Review Rambo: Last Blood 2019

Although unable to match First Blood, Last Blood managed to re-humanize the character of Rambo through dramatization in awakening his frightening dark side. For a 73-year-old hero with all the limitations of age and emotional stability, Rambo is still a Rambo, brutal and unstoppable.

A big comeback for John Rambo after a long break is definitely awaited by his fans. Rambo: Last Blood which aired September 18 was promised to provide a closing action for the legend.

Nearly four decades after the film First Blood (1982), Sylvester Stallone returns to show his fangs as a formidable warrior of all time, John Rambo.

This time, Rambo had to face his past and explore his combat skills to take revenge on the last mission. A deadly revenge journey, Rambo: Last Blood marks the last chapter of the legendary Rambo series.

Dramatic Brutal Final

Admittedly, this Adrian Grunberg film cannot satisfy the entire audience, especially for those who have followed Rambo’s journey for almost 40 years. Many are satisfied, not a few are disappointed.

For those who are disappointed, it could be because many have high expectations for the closing of the Rambo trip. Remember, the Rambo series has become a franchise that inspires action films like Sicario , John Wick , even The Raid. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free

Dok. Lionsgate

It feels in the film Last Blood is more dramatic and do not forget the spectacular action of John Rambo in saving everyone. From the beginning, the story was built as if Rambo had had a adopted family and lived happily for the past 10 years.

Through this Lionsgate film production, you will be presented with a series of shootout, shootout, even emotions. The sequences shown tend to be slow, because it could be that the director wants to show Rambo’s calm life after retiring from the war.

Dok. Lionsgate

Admittedly, the script shown is not as macho as the previous films. The thing is, Rambo: Last Blood is more about Rambo’s humanity in dealing with crime at this time, such as human trafficking.

Oh yes, the issue of human trafficking and social inequality was successfully presented by Grunberg. The real life of the American and Mexican border communities is one form of criticism of the local government.

Relax, for those who are new to Rambo, this film is in the safe category to understand the story. Indeed, the setting is after the previous films, but the story line stands alone.

Lack of Character Development

Dok. Lionsgate

The crime of Sylvester Stallone, who is over 70 years old, has not diminished. The director and producer is still charismatic as a phenomenal hero. Unfortunately, the expressions that should have supported the film’s dramaticism are not even.

Evidenced by Stallone who lacks expression of sadness, anger, disappointment, and worry. In addition, placing many famous baseball players among the legendary Stallone is also lacking. That’s not wrong, though, it could mean that Stallone doesn’t lose his charisma as the main star.

Dok. Lionsgate

Besides Stallone, there was Yvette Monreal as Gabrielle, Rambo’s nephew who had to experience the trap of human trafficking. Then, there is Adriana Barraza, Gabrielle’s mother who is less familiar as a mother who lost her child.

Then, there are Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Hugo and Oscat Jaenada as Victor who have been nosy from the start. The massacre carried out by Rambo against them will make you applause.

Gore and Bloody

If the previous Rambo films showed brutality from the beginning, Last Blood was only brutal from half the film to the end. Indeed, some scenes will remind you of Home Alone (1990), but the effect is guaranteed to make applause.Yes, it’s certain if the film is gore , this show is only for 17 years and over. Actually, when it comes to sadistic scenes, the film Rambo: Last Blood is more sadistic and horrifying compared to Midsommar (2019) which has a classification of 21 years and over with 9 minutes of cutting.

Closing “Happy” for Rambo

Dok. Lionsgate

In spite of the political problems raised, Last Blood wants us to cheer in Rambo’s revenge cruelly. Hopefully, this film will truly be the last of the Rambo saga . Because if it is continued, the meaning of “Last Blood” in the title will not be remembered.

Indeed, despite being the cover of “happy and calm” Rambo, does not mean this film appears perfect and not better than previous films that appear spectacular. However, Last Blood managed to become a Sylvester Stallone tribute as a Rambo that is remembered for all time.

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Moreover, at the end of the film, scenes from First Blood are also shown to the relationship to the film Last Blood . These scenes also remember the legendary character, John Rambo.

For those who have missed the Sylvester Stallone action, as well as his comeback in the Rambo saga , this film is a choice. Likewise with you guys like action movies that feature sadistic and gore action , Last Blood can be an entertainment choice on weekends that start airing September 18, 2019.

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