Make Money at Home during Corona Virus Outbreak

The corona virus outbreak or covid-19 that has hit Indonesia since March 2020 has affected various aspects of our lives. The economic impact is one of the most felt by the community. Many people lost their jobs and with business owners who were forced out of business.

Disease situations such as the current epidemic of finding work also become difficult because the government encourages workers to work from home or work from home (WFH). Limitation of activities outside the home is done to reduce the spread of Corona virus that continues to increase.

Even though the situation is difficult actually there are still opportunities for earning income. Next Maucash has summarized online jobs during coronavirus the types of work that you can do from home to earn income. This job you can also do as a side while you work from home.

1. Get income from Youtube

In terms of video content there is a lot of content that you can create and even be able to adjust your interests. Starting from the content of tips and tricks, tutorials, vlogs, top lists, games, comedy and many more.
You can also adjust to your interests. If you like cooking, you can make a cooking tutorial channel. If you like games, you can create game play channels like Jess No Limit who can already buy Ferari cars from the results of playing games on the YouTube channel.

But of all, the most important thing is consistency. You must persevere through it and be diligent in uploading videos. Of course all this you can do without having to leave the house. And can fill free time for those of you who work from home (WFH).

2. Make money from selling online herbal medicine or herbal drinks

When activities outside the home are limited due to corona outbreaks, of course the work we can do is also very limited. The work that can be done generally is work based online, one of which is managing an online shop business.

You can sell fashion products such as: clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Fashion is the most sought after product when shopping online.

In addition, when this Corona outbreak moment is used to sell herbal products and herbal ingredients, this product is being sought after by many people. How to make it easy and the ingredients you can get by shopping at a vegetable shop.

3. Become an influencer on Instagram

Today many people work from home alone as influencers. With followers who are owned on Instagram, they can work together with companies to promote products from these companies or commonly referred to as endorsements.

From every post and story uploaded, the company will pay according to the agreement. Cheap or expensive paid depends on how large the audience or follower you have on Instagram. If you are actively using Instagram this work might be an option as long as the Corona outbreak is still ongoing.

Upload interesting content and use captions that are relevant to your followers. Slowly your followers will increase and you can offer endorsement services for online shops or companies that want to work together.

Remember the number of followers that are still small is not a barrier for you to aspire to become an influencer. There are many tips and tricks that you can dig deeper to get followers quickly.

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