Lately it seems the world of the presence of a variety of video games that are quite unique and eccentric, ranging from games that make you play a character with the aim of the game to disturb local residents, until a sim dating game where you can win the hearts of KFC founder, Colonel Sanders.

Not wanting to be outdone by the Kentucky fast food restaurant, Wendy’s who seems to be quite infamous with all of her spicy tweet on Twitter also presents a game, titled Feast of Legends.

At a glance you might think whether this game is Moba, considering that some popular games use the name Legends, such as League of Legends and Mobile Legends. However, Feast of Legends is not a digital video game, it is a physical game tabletop RPG like Dungeon & Dragons.

For you unfamiliar with the concept of tabletop RPG, this game can be said to play with your friends like playing board games, such as Monopoly example. In tabletop , you will dive deeper into the world like being in the game, such as making the character and role, complete with status in the style of RPG games. Usually use a 12-sided dice as a determinant of each action that the players will do.

Feast of Legends will certainly come as a world setting for you to create various adventures that vary according to your imagination and creativity. You will find a variety of menus from Wendy’s as one of the bosses you have to defeat for example. Not to forget, Wendy’s mascot will be present as a queen in the Feast of Legends game.

For those of you who are interested in playing it immediately with your friends, you can download PDF Feast of Legends for free on this page . There are various rules, instructions, maps and visualizations, main story details, player sheets , and even digital dice for you who don’t have a physical dice.

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