Tips to Tame the Brain when Trading Stocks to Forex

Did you know that trading by just relying on methods / science of analysis and money management masteries is not enough? 

In the world of trading whether trading stocks, forex or commodities, in addition you must be able to master the methods of masteries / technical analysis and also money management masteries, you are also required to master psychology masteries. You will be in vain and difficult to survive both in the stock market, forex market or commodities market if you do not master the psychology masteries. Then what is psychology of trading? what do you need to know about the psychology of trading?

When we are trading, we must be able to control our emotions, feelings of fear and greed will naturally appear when you trade, for example, fortunately, a little greedy wants more and more, when loss of fear begins to emerge and makes you stressed. Therefore it is very important forex rebate knowledge of psychology of trading. 

Before discussing further about the psychology of trading. You need to know that your brain consists of various parts. The first is the reptile brain, the reptile brain is a security guard brain where when information enters your brain / reptile brain, there will usually be defense, escape or attack, if you don’t like something normal it is the reptile brain.

And the second is the mammalian brain, if it has escaped from the reptile brain, then enters the mammalian brain, the mammalian brain is the brain that tends to pursue pleasure, this is what usually arises when profits in stock and euphoria / greedy feelings occur in trading. If it has escaped from the mammalian brain, then it will enter the neocortex brain, the neocortex brain is a brain that can be invited to think logically. 

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