This is the Advantages of Clothing Made from Wool

Previously the art of knitting with wool yarn was considered very ancient and out of date. But over time, wool products are now very high value.

Wool is a fiber from animals ARS produced from sheep or sheep fur. Although it has been widely used in the fashion industry, wool is now increasingly surging in luxury fashion circles mainly because of its biodegradable and environmentally friendly nature.

As one of the leading wool producers in Australia, Woolmark is trying to introduce wool to Indonesian designers.

“Indonesia is a very good market for luxury products made from wool. By linking fashion designers with suppliers of global wool networks, they can certainly produce high-quality knit work,” said Rob Langtry, Head of Strategy and Global Marketing at Woolmark Company when met in Central Jakarta, Monday, August 31, 2015. The

event explained the excess wool as fashion material. Wool has the ability to draw moisture into the fiber core, or in other words is able to absorb sweat.

“This material can absorb moisture almost one third of its own weight. Wool fibers are wrinkled, so that when packed tightly together, they form millions of small pockets of air. This structure allows the wool fabric to absorb and release moisture, without sacrificing its thermal efficiency, “explained Rob.

In addition, wool is naturally safe because it does not cause allergies and does not support bacterial growth. This fiber also has a much higher level of UV protection than most synthetic fibers and cotton.

This collaboration is also part of the holding of Jakarta Fashion Week with the Australian Embassy for Indonesia. Later, the designs made from wool from Woolmark will be displayed on the Jakarta Fashion Week stage next October.

The collaboration aims to develop the capacity of Indonesian fashion designers in innovating to highlight their talent for creating wool on the international stage.

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