Do not worry, this is how to make money from home when an outbreak occurs

Plague such as corona has various impacts, one of which is economic impact. Many people are looking for work or ways to make money from home at the time of the plague, because their income has decreased or has been lost altogether.

If you are a casual or casual worker who does not have a steady income, especially during an outbreak, Glints has a choice of jobs to make money at home.

1. Online Tutor

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Do you have certain skills , such as graphic design, being a content writer , and others? You can use online tutors as a way to make money from home during an outbreak.

Usually, people use their free time to travel or travel.

Because there was a corona outbreak, they couldn’t leave the house. They need something to fill free time.

This is where the online tutor market is becoming more widespread, because they can fill their free time to look for  new skills . online jobs during lockdown for students

Being an online tutor certainly has a variety of challenges.

Carole Detemple, an English teacher, through The Jakarta Post , provides some tips for teaching online :

  • Record your class, don’t teach  live . This is done just in case if there are tutor participants who have a bad internet connection.
  • Check your  presentation file , making sure that the font size can be read on various screens, including mobile screens  .
  • Make learning to be interactive, so communication is not inclined in the same direction, for example, you give a quiz in the middle of class tutors, with prizes cashbac k , and others.

Sound fun? Perhaps, online tutors can even become your regular income.

You can also stay at home, because everywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, you can certainly provide online tutor classes .

2. Stock Artist

graphic designer

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One way to make money at home during an outbreak is by becoming a  stock artist .

You surely already know, there are several  websites  on the internet that give you access to works for free, with or without having to include copyright .

Some sites are also paid, so you really don’t need to include the creator of the work.

The website was called a  stock website . The people who contribute are called  stock artists .

Stock artists  themselves vary, depending on the work being created. Starting from illustrations, photos, videos, audio, to the logo.

Well, as an option one way to make money from home during an outbreak, you can be a contributor to the stock sites earlier.

Relax, even though people can access your work for free, you will still get paid, really!

Stock sites  with specifications for each work include:

  • Illustration (Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Freepik, Icon Images, iStock)
  • Photos (Foter, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, SplitShire, Shutterstock, etc.)
  • Video (Pixabay, Pexels, Videvo and others)
  • Audio (Jungle Audio, iStock, etc.)
  • Logos (iStock, Seeklogo, etc.)

Make sure you have a computer or laptop that is sophisticated enough to be a stock artist , yes!

Especially for photos, videos, and audio, you also need a camera and a voice recorder.

In addition, you also need to have a fast internet connection because you have to upload the file size is  not small.

Be diligent about  uploading your work! If you upload a lot of work and quality, can be a passive income, you know!

3. Selling Second-hand Goods

additional income


The way to make money from home when another outbreak is to sell your used goods.

Glints recommends used items, because you don’t need a lot of capital. Only the item itself, which you already have.

Even so, you don’t have to sell used items, you know ! If you have capital, you can sell other things, like food, or even services.

In addition, money from selling used goods can also be used as capital to sell other goods. In fact, if successful, selling can be one of your permanent income sources later.

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