The first time applying for a job is certainly a thrilling moment. Often we worry whether our qualifications are appropriate or not. Then the question arises about what will be asked during the interview. Surely all job applicants hope to pass the interview session easily. Now, if you are interested in knowing interview tips and tricks, consider tips on answering 10 trick questions during this powerful job interview.

Trap? What kind of interview gives a trick question? Surely now your brain is thinking and may become increasingly anxious. Don’t worry, this trap is actually just one way for the HRD team to dig deeper into you. So if you have online job search  prepared an interview session well, surely the interview process will also run well.

Here are some tips and tricks for interview questions:

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1. Describe yourself

What’s on your mind when the HRD team asks about yourself? Is the picture positive or negative? Be careful, this question aims to find out your basic character. The character of a worker is an important aspect for the company. Prospective workers with strong character will certainly attract the attention of employers. Especially if the characters match the company values.

Therefore choose 3 words that can describe yourself. Adjust the position of the job being applied. Give an appropriate character description and choose positive words. For example, honest, hardworking, enthusiastic, highly committed, easy to work with, a good communicator, and so forth. Make sure the characters that are mentioned do match your actual character.

2. What Do You Know About This Company?

This question is quite important, because an applicant is required to know the place or company he is going to. So this question usually arises to find out the level of introduction of prospective employees to the company’s vision and mission.

Tips in answering this question are, make sure to focus on the positive side of the company to be applied. Don’t compare with the previous company. Show that the company being applied for has advantages that make you interested in joining. This can make companies more interested in choosing you as an employee.

3. Why Are You Interested In Joining This Company?

Most people will certainly answer a more comfortable work atmosphere and high salaries. Don’t be fooled! This question is an attempt to find real motivation. Every company prefers loyal workers. Therefore, make sure the answers given are not trivial answers such as salary increases. Especially if you express discomfort at the previous company. The new company will certainly assess you are people who do not want to work hard.

It is best to answer this question with positive reasons. For example, because they want to contribute more in channeling talent. Or more because of the position being applied according to educational background. Make sure that the reason for joining is more because of constructive motivation.

4. What Achievements Have You Got In Your Career?

It’s quite natural that every company wants the best prospective employees. Therefore companies usually want to know the achievements in previous periods. So the company can measure the level of success if the company decides to hire you.

To answer this question, well explain every job that has been completed at the previous company. Give examples of successes that have been achieved before. Prove that you deserve to be accepted in the ideal company.

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5. Explain Your Plan Ahead!

The purpose of this question is to find out how long you want to join the proposed company . Do not let the company turn out to employ the wrong “flea” or an employee who likes to move companies.

To answer this question, describe it for a long-term goal. Make sure that you involve the company being applied as part of the plan. Answer wisely and think carefully. Don’t answer improvised.

6. Give a Picture of the Job Proposed!

It’s important to know the position being applied for. Because it is related to the task at the company in the future. Companies are certainly reluctant to hire people who don’t understand anything about their duties. Because it means it takes longer to get new workers to adapt to the company environment.

Therefore, make sure you have sought information in advance what would be the responsibility. With the right answer, the company will feel that you are the right person for this position.

7. Too Experienced!

Don’t be fooled by this question. Generally this question is asked to test your character. Because you could be trapped and answer with a big head.

Therefore, make sure to answer wisely. Stay humble and say thank you for the compliment. Do not let the original character like arrogant and quickly satisfied clearly visible. Usually companies are reluctant to hire arrogant employees. Because these characters can be difficult to cooperate with other employees.

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