our post-prepared laser filter into the structure and shop drawing process, we had the option to utilize construction, abbreviate the development plan, and accomplish a greater undertaking.

For Saint Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City, as-manufactured confirmation was utilized during the redesign. The information from the laser check indicated the basic components, mechanical funneling, conduit, link plate, and clean lines that were utilized to fabricate the model.

  1. Instruct your client on laser filtering innovation. Laser checking is awesome innovation that can assist you with gathering a lot of exceptionally precise data in a short measure of time, at insignificant expense. However, it has its confinements, and you need to teach your customer with regards to these constraints. Your customer must value that laser examining is view innovation: it can’t see through dividers, chunks, or roofs. Your customer must comprehend that laser filtering is normally a three-section process—information assortment, examine enrollment, and post-preparing/model age; as a rule, each of the three must be finished for the innovation to be helpful, in spite of the fact that there are circumstances where it might be adequate to perform just the initial two stages. (That is the place your group’s ability becomes possibly the most important factor.) Your customer must handle that laser filtering only for examining is of almost no worth and will bring about squandered exertion, cost, and information.

With a solid arrangement and comprehension of the innovation, you can accomplish considerable reserve funds for the whole undertaking. “We have likely spared a huge number of dollars in [reduced] change arranges because of utilizing laser filtering from the get-go all the while,” as per Dave Leonard, Chief Data Officer of server farm supplier ViaWest. He refers to our company’s utilization of laser examining and BIM to wipe out clashes with mechanical funnels. “That has been an enormous advantage to everybody associated with the procedure,” he says.

On location exhibits of the laser checking procedure can enable the customer to see how the information is assembled. Envisioned: John Ochsner, BIM Specialist with JE Dunn Construction (right), with office engineers Chris Carter and Tom Jones from a secret customer firm. Photograph: JE Dunn

  1. Comprehend the physical space where laser checking is being applied. Decide the current status of the space requiring examining. Is it inside or outside space? Involved or empty? Completed space or annihilated destruction? Laser examining before destruction can be exorbitant and tedious. Whenever prepared, permitting time for checking after destruction can decrease the time required for filtering and can keep the task on time. Laser examining diminishes the time required for field examinations just as the quantity of unexpected conditions, decreasing the danger of modify and timetable deferrals during the development phases of the task.
  2. Know the undertaking degree. It’s similarly essential to be distinctly mindful of the venture’s extension. The estimation of laser examining isn’t restricted to complex mechanical frameworks. While building the Community of Christ Church in Independence, Mo., our organization utilized checking to control an unpredictable cement paver format introduced on platforms. This made it feasible for two groups to begin work at furthest edges with the certainty that they would compromise, which they did. Giving an away from of the extension and adaptability with the organization of the deliverable can create openings and incentive at all phases of the task.
  3. Decide the necessary deliverable. There are different kinds of programming stages utilized all through the plan and development industry. On the off chance that the laser check deliverable will be valuable, you need to adjust the organization of the laser examine data with your clients’ desires. On the off chance that your architect is working in, state, Revit and you produce a CAD-based deliverable, it’s conceivable you will lose a portion of the estimation of the administration. It is smarter to convey a Revit record. Now and again, the plan group might be progressively open to working with crude output information.

The deliverable can even give increased the value of the proprietor. We have helped proprietors utilize our laser outputs to grandstand their spaces to expected inhabitants and tenants. The computerized model can be utilized for renting, advertising, and other post-development contemplations. CyrusOne, a venture server farm and co-area supplier, when utilized outside showcasing firms to create 3D models of their offices. In the wake of using our laser examining assets, CyrusOne was capable utilize the 3D check model to rent space in its server farm in Arizona, hindering the requirement for outside advertising help.

  1. Build up venture study control before you begin filtering. For productive utilization of laser examining, build up the task overview control before you do any real filtering; this will tie the laser check information into a built up or regular venture control. This convention permits you to play out extra checking sometime in the not too distant future utilizing a similar arrange framework. It likewise guarantees the precision of the sweep comparative with the space, and gives a typical work point to all contractual workers during development.
  2. Gather a greater number of information than you need, since “more will be more.” Once you comprehend the space that should be examined, the task scope, and the deliverable required, recall this proverb: more will be more. On the off chance that you have “openings” in the sweep information that you gathered you can run into issues. It’s a lot simpler to gather that extra data while you’re there the first run through than to return to gather the missing data. To dispense with mystery in the post-filter process, data should you gather as much as possible.

In reestablishing the Kansas Statehouse, in Topeka, our firm used laser filtering to help the engineer with the remodel of the rooftop, play out a cross segment of the output inside the vault, and make a sweep see turning upward toward the highest point of the arch. The abundance information demonstrated gainful in finishing a smooth authentic remodel.

  1. Survey the time accessible to convey the completed item. Each task has a limited measure of time accessible to play out the work. The information from laser filtering will be of little use if it’s not accessible at a urgent cutoff time. In the wake of investigating the undertaking extension, the configuration of the deliverable required, and the space that will be filtered, you would then be able to decide whether there is adequate time for laser checking.
  2. Field a committed, experienced laser checking group. Utilizing a group that comprehends laser examining innovation and is modern in the methods and techniques for development procedures can help guarantee victories. The group examining the venture ought to be comfortable with the confinements of the innovation and have a firm comprehension of the current task. These measures have the benefit of building up the best methodology for the particular employment, so as to amplify esteem and limit cost.

It has been our experience that laser examining has been best when the general temporary worker drives the procedure. Since the GC holds the subcontractor contracts, it can more readily deal with the full group and make the filtering yield data accessible on a mutual stage to arrange all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and innovation framework incorporations and related subcontractors. We utilize our Dunn Dashboard to give access to all computerized venture information, including laser checking data, to all extend partners. As the focal point of the development procedure with plan, proprietors, and exchange temporary workers, it bodes well for the general contractual worker to lead this procedure.


Wounds and demise are a deplorable piece of life, however in many cases are preventable.

Preventable wounds, or more awful, passing, that outcome from the indiscreet or careless lead of someone else has results. Individual wounds devastatingly affect the casualty’s life.

Our Atlanta individual injury legal counselors help harmed casualties, just as enduring relatives who have lost a relative to unfair passing, recoup from their misfortunes. best atlanta personal injury lawyer

We speak to individuals, not insurance agencies. As experienced and capable Atlanta injury legal advisors, we convey exceptional outcomes for the men, ladies, and youngsters we help. Our Atlanta mishap legal advisors do all that we can to enable our customers to concentrate on remaking and moving past their misery.


We Build Meaningful Relationships With Our Clients

Our Atlanta individual injury legal counselors put our customers first, consistently. We guarantee to approach each customer with deference, sympathy, and graciousness. The main objection about legal counselors is that legal counselors don’t bring gets back to. We never let that occur. Our customers have direct access to the group they enlist. We normally call and email our customers with updates and news about their case. By investing quality energy with every customer, we get to truly know them and see how their physical issue has influenced their lives. The explanation we can invest as much energy as we do with every customer is on the grounds that we purposely keep our caseload little.

We Win Big Results

Our accomplished individual physical issue group has chipped away at cases that brought about high six-figure and seven-figure decisions and settlements. The explanation we accomplish the outcomes we do is that we construct our cases for preliminary. We start that procedure the day we meet our customers. Insurance agencies know which legal counselors are happy to take a case to preliminary and which attorneys are frightened of courts. What’s more, the insurance agencies utilize that information to lowball a few legal counselors. Not us. Our own physical issue group takes cases to preliminary, and we win.

A considerable lot of our cases are alluded to us by previous customers. We additionally get cases alluded to us from different attorneys in Georgia and in different states. The legal advisors who allude their cases to us do so on the grounds that they realize we will take the case to preliminary if the insurance agency isn’t happy to pay a reasonable settlement. While there is no estimation to decide exactly how much somebody’s case is worth, what we have seen as obvious is that by outworking, outflanking, and out setting up the insurance agencies and their legal advisors, we win large outcomes for our customers.


A ton of land financial specialists avoid purchasing extravagance land since they are anxious about the possibility that that they may need to pay through their noses so as to manage the cost of it. Be that as it may, this doesn’t need to be the situation. There are a lot of extravagance homes available to be purchased in Atlanta that are moderately evaluated. Along these lines, the speculator will claim the home they had always wanted, and still have some cash left finished. Previously, there have been homes in the district that have been sold at a fundamentally lower cost. One of the significant models is the Le Reve Estate north of Atlanta which was sold at 75% not exactly the asking cost. Coming up next are a portion of the tips that all land financial specialists ought to follow in the event that they need to buy extravagance land in Cumming, Atlanta, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Duluth or some other region in Georgia at a lower cost. atlanta luxury homes

Purchase abandoned homes

The land bubble bust left a ton of homes dispossessed. The banks and home loan moneylenders are just attempting to recoup their cash. A great deal of extravagance homes in Atlanta, Buckhead and Roswell were influenced. In this way, there are a lot of extravagance homes available to be purchased in these territories. Sadly, a great deal of customary purchasers never search for dispossessed homes when they need to buy extravagance land. Fortunately abandoned homes can spare the extravagance home purchaser up to 40%. Dispossessions for very good quality land are normally publicized in several land postings, and the purchaser needs to sniff around and do a bit of diving in these submits in request to get an extraordinary extravagance home at a lower cost.

Short deals

A short deal is when land property is sold for a lower sum by a mortgage holder who needs to dodge the negative ramifications of a dispossession. Such a property holder is normally incapable to pay the home loan on the home. They in this manner haggle with the loan specialist to sell the home at a less expensive cost than the obligation that they owe. Short deals are generally essentially less expensive, and the home purchaser can spare a serious measure of cash. They should realize where to glance so as to get data on accessible short deal or pre-abandonment homes in the Georgia zone.

Troubled properties

Troubled homes are normally sold ‘with no guarantees’. This implies the proprietor or loan specialist won’t put forth any attempt towards fixing the home. Hence, their condition is normally sketchy. In any case, along these lines, the cost of misery land is typically fundamentally lower. Now and again, an extravagance home may have remained in the market for quite a while because of its high asking cost. There are extravagance homes that have been empty for over three years, and thusly, there is nobody to look after them. The home may likewise be vandalized during this time, or vagrants may have lived in it and harmed it. There are likewise some upset properties that may have been harmed by past proprietors. There are a few people who may make a special effort to altogether harm a home severely in light of the fact that the bank is going to dispossess it. There has been an expansion in the measure of upset extravagance homes in the Georgia zone, and purchasers can exploit this by purchasing such homes and remodeling them gradually. In any case, they should work with a guaranteed appraiser and temporary worker so as to decide whether purchasing the upset property is extremely justified, despite all the trouble.

Extravagance land barters

These are typically less normal, however they give the home purchaser the chance to purchase their fantasy home for essentially less. There are times when an individual’s land property might be seized as a result of examinations. In the event that it is resolved that the house was purchased through illicit or deceitful cash, it will be unloaded with the goal that the cash can be recuperated. Such homes will frequently be sold for altogether less to the most noteworthy bidder.

Land Owned or Bank-possessed property

At times, considerably in the wake of posting the extravagance home in pre-abandonment, dispossession, or closeout postings, the extravagance land property may even now not get a purchaser. Such property typically returns to the loan specialist. The bank may haggle with the IRS so any assessment liens on the property are expelled. They may even do a couple of fixes. A home purchaser may search for such a home and make a proposal to get it. They ought to be set up to wrangle with the bank by causing a few offers so they to can buy the extravagance home at the least expensive value conceivable.

Why extravagance land financial specialists ought to counsel realtors

There are a great deal of purchasers who for the most part attempt to get extravagance homes in Atlanta, Roswell, Buckhead, Alpharetta and different zones in Georgia without the assistance of a realtor. This is an ill-conceived notion, and they are likely going to follow through on a greater expense for the home than they have to. Realtors for the most part have their eyes and ears on the ground. They know homes that are going to be recorded as short deals before they even go available. They for the most part have associations in banks and loaning organizations, and they are aware of extravagance homes that are going to be abandoned or sold. This information is significant for a home purchaser. The realtor can likewise haggle with a bank so the purchaser can get the most minimal selling cost for a Bank-possessed property. In this manner, it is in every case better for a purchaser who needs to purchase an extravagance property in Georgia at a lower cost to put resources into a decent realtor.

Tips for Choosing a Safe Herbal Medicine

Currently, there are many alternative medicine choices besides the usual medical drugs that you get from prescription from doctors and drug stores. One of them is herbal medicine as an alternative choice to overcome the disease that you are suffering from. Many people turn to herbal medicines because of their safer composition because they are made from natural ingredients. Herbal medicine

But not all herbal medicines are safe for consumption. Here is the site sharing ways or tips for buying herbal medicines that are safe and right for your body:

1. Research before buying. Pay attention to which drugs are suitable for your body. For example, it could turn out that you are not compatible with drugs that contain lotus root because it has steroid content that makes you allergic.

2. Read the packaging label, including the expiration period, ingredient composition, and side effect warnings. Remember, just because it’s a medicine from nature, it doesn’t mean there are no side effects.

3. Avoid herbal medicines that are sold cheaply. Herbal remedies that are on sale or have prices that are too cheap are usually not guaranteed quality. Unless you already know well and trust the store. If not, it’s better to avoid it. Don’t take risks with health problems. Buy herbal medicines at large, trusted drugstores that have passed the Department of Health’s inspection.

4. Consult with herbal medicine experts for a thorough understanding of the effects of herbal medicines and the right treatment for your illness.

Tips Memilih VPS Hosting Sesuai Kebutuhan

Kamu sempat mendengar sebutan VPS? Pahamkan dengan apa yang diucap VPS? VPS ataupun VPS hosting merupakan singkatan dari Virtual Private Server. Gunanya, buat membuat sesuatu web jadi online ataupun bisa diakses secara luas di dunia maya.

VPS hosting ialah salah satu layanan website hosting yang lumayan diminati. VPS merupakan tipe hosting yang menggunakan teknologi virtualisasi dengan dedicated resource pada server meski dipakai oleh lebih dari seseorang user.

Bisa dibilang VPS hosting merupakan alternative yang lebih normal serta nyaman apabila dibanding shared hosting. Yang terakhir ini diseleksi umumnya sebab biayanya lebih murah apabila dibanding VPS hosting dimana user wajib membeli ataupun menyewa segala ruang server.

Biasanya VPS hosting jadi opsi para blogger ataupun pemilih web yang situsnya sudah mempunyai jumlah kunjungan ataupun traffic yang lumayan besar. Apabila jumlah traffic melebihi batasan konsumsi yang direkomendasikan, perihal ini dapat menimbulkan overload.

Memandang gunanya, Kamu pasti sepakat jika VPS merupakan komponen penunjang yang sangat berarti dari web Kamu. Memanglah tidak gampang memilah layanan VPS, sebab itu Kamu wajib rela sedikit menghabiskan waktu buat survey bermacam layanan VPS yang ditawarkan oleh jasa penyedia. Sebagian poin berikut dapat jadi panduan Kamu, semacam yang dikutip dari kabar teknologi.

– Mengenali kebutuhan website

Saat sebelum mulai mencari VPS yang bermutu cobalah Kamu pikirkan dulu kira- kira web semacam apa yang mau Kamu buat. VPS yang digunakan buat web profil industri pastinya berbeda dengan VPS buat online shop ataupun keperluan e commerce. Yang membedakan merupakan ruang dan bandwithnya. Kedua perihal tersebut dapat jadi bahan pertimbangan dikala membeli VPS bermutu serta yang sangat berarti cocok dengan kebutuhan.

– Teknologi

Memilih VPS yang mempraktikkan teknologi terkini sehingga web Kamu tidak ketinggalan era. Tidak hanya itu Kamu pula lebih gampang mengelola web Kamu buat bermacam keperluan. Sangat tidak memilih VPS yang menyematkan fitur buat monitoring Inode, Disk Ruang, RAM, serta CPU. Sekali juga web yang dibentuk cuma buat profil industri tetapi senantiasa peruntukan kriteria pemakaian teknologi terkini dalam memilah VPS Kamu.

– Traffic

Contohnya demikian, web ataupun web dengan jumlah pengakses lebih dari 2000 orang tiap harinya pasti mustahil apabila cuma membutuhkan memori sebesar 256. Jadi tahu terlebih dulu web Kamu nantinya hendak diproyeksikan buat apa sehingga fitur lunak penunjangnya pula wajib mampu penuhi kebutuhan Kamu. Jadi saat sebelum memutuskan buat membeli VPS, jangan ragu buat bertanya memakai fitur layanan pelanggan yang ada. Cuma dengan begitu Kamu dapat memperoleh data perinci tentang layanan yang mau Kamu peroleh.

– Hardware

Salah satu komponen terutama dalam menunjang keberadaan layanan yang sempurna merupakan hardware yang mumpuni. Dengan hardware yang mencukupi kinerja VPS hendak terus menjadi mantap. Tipe hardware yang banyak direkomendasikan salah satunya merupakan server mutahir SUPERMICRO, SSD storage, prosesor yang digunakan, dan kapasitas memori yang besar. Seperti itu sebagian poin yang berarti buat dipertimbangkan saat sebelum membeli layanan VPS pada provider website hosting.

– Sarana backup

Satu lagi fitur harus yang wajib terdapat pada layanan VPS opsi Kamu merupakan sarana back up informasi. Hendaknya memanglah memilah penyedia layanan VPS dengan sarana tersebut buat mempermudah Kamu memaksimalkan kinerja web, paling utama pada situs- situs bisnis ataupun e commerce.

– Support system

Perhatikan apakah VPS incaran Kamu sudah lengkap dengan sarana pendukung terbaik. Kamu membutuhkan jaminan kalau industri tempat Kamu mempercayakan kinerja web sediakan layanan customer support sepanjang 24 jam satu hari dari 7 hari seminggu. Butuh disadari kalau kita tidak hendak sempat ketahui kapan hambatan teknis hendak terjalin. Pada keadaan demikian ini pasti Kamu menghendaki memperoleh pemecahan dalam waktu pendek dari penyedia layanan. Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Lumayan kerap terjalin web ataupun website system yang sudah terinstal pada VPS tidak bisa bekerja dengan baik. Seandainya Kamu telanjur memilah layanan unmanaged ataupun penyedia layanan tidak menjamin sokongan teknis, tetapi senantiasa tidak terdapat salahnya berupaya memohon dorongan.

Apabila Kamu belum dapat membenarkan apakah industri incaran Kamu mampu membagikan layanan tersebut, cobalah menghubungi customer service. Perhatikan gimana metode CS berbicara dengan calon konsumen semacam Kamu. Cermati apakah persoalan Kamu direspon dalam waktu lumayan kilat ataupun tidak. Perihal ini dapat jadi evaluasi apakah Kamu mau menerima tawaran VPS dari industri terpaut ataupun tidak.

– Keamanan Data

Tidak hanya dari segi insfrastruktur penunjang dan customer support saja, keamanan informasi secara maksimal sepatutnya pula jadi kriteria evaluasi. Meski penyedia layanan sanggup menjanjikan infrastruktur yang mutahir ditambah support system mumpuni, namun seluruh itu tidak terdapat maksudnya apabila perlindungan buat informasi Kamu lemah.

Siapa juga yang bernazar membangun suatu web serta memerlukan layanan VPS, memerlukan cloud VPS yang betul- betul nyaman. Perihal ini bisa dicoba dengan memisahkan antara suatu layanan virtual server dengan yang lain. Jangan kurang ingat membenarkan fitur tersebut saat sebelum telanjur membeli VPS kepada customer support.

– Penyimpanan

Secara universal ada 2 tipe penyimpanan yang ditawarkan oleh penyedia layanan, ialah solid state drive ataupun SSD serta hard disk. Apabila pertimbangan Kamu merupakan harga, Penyimpanan dengan hard disk memanglah lebih murah, namun kinerja VPS hendak lebih maksimal dengan SSD. Sebabnya SSD memiliki kecepatan yang lebih baik apabila dibanding system konvensional. Tidak hanya itu memakai SSD pula dapat mengestimasi terjalin hambatan kegagalan power yang bisa berakibat pada media penyimpanan.

– Harga

Pasti saja dari perspektif user menginginkan mutu yang sebaik bisa jadi buat websitenya tetapi dengan harga seminim bisa jadi. VPS yang ditawarkan dengan harga hemat belum pasti tidak bisa membagikan layanan yang positif, serta kebalikannya, harga yang mahal pula bukan jaminan kalau layanan tersebut bermutu. Yang sangat berarti merupakan memperhitungkan apakah harga yang Kamu bayar memanglah proporsional dengan layanan yang Kamu peroleh.

Hendak lebih bijaksana apabila memilah VPS local yang tidak cuma gencar menawarkan harga yang murah, tetapi pula berani menjanjikan layanan terbaik dan produk bermutu.

Ways to Become a Reliable Freelance Translator

Freebuddies of course still remember when the school used to learn foreign languages ​​like English, Japanese, French to Mandarin.

Until now, have you mastered the language lessons? Or help you in completing tasks or office work, for example translating documents?

If not, Freebuddies don’t need to worry because there are several ways you can learn to become a reliable language translator.

In addition, you can also make this expertise as a livelihood by becoming a professional online freelance translator . That means you can work anywhere as long as Czech translator you are connected to the internet.

Previously, Freebuddies could hear a review of 4 ways to become a reliable freelance translator below.

1. Learn foreign languages ​​in total

To become a translator himself, freebuddies must be able to master total foreign languages. The world of translators is also divided into two, between oral translators or interpreting and translating or translating writing.

Each translator has his own designation or nickname. For freebuddies in charge of translating foreign language texts is a translator. Whereas those who can translate verbally are interpreters.

In addition, freebuddies also need to master good grammar for learning foreign languages. Must know how to process words that are suitable and easy to read.

Especially for freebuddies who want to translate a script, sharpen their listening skills and practice speaking directly using fellow foreign language speakers to get used to it.

2. Reading books & foreign language content

Freebuddies who want to become reliable translators, then can start learning by reading foreign language content.

Either through films, books, blogs and others because it is a powerful way.
That way vocabulary or vocabulary is getting better and more.

So don’t just watch movies, but underline words that are difficult for freebuddies to find in notes and take notes in special books. Can also use help from Google Translate if you still don’t understand.

Freebuddies can take several chapters, then start translating from the local language. Like English to Indonesian and if using a book see the translated version and compare it with the version of the freebuddies themselves.

3. Get more experience

Want to be a Reliable translator? Here are the full tips, by getting quite a lot of experience. This can be done by doing work at the beginner level, doing internships and working in the language industry.

If freebuddies live close to universities or colleges, it is better to take translating and interpreting classes.

Look for opportunities to interpret and translate while on campus through various departments.

Gaining this experience will be very important. In addition freebuddies can also show examples of work that has been done to prospective clients and be able to get good recommendations going forward.

4. Promote self-capability

After freebuddies successfully learn, successfully do internships, gain trust and experience. Then the next thing can be done by marketing yourself to the police station, law firm, hospital, language agency and government agency.

Because most translators work under contract and not permanent employees. While the right way to market the services that freebuddies have, by starting to create a blog or site and join the community.

The community is usually an active community of foreign language professionals. Therefore, make sure the freebuddies scores and resumes are complete and fully prepared.

But for freebuddies who don’t know what the proper rate is, it’s good to contact other translators to find out what they think.

Tips Dan Trik PES 2020 Yang Wajib Untuk Di Kuasai

Untuk kamu yang baru bermain PES, terdapat 2 perihal berarti yang wajib kamu kuasai. Awal, pasti saja trik bermain PES serta kedua, formasi yang sangat balance buat melanda serta bertahan.

Bisa jadi terdapat diantara kamu yang sangat gemar serta kerap bermain permainan PES bersama sahabat, tetapi kala bermain kamu senantiasa saja kalah dikala bermain Gamesin melawan mereka.

Tetapi kamu jangan takut, dengan memahami trik& panduan di dasar ini, kamu dapat mengalahkan sahabat main kamu. Apalagi kamu dapat jadi yang terbaik di Indonesia sebab permainan ini ialah salah satu permainan formal yang hendak dipertandingkan di Piala Presiden.

Sehabis tadinya Dafunda Permainan telah membagikan Panduan Yang Wajib Di Kuasai Di PES 2020. Kali ini Dafunda Permainan hendak membagikan Trik Yang Harus serta Wajib Kamu Kuasai Di PES 2017/ 2018/ 2019/ 2020 Buat PS& Laptop Komputer kamu. Langsung saja berikut caranya buat kamu.

Panduan& Trik PES Yang Harus Buat Di Kuasai

  1. Metode Menggiring Bola/ Dribbling
  2. Metode Gratis Kick ataupun Tendangan Bebas
  3. Panduan Dikala Melaksanakan Penalti Shot
  4. Metode Umpan Silang Ataupun Crossing
  5. Trik Membagikan Umpan Bola Satu 2( One- Two Passing)
  6. Trik Menggiring serta Menggocek Lawan
  7. Metode Supaya Dapat Memenangkan Heading Dikala Perebutan Bola di Udara
  8. Metode Mencari Posisi Pas Buat Melaksanakan Shooting
  9. Trik Jitu Merebut Bola dari Lawan
  10. Metode Trik serta Panduan Bonus Bermain Permainan Pro Evolution Soccer

Panduan& Trik PES Yang Harus Buat Di Kuasai

  1. Metode Menggiring Bola/ Dribbling

Metode Menggiring Bola/ Dribbling

Trik& Panduan Awal Yang Harus Kamu Kuasai Di PES merupakan Metode Menggiring Bola/ Dribbling. Buat menggiring bola kamu butuh mengenali metode yang pas dan akurat. Sebab menggiring bola ke depan secara sukses ialah dini dari terciptanya suatu kesempatan.

Anjuran kami, sering- seringlah berlatih di fashion training buat memahami pergerakan pemain secara pas, tidak hanya itu terdapat sebagian trik untuk kamu yang ingin mengecoh lawan. Dengan perihal tersebut, pasti perihal ini mempengaruhi pada seberapa mahir kamu membaca suasana di lini pertahanan musuh.

Berikut sebagian trik serta panduan mekanisme tombol buat melaksanakan dribble:

Rainbow Flick, kala lagi berlari, tekan R3( analog kanan) sebanyak 2 kali.

Cross- over Turn, saat sebelum melaksanakan skill ini pemain wajib mempunyai skill Cross- over Turn. Sebab tidak seluruh pemain dapat, kamu lumayan gerakan analog kanan serta kiri kala menggiring bola.

Backhell Feint, tahan L2, putar¼ bundaran analog kanan dari kiri ke atas dan analog kiri dari arah kiri ke dasar.

Ball Roll 1, tekan serta tahan L2, kemudian arahkan analog ke bagian kanan ke dasar.

Ball Roll 2, tekan serta tahan L2, kemudian arahkan analog kanan ke dasar kemudian atas.

Bergkamp Flick, pada dikala bola tiba tahan R3, kemudian arahkan analog kiri ke arah yang di idamkan.

Riquelme’ s Turn, giring bola ke arah kanan, setelah itu tekan R1 sebanyak 2 kali serta arah kebalikannya.

Heel Chop, tekan serta tahan tombol L2+ arahkan analog sebelah kanan ke arah atas serta analog sebelah kiri ke arah atas.

  1. Metode Gratis Kick ataupun Tendangan Bebas

Panduan Menendang Bola

Free- kick ataupun tendangan leluasa ialah posisi kala memperoleh ganjaran di zona yang krusial. Dengan memahami metode ini, hingga kamu hendak bisa mengganti jalannya game.

Tidak hanya itu, pemakaian sebagian pemain populer yang kerap mencetak berhasil lewat tendangan leluasa sangat mempengaruhi pada persentase kesuksesan.

Berikut sebagian trik serta panduan mekanisme tombol buat melaksanakan Gratis Kick:

Kontrol arah tendangan bola, berikutnya tekan L1+Arah atas. Setelah itu tekan kotak saat sebelum pemain menendang bola berikutnya tekan tombol segitiga sehingga bola hendak dapat menuju kokoh ke sebelah sudut atas.

Tekan serta tahan arah dasar, berikutnya tekan kotak hingga kekuatan tendangan kurang lebih dekat separuh bar, berikutnya lepaskan arah dasar serta lekas tekan dengan kilat tombol X+Arah Bola Yang di Mau.

Tekan Tombol R1 serta L1 secara bersama sama.

Kontrol arah tendangan bola, berikutnya kamu tekan L1 serta Arah Dasar, setelah itu klik kotak saat sebelum pemain menendang bola. Berikutnya tekan tombol X sehingga bola hendak dapat menuju kokoh ke sebelah sudut dasar.

Memilih pemain dengan akurasi tendangan yang sangat besar buat mengeksekusi tendangan leluasa.

  1. Panduan Dikala Melaksanakan Penalti Shot

penalti shot

Buat melaksanakan tendangan pinalti, kamu dapat langsung menekan tombol kotak secara kilat setelah itu dilepas. Berikutnya kala pemain telah terdapat di dekat posisi bola yang hendak di tendang, silahkan kamu tekan tombol arah ke atas ataupun ke dasar sampai pemain menendang bola ke gawang.

  1. Metode Umpan Silang Ataupun Crossing

panduan pes 2019

Mengoper merupakan metode yang harus kamu kuasai dalam game PES. Dengan umpan yang baik, alur bola hendak berjalan mudah mengarah sepertiga akhir zona musuh kita.

Buat melaksanakan umpan yang pas, kamu wajib mencari posisi pemain yang leluasa. Jauhi alur bola yang pelan dikala terletak dalam jangkauan lawan ataupun sangat jauh dari pemain.

Berikut sebagian mekanisme tombol dasar buat melaksanakan Umpan Silang Ataupun Crossing:

Buat melaksanakan umpan dasar semacam biasa, cuma lumayan tekan X saja.

Buat melaksanakan umpan melambung ke atas, dapat tekan O sebanyak 1X saja.

Buat membagikan umpan lambung dengan arah mendatar. dapat tekan tombol O sebanyak 3X.

Kemudian tekan tombol Segitiga buat membagikan umpan terobosan kepada sahabat.

Serta tekan tombol L1+Segitiga, buat membagikan umpan terobosan secara lampung kepada pemain satu regu.

  1. Trik Membagikan Umpan Bola Satu 2( One- Two Passing)

pes 2018

Trik& Panduan Berikutnya Yang Harus Kamu Kuasai Di PES merupakan Trik Membagikan Umpan Bola Satu 2( One- Two Passing). Buat melaksanakan one- two passing, kamu dapat memakai metode dengan melaksanakan umpan satu 2 kepada kawan regu buat melewati regu musuh supaya dapat memenangkan pertandingan.

Ada pula trik buat melaksanakan umpan satu 2 ataupun one- two passing, kamu dapat menekan tombol X+L1 tetapi jangan kurang ingat memusatkan pula kemana arah umpan tersebut mau sobat bagikan.

Jalani perihal tersebut secara kesekian ulang sampai terbentuk pola umpan one- two pass, serta dapat melewati lawan dengan cantiknya.

  1. Trik Menggiring serta Menggocek Lawan

Trik& Panduan Berikutnya Yang Harus Kamu Kuasai Di PES merupakan Menggiring Bola serta Menggocek Lawan. Ada pula caranya merupakan bagaikan berikut:

Melaksanakan Diving, kamu dapat tekan tombol R1+ R2+ L1+ L2+ L3+ R3.

Melaksanakan giringan sentuhan ganda tap tap, kamu dapat tekan R3↓→→ L3 ataupun dapat kamu ubah arah dasar jadi arah atas.

Flap Back, buat melaksanakan flap back, kamu dapat tekan tombol R3 L3↘↗→ ataupun dapat pula↘→ R3 L3, kala lagi menggiring bola.

Melaksanakan Frick ataupun Tipuan, kamu dapat melaksanakannya dengan menahan R3, serta kemudian menghubungkan ke pemain lain regu kita.

Melaksanakan Run Elevator( Langkah Tangga), kamu dapat menekan serta tahan tombol L3 serta R3 kemudian arahkan langkahnya, kala lagi menggiring bola.

Menekan kepada lawan, tekan tombol R2, berikutnya kala telah terletak dengan lawan tekan R1 serta R3 secara bersama sama.

Buat melaksanakan Lofting Umpan Panjang, kamu dapat menekan serta tahan tombol R2, di simak dengan menekan tombol O.

  1. Metode Supaya Dapat Memenangkan Heading Dikala Perebutan Bola di Udara

pro evolution soccer 2020

Trik& Panduan Berikutnya Yang Harus Kamu Kuasai Di PES merupakan Metode Supaya Dapat Memenangkan Heading Dikala Perebutan Bola di Hawa. Kala pemain kamu hendak menerima bola dari lawan ataupun sahabat di hawa, segeralah kamu tekan tombol X kala kondisi bola masih terdapat di hawa serta jangan menahan tombol R2.

Sebaliknya bila kamu mau melaksanakan heading langsung ke gawang, ataupun sundulan langsung ke gawang, kamu dapat tekan tombol segitiga ataupun kotak secara kesekian ulang serta secara kilat kala bola telah dekat dengan kepala pemain kamu.

  1. Metode Mencari Posisi Pas Buat Melaksanakan Shooting

panduan pes 2020

Trik& Panduan Berikutnya Yang Harus Kamu Kuasai Di PES merupakan Metode Mencari Posisi Pas Buat Melaksanakan Shooting. Supaya kamu dapat memenangkan pertadingan, kamu wajib lekas secara langsung mencari posisi yang pas serta menghasilkan kesempatan buat melaksanakan tembakan bola.

Dianjurkan kamu jangan hingga menunggu pemain lawan telah dekat baru kita melaksanakan shooting. Bila akurasi tembakannya telah terjamin lebih baik kita melaksanakan tendangan sedikit jauh dari gawang sebab hendak lebih menyulitkan kiper.

Ataupun bila lagi one on one dengan kiper lawan, kita dapat menekan langsung tombol Segitiga serta pula Kotak pas ke arah gawang lawan.

Keuntungan Membuka Usaha Bengkel Las

Membuka usaha bengkel las spesialnya buat pembuatan pagar, teralis, kanopi serta konstruksi yang lain memanglah lumayan potensial kala warga saat ini ini telah terus menjadi modern dalam membuat desain dan rancangan struktur serta pernak- pernik bangunannya.

Baik didesa ataupun di kota, usaha bengkel las seolah tiada matinya serta apalagi terus menjadi tumbuh walaupun senantiasa bermunculan pengusaha sejenis yang membuka jasa pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan besi ini. Bengkel Las Sukabumi

Tidak bisa dipungkiri, kalau pesatnya pembangunan sudah ikut mendesak terbukanya kesempatan usaha untuk para pelakon bisnis baru ataupun pemain lama yang terus menjadi melebarkan sayapnya.

Persiapan serta modal usaha bengkel las pagar, kanopi, teralis serta kosntruksi

Kebutuhan modal usaha membuka bengkel las memanglah terkategori besar tetapi hendak cocok dengan kemampuan yang nantinya bisa di raih mengingat banyaknya konsumen yang membutuhkan jasa tersebut.

Modal sangat utama merupakan pengadaan perlatan buat digunakan dalam bermacam tipe pekerjaan pengelasan meliputi:

Mesin las listrik


Mesin potong


Serta perlengkapan pendukung lainnya

Harga perlengkapan bengkel las sangat berfariasi bergantung dari mutu dan kapasitas energi yang diperlukan.

Tetapi buat pekerjaan semacam pagar, kanopi ataupun teralis masih sanggup memakai perlengkapan yang terkategori simpel serta bisa dibeli dengan harga yang lumayan terjangkau.

Dengan persiapan modal dini dekat Rp15 juta telah memadai buat pengadaan perlengkapan bengkel las serta siap buat menerima order ataupun pesanan konsumen dengan catatan belanja bahan baku hendak diperoleh dari DP ataupun duit muka ciri jadi kontrak pekerjaan.

Terdapat metode perhitungan sangat ringkas serta simpel tetapi lumayan masuk ide bagaikan acuan harga penawaran jasa pekerjaan las ini.

1 Ditaksir modal bahan baku serta ongkos tukang pekerjaan las

Ambil contoh buat pagar, kanopi ataupun teralis hendak dihitung bagi kapasitas luasnya yang didapat dari dimensi panjang di kali lebar.

Model pagar minimalis dengan memakai bahan pipa kotak mutu terbaik, buat volume 1 m persegi hendak menghabiskan dekat 2 sampai 3 batang bahan pipa yang mana perbatang dapat didapat dengan harga kisaran Rp 50 ribu.

Nah, jadi modal bahan buat satu m pagar cuma menghabiskan bayaran sebesar kurang lebih Rp 150 ribu belum tercantum pakan las, pengecatan dan ongkos tukang.

Ditaksir pembuatan pagar minimalis kapasitas 1 m hendak lumayan dikerjakan sepanjang 1 hari oleh 1 tukang hingga finis, hingga ditaksir bayaran dasar buat satu m pagar optimal merupakan Rp 300 ribu.

2 Harga jual ataupun harga satuan penawaran pekerjaan las kepada konsumen

Sebaliknya harga pasaran yang ditawarkan kepada konsumen biasanya merupakan kisaran Rp 450 ribu sampai Rp 600 ribu per m bergantung dari tingkatan kerumitannya.

Telah tergambar jelas berapa keuntungan buat tiap 1 m persegi dari pagar yang dipesan. Sebaliknya buat 1 unit rumah type 36, sangat tidak masih membutuhkan dekat 5 hingga 6 m spesial buat pagar depan saja.

Dapat dibayangkan bila bengkel kalian memperoleh pesanan ataupun order buat rumah rumah besar, luar biasa bukan?

Dilain perihal, usaha bengkel las masih mempunyai cadangan pendapatan yang lain ialah dari besi sisa potongan yang tidak dapat digunakan lagi, pastinya merupakan nilai tertentu yang dapat di jual ke pengusaha besi tua.

Inilah 2 sisi keuntungan yang jadi kunci kesuksesan dan kemampuan yang sangat menggiurkan dari usaha bengkel las.

Tips for Getting Started Successfully

In the era of technology like now, freelance jobs are chosen more than full-time jobs There is a reason why someone prefers  freelance. Starting from flexible working time, being able to work anywhere, and not being required to come to the office.

Well, for those 123jobs media of you who are interested in pursuing the job, let’s know in advance what freelance and tips for getting started.

What is Freelance?

In general, freelance is a work carried out without the existence of contracts or long-term agreements ( long-term) with certain companies. This profession can also be referred to as an independent entrepreneur or freelance worker. This is because a freelancer must work individually to complete the project the company gives him.

While another definition says, freelance is a freelance worker appointed by a company or employer to complete a short-term project. There is a target when the project must be completed, and a freelancer will be paid according to the service or the amount of work completed.

Tips for Starting a Freelance Profession

After knowing what freelance is, now is the time for you to find out the tips for getting started. These tips are very useful for you who want to pursue more in the profession.

So, what are some tips for success in starting the freelance profession C’mon, listen directly to the following review.

1. Find your interests and skills

One of the first tips for starting a freelance job is to first find your interests and skills. By finding these two things, you have a plus that can be offered to several companies. Remember, don’t limit yourself before you find your interests and skills.

2. Market needs research

After finding your interests and skills, now is the time to do a little market research. This aims to find out how many companies need your services. In addition, market research is also useful to find out what competitive hourly rates are.

3. Determine the hours worked

Besides doing market research, you also need to determine the hours of work. Determining working hours is important so that you do not continuously work to complete the project. As we know,  freelance  has flexibility in working time. 

You can set freelance work hours like full-time work, which is nine hours divided by eight hours for work and one hour for rest.

4. Develop a personal brand

As a freelancer who works for your own interests , you also have to promote personal products and skills to earn income.

5. Take advantage of all the opportunities that come

When you first pursue freelance work , you may not have much experience to show. Therefore, to build your portfolio and resume, you must take every freelance opportunity that comes to you.