Advantages of Windows 10

The advantages of Windows 10

As the latest operating system today, there are several advantages of Windows 10 that are not owned by previous versions of Windows. The following are some of them:

1. Take care of Microsoft with Full Power

The first thing that makes Windows 10 superior to previous versions of Windows is how Microsoft treats this OS, more than they treat other versions of Windows OS. As the latest operating system, as well as bringing the concept change to Windows as a Service , the majority of Microsoft’s best energy, energy, time, and resources windows 10 home key are spent on developing Windows 10.

So do not be surprised if you find the development of Windows 10 features very fast and keep abreast of the latest changes that exist today.

2. Modern Features

As a modern operating system, Windows 10’s features are very up-to-date with current trends. Just look at how Windows 10 is synchronized with the cloud via OneDrive, the settings continue to be synchronized between devices, and the majority of features carry the always sync concept which makes it very easy to access in the cloud and internet era today.

3. Powerful for Gaming

If you are a serious gamer who plays the latest games today, Windows 10 is the best operating system you can use. Besides being equipped with DirectX 12 which is powerful and optimized for today’s hardware, Windows 10 is also equipped with Game Mode to further improve performance when gaming. 

4. Improved Desktop Experience

Windows 10 has a better desktop experience, especially for productivity. In addition to a flexible split screen, Windows 10 also has a Virtual Desktop that you can use to open many applications on the virtual desktop separately. 

Especially if you compare with Windows 8.x that still uses the Start Screen, Windows 10 already uses a much better Start Menu.

5. Safer

Windows 10 is updated very actively, including in the security sector. There are many modern security features that were not available in Windows before, for example Windows Hello that allows you to unlock Windows 10 with a fingerprint or retina scanner. You can even unlock Windows 10 with a Samsung smartphone fingerprint! Other smartphones might catch up, who knows ? 

Windows Defender also has better protection and security features. Soon there is even a folder protection feature that can make your data immune from ransomware attacks. 

In a way, the need for third-party antivirus software is no longer a must, because the security protection of Windows 10 itself is complete.

6. Practical Activation

For those of you who have already upgraded / have Windows 10 active and connected with a Microsoft Account, then in the future when you reinstall you do not need to enter the key or activate it manually. The activation details will immediately be saved and connected to your Microsoft account in the form of a Digital Entitlement License. When installation you just skip the product key form, and once logged into your Microsoft Account and connected to the internet, your Windows 10 will immediately be active and ready to use.

7. Have a Windows Store

One thing Windows 10 has but does not have Windows 7 or before, is the Windows Store. Windows 10 is equipped with Windows Store which contains various UWP applications. UWP application in the Store is the future for Windows, even Microsoft invites various classic application developers to bring their applications to the Store.

Installing applications from the Windows Store means that it’s as easy as installing an application on a smartphone. Updates and so on can also be carried out simultaneously from the Windows Store, without the need to manually update each software.

The majority of UWP applications can also be run on various screen sizes with a good and optimal display.

8. Supports Various Devices with Various Screen Sizes

No matter what type of device (tablet, laptop, desktop) and screen size, Windows 10 and the majority of UWP applications can run very well.

9. Maximum Touchscreen Support

Since the Windows 8 era, Microsoft has developed a more touch-friendly operating system. The climax is in this version of Windows 10, where Windows 10 has full support for the latest touchscreen devices, both tablets, laptops, or hybrids. Windows 10 is optimized for touchscreen, so if you have a touchscreen PC, Windows 10 is the best operating system you can use right now.

10. Tablet Mode

I used to have a dream if a Windows PC with all the sophistication and productivity features was present on the tablet, and it turned out to be optimally realized in Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with a tablet mode that makes you able to use it optimally on touchscreen devices with a screen that is even mini-sized, but still good to use for working on desktop / laptop type devices.

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