Things You Must Prepare to Become a Freelance Designer

Becoming a freelance designer may already be the dream of some people who want to get involved directly in the creative industry. Many who dare to go directly as a freelance designer with a reason to want to work according to passion. However, some say that by becoming a freelance designer they can still work according to the time they want. Not only that, there are still many other reasons why some people choose to work as casual workers, especially as designers.

Most companies engaged in any creative industry is now being intensively open job freelance Jakarta , job freelance Surabaya , and job freelance Bandung to be able to fill this position as a freelance designer. If you are also interested, maybe there is nothing wrong if you try your luck by becoming a freelance designer. There are many things you can do when you become a freelance designer, especially if you are working on a website. There will be many adventures in the creative industry that you will feel, surely this adventure will complement your challenges who have just started a career in web design.

7 Things You Must Prepare to Become a Freelance Designer

Designer actually has a very broad scope. Although the direction revolves around the design foundation, there are several spectrums that have significant differences so that only certain people have the ability to explore them. Graphic designer or graphic designer is one field of design that continues to rise. After computers became a medium where creativity met brushes and pencils, this department became more and more interested. Not only professionals who are indeed looking for life from the results of his work, but many amateur designers who mushroom are no less great.

Freelance designer is a person who works freelance in the field of design (not tied to a company) and has uncertain working hours and can work anywhere. There are many ways to become a graphic designer, especially freelance graphic design online. Graphic designer wages or graphic design income is quite promising. Because the most successful way of graphic design is to be able to determine the price of graphic design. Requirements to be a graphic designer are also not too complicated, as long as you have skills in this DOE Training field then you are ready to become a freelance designer, especially graphic design. For more details, there are 7 things that you must prepare when you have decided to become a freelance designer.

1. Adapt or Die

Being a freelance designer is like a chameleon who must be able to adjust well in every project. Therefore, extensive knowledge in various fields is needed. Because every client will have different needs. This is why designers are such a heavy profession.

2. Skill to Win, Style to Shine

Mastering graphics software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Illustrator is not enough. However, having a high sense of aesthetics and then executing it with the help of software is just right. Both are interrelated. Having high art but not being able to operate the same software is also a lie, and vice versa. Having the ability to draw manually will also be a plus point in itself. In addition, it must have a sea of ​​ideas, have good communication skills, and also how to market skills.

3. Determine Career

There are three types of places for a designer to accelerate his career, namely Studio, In-House, and Freelance. So that your future career is not confusing and messy, maybe you can only try one of them, yes. If you have decided to become a freelance designer, then focus on your decision.

When you have become a freelancer, you have the freedom of time which is very good and even excess. Being a freelance designer means having to build your own market and pick up the ball to get work orders. Freelance designers will have enough time freedom, but may experience boredom, and salary that is not fixed so often cause concern for yourself. Moreover, for those who are married. But it’s okay. In an era where the internet has become a cool tool for marketing, things like that don’t need to be a concern. It has also been proven that there are many successful freelancers.

4. Always Happy and Fun

Very not funny if a designer is not creative. But, it can be sometimes creativity is indeed experiencing a slump. There are several ways to become a creative person and have a good enough stock of ideas. Be a cheerful and passionate person. Such conditions will make the mind always fresh and eager to work on projects. Besides that, stay calm in facing every problem even though you are facing projects that are difficult to solve. Deadline is just a booster so we try harder and maximize creativity. Believe me, when you have successfully completed the ‘challenge’ of the project, it will be very satisfying.

5. Inspiration Collection

It is no stranger, storing various inspirations from virtual to real, is a busy designer. Browsing for hours is usually just to find inspiration. So, for creativity to continue, archive everything that has been stored on the computer, sort out whether it is an image file in the form of brochures, posters, flyers, wallpapers, and other inspiration. So that one day, inspiration can easily be called back.

6. Join the Community

There are many design forums in cyberspace. Moreover, after Facebook, there are many groups that can be used as a learning community, for example DesignDiary, JogjaForce, Tribute Troopers, Indonesian Vector Institute, and so on. The offline community or organization that must be followed is the Indonesian Graphic Design Association, which every major city usually has a chapter. Or, make your own community. In Depok, there is Depok Creative, chaired by Lahandi Baskoro, for example and there are many more communities that are based on sharing creativity regularly and often for free.

7. Install Portfolios

The collection of works is very important. In the online realm, many websites provide a place to store a portfolio that can be a bargainning position and can be offered to clients, for example,,,, and so forth. In making business cards, and other personal promotional addresses, always list the website address where the portfolio is stored. Even better, if the website is a personal website.

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