Tips for Choosing a Neck Pillow for Traveling

For some tourists Neck pillow has become a mandatory item that must be carried, because a neck pillow will help you sleep well during the trip. But with so many neck pillows on the market, of course it is very difficult to find the right pillow Bantal leher Custom because not all neck pillows are made the same. Well this time will provide tips for those of you who want to buy a neck pillow.

  1. Neck Pillow Size
    Many sizes of neck pillows, so it is important to choose a pillow that suits your travel style. if you are the type of person who does not want to be complicated, choose a neck pillow that is small and lightweight.
  2. Choose Which Can Be Folded
    Still the same as the type of traveler that is anti-complicated, this neck pillow is perfect. Generally this type of pillow requires air filling when it will be used. You just deflate and throw the wind when the pillow is not used.
  3. Pillow Fill Material
    Neck pillow has many variations. There is a type of neck pillow that is filled with air and is easier to carry anywhere. Then there are also types of neck pillows that use contents such as dacron, cotton, styrofoam beads, or memory foam. Neck pillows filled with air are cheaper, but also a little less comfortable when worn. On the other hand, pillows with solid contents such as dacron are more expensive.
  4. Still Not Comfortable, Is It Right Not Yet?
    After we choose and buy a neck pillow, it still feels uncomfortable when worn. This can happen when you use the pillow wrong. Use a U-shaped pillow is placed on the chin, not placed behind the neck.

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