Along with the development of increasingly modern life dynamics, more and more legal problems faced by both individuals and corporations, both in the framework of prevention ( preventive ) and face the real complexity of the problematics in the field ( repressive ), the Advocate / Lawyer services are inevitable, especially in every problem and problematic life of both business, family, and the relationship between the relationship between private and country all of which are governed by the rule of law.

For this reason, the services of Lawyers / Advocates and Legal Consultants become a very important part in the development of increasingly complex and complex civilizations and life competition. To fulfill the need for legal services, several important points are needed before you decide in choosing the right legal services in accordance with the needs of the business reality or legal problems you face. Through this article, we strive to provide a number of points that must be considered before you make a choice in choosing legal services , including:

  1. Choose one that has a good track record

One thing that must be considered from the beginning is the track record of lawyers / advocates / legal consultants that we will make a partnership. To find out this track record can be said to be easy and difficult, that is because not all track records of a lawyer can be known easily. Of course a legal consultant will try to display and show the strengths they have and as far as possible try not to show their shortcomings, for example about his career during being an advocate, some of the clients he has helped, and about the expertise he has related to the case he is facing. by prospective clients.

You must be keen to get information about the track record of a legal consultant, because it is almost certain to determine this track record is not easy.¬†For example, in-depth knowledge about personalities, not only managing partners or team personal injury lawyer leaders in a law office, but also must know all the expertise and character of each person in a law office.¬†Because it is not possible in a law office only to be run by one person, but teamwork is needed that covers each other’s shortcomings and expertise in accordance with the field and scope of the legal problems that are faced which certainly have a unique value between the problems with one another.

For this reason, our advice must not only be passed through meetings with the prospective legal advisors, but also if necessary seek information from other people who are neutral who do not have a conflict of interest regarding the track and record of the law office that will become partners both in business development and the resolution of legal problems. you are experiencing. Accident attorney

  1. Look for one that matches the problem you are facing

It is very unlikely for anyone to give up something to someone who is not an expert, as well as when it comes to finding a lawyer. What needs to be known by prospective clients, not all lawyers or legal advisers know or experts about legal issues that are / will and you face. This certainly will answer the ordinary people who seem to generalize that all Law graduates are considered experts and understand all the laws that exist or are you are facing. That is certainly not possible, considering that a Bachelor of Law in each of his lectures is directed to certain fields of law which certainly have differences from each other, although in general the whole of legal science has been followed in lectures when studying education at each Faculty of Law. . To justify this argument, we give examples, for example, in every television broadcast, newspaper and other media, there are legal experts who are certain legal specialists, such as civil, criminal or constitutional law experts and so on. Just as there are doctors who are experts or specialists of Skin, Heart, Gynecology and so forth. Similar to law graduates, usually in the final semester directed to the subject of expertise in accordance with the interests and needs of each student.

Not infrequently some law offices even establish relationships and collaborate with legal experts at leading universities to anticipate all possible solutions to legal problems that are considered to be complicated so that it requires several legal experts and other experts from various campuses and qualified practitioners. However, it should be noted here that it is not uncommon for some law offices to specialize in handling certain legal matters, meaning that they only handle and take clients limited to certain cases, for example only handling matters relating to family law and others as a matter of .

To find out which specialization or field of law is occupied by a law office, you should really ask for expertise and treatment that is the focus of the law office in question. Usually the law office will try to provide an understanding that the law office it leads handles all legal issues, whether criminal, civil, state administration or other legal fields. To anticipate such things, look for the field of law that was occupied when studying for lectures both at S1, S2 and S3. In addition it is not possible to just ask the expertise of the leadership of the law office, also find out what team there is expertise, and also ask the case that he has handled and what the results are.

  1. Prioritizing quality

Many people and companies do not understand legal services. Many also because of the high price then are reluctant to use and use legal services at the law office. Certainly not just expensive, but also certainly related to the quality of services provided. As the saying that we often hear ” there is the price of goods “. Do not you immediately fear the high price, because the high price is usually directly proportional to the quality of services provided. Do not often be provoked with low prices that in the end you yourself become a victim. Lots of people looking for cheap ones will eventually fall into unsatisfactory service, or even service that is outside the standard and habits.

The quality of the law office becomes a very important measure for you before making a choice on the existing law office as a partner. Of course you yourself are at stake for the legal problems faced whether to be handled properly or not. Quality is once again directly proportional to price, the higher the price of a law office, in fact he wants to show the level of quality of service that he will provide. Similar to you in determining a fleet of aircraft in traveling, for example to America, there are economy, business or even executive class. Each class certainly has differences, starting from the facilities, the level of comfort and satisfaction obtained by prospective clients. For that, you should never be allergic to expensive prices,

For this reason, we are advised before determining which legal office service you will choose, before finding out about the quality of a law office by trying to ask a number of things, for example how long the law office has been established, what cases have been handled, have they not handled cases that are or will you face, how the results achieved on the case that he had handled it, if needed ask for concrete evidence in the form of evidence of handling the case that is the same or almost similar to what you are facing. Occasionally you may also ask for training or education or courses that he has attended, even though some of the above does not determine quality, but at least the advocate or law office that you will choose to understand well the legal problems that you are facing or will face.

  1. Have adequate experience

Experience is the best teacher, that’s an expression that we often hear in our daily lives. The phrase is very true, because there is someone who in theory has extensive knowledge about a matter, but not necessarily in terms of practice in the field. Because experience requires forging and a process that is not easy to get through, for example by doing an internship and proceeding from the bottom to find out the ins and outs of handling a case, from there we will learn and realize the shortcomings of the case handling that we are or will handle. Experience is very closely related to quality, the more someone is experienced, then he will learn from the treatments he has handled, so the more experiences he has gone through, the easier it is to solve the problems he will face. But of course the experienced has its own bargaining value, usually the experienced set different rates from other competitors who do not have adequate experience.

Usually a person to achieve and have optimal experience can not be with it instantly, it takes several stages so that he can like what he is now. Experience can be obtained from reading some references, field practice, taking courses and education, to providing services free of charge to people who need shelter in the form of Legal Aid Institutions (LBH) or other similar institutions. Usually someone who has been through the fostering of non-profit legal institutions or law offices that have adequate qualifications standards can easily solve all forms of problems faced by prospective clients.

To find out the experience of the law office you will choose is certainly not easy either. However, there are some things you can do, for example, by asking about the history or journey of a lawyer, when when you get a lawyer or an advocate identification card, where has he done an apprenticeship or a career trip that he has lived in, including the education he went through is part of inseparable from several things that can determine the level of experience of someone who is struggling in the field of legal services. To prove it in real terms do not hesitate to ask for supporting evidence such as certificates or other evidence as supporting,

  1. Ensure Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity of the Advocate is a very important point to consider in choosing the services of lawyers and legal consultants. Because not infrequently there are some advocates who actually solve certain problems very easily, but as if the case or problem can only be taken in a very, very complicated way, so that it requires a more level of handling and affects more honoraria also from the usual handling. In addition, many are also supposed to defend the interests of clients, but precisely he defected or more defended the interests of opponents with several reasons, one of them for example getting more payment (bribes) from the opponent, or silenced by various things so that he defected to the interests of the opposing party. Such conditions very often occur in the field. For this reason, honesty and integrity are needed in handling cases, so that clients or prospective clients cannot be harmed by the existence of such legal service providers.

In addition there are some lawyers who in various ways make a defense even though it is known that these methods are prohibited and contrary to applicable laws and regulations, for example making bribes to win a case and other behavior that deviates from the legal corridor. Behavior such lawyers can not be partners in an effort to resolve the legal problem that you are facing or facing, because even if your problem is resolved, for example, it will certainly have an impact on the level of confidence of a lawyer, so that under any circumstances due to the habit he will always use the road a shortcut to solving the legal problems you are facing, such conditions will undermine law enforcement,

To find out the level of honesty and integrity of an Advocate, there is nothing wrong you can provoke a prospective advocate that you will use about the certainty of the victory of the case he will handle, usually if he ensures your case wins, or is directed at things that are against the law for example by how to bribe, then think a thousand times for you to use the services of such an Advocate, because instinctively such Advocates have lost their level of confidence in handling a legal issue. It also has the potential to cause even greater problems, for example, you will be trapped into prohibited practices such as Corruption,

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