The advantages of Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Although three more months of Windows Server 2003 will be discontinued, Microsoft continues to provide its newest products to technology players by making Windows Server 2012.

“In terms of migration, namely qualitative and quantitative factors,” said Aries Triwahyudi, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group Lead, Microsoft Indonesia at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/4).

In quantitative factors, namely virtualization, automation and reduction of working hours that can be utilized by IT staff.

“Virtualization is efficient. Before using three servers, after using Windows Server 2012, there was only one server left. Automation is like doing data backups that can be arranged periodically so that the work of IT staff can be used for other jobs,” he said

Meanwhile, qualitative itself is mentioned for security and compliance .

“Obviously, it is very cost effective with time, and minimizes the level of human error,” said Aries.

National IT Manager at Pramita Lab, Dewantini Tjahjowati, acknowledged the use of Windows Server 2012 in the company where she works, improving service to customers. windows 12 download

“If making a referral becomes easier because it has been integrated in 25 branches throughout Indonesia. So the reference does not need manual input because it is already integrated,” said Dewantini.

In addition, Dewantini felt the cost and time efficiency of the latest server convenience .

Not only that, with this latest Microsoft product, his company recorded an increase in turnover.

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