37 Signs of True Love

The characteristics of true love are sought after by many people, they want to know who the person truly becomes true love. 

Many have wondered what the characteristics of true love are, is the love given by a boyfriend or partner the true love he has been searching for? Indeed it will not be bored when discussing love, love is related to heart problems. All matters related to the heart are discussed. Although not seen, love can be felt. Many people feel happy because of love and there are people who are hurt and cry also because of love. Then what true love is love like what ?, Why do many people glorify it?

  1. He Always Makes You Yourself

He loves you for what they mean, is that he sees you as you and not as someone else. So that whatever is attached to you he will like it and tend to accept it. He never protested with the weaknesses that you have. He also didn’t tell you to be someone else. For example, you are someone who is a tomboy, he will still love you who are a tomboy and does not try to change you to be more feminine.

  1. Understand your weaknesses

The person who becomes your true love is that he will be able to understand and accept your weaknesses. He never vilifies you because of your weakness or lack. Instead people who love you will fill your weaknesses with strengths.

  1. Makes You Feel Comfortable

Things that should not be ignored in matters of love are comfort factors. If you are not comfortable with the person your partner can be sure the relationship you live will not last long. It’s useless to continue to have a relationship that is not based on comfort because it can be a sign that he is not your true love.

That’s because true love will always be able to make their partners comfortable. For example, you are comfortable talking with him, you are comfortable walking with him and you are comfortable if he is beside you. 

When you feel comfortable with someone in every situation, it is certain that he is the right person for you to make a life partner. Treasure and throne cannot replace the comfort you will have. So do not mortgage comfort with anything.

  1. Like holding your hand

Another feature of true love is that he is someone who likes to hold your hand. Maybe this movement is a simple thing but this hand holding movement can make you feel loved. When he holds your hand and you hold his hand tightly and you do not want to let go it is a sign that he is your true love.

  1. He Provides His Shoulders for You to Cry

When your heart is raging and you feel sad, people who sincerely love you will always provide a shoulder for you to cry. You can cry for long in his shoulder he will also hold you tight. In the embrace you will feel calm and you can freely release all the fatigue in your heart.

  1. Feel the peace

Not only are comfort features of true love, but people who manage to calm you down are characteristics of true love. You feel depressed and upset because of something but when you talk to him and be by his side you feel calm and peace. The calm and peace can be a sign that he is your true love.

  1. Makes you excited

Another hallmark of true love is he who encourages you every day. He is the reason for the spirit to achieve the best grades at university or at school, he is the one who encourages you to study hard, he is your encouragement to work hard. When you are more enthusiastic about doing your activities since he was there, it could be that he is your true love.

  1. Provide a Positive Attitude

He who becomes your true love will show and give a positive attitude. He has never invited you to do bad things that are against religious norms and values. People like this can be the hallmark of your true love.

  1. Always Provide Support to You

When you want to do your hobbies, when you want to participate in tournaments, when you will take an exam that person will always support you. Always ready to be behind you to push your steps to move forward. He will provide positive support to you.

  1. Makes You Better

Another characteristic of true love that must be known is that he is someone who can make you better. For example, he is able to get you up early, he is able to make you go to school diligently and so forth. He is able to make life one step better than before.

  1. Patience Facing You

The person who characterizes your true love is he who is always patient with you. He never returns your anger with anger too, he responds to all your behavior patiently. He is also patient in dealing with your every emotion. That characteristic is one of the characteristics of true love. You should not miss someone who patiently faces you, not necessarily there are others who can be as patient as that to you.

  1. Able to Make You Smile

Other characteristics of true love that must be known are those who are able to make you smile sincerely and loose. There are rarely people who can make you smile loose and sincere. When smiling we can release all the fatigue that is in the heart and mind. He is able to make you smile happily. Even when you are frowning, when you are angry and when you are sad he with his sincere love can make you smile happily. Not only smiling, he is also able to make you laugh to forget all the problems that exist.

  1. Want to listen to you

People who truly sincerely love you will want to listen to you, not pretend to listen to you. People who have true love will be willing to spend their time and sacrifice their time to listen to all your complaints. He is also able to provide solutions to complaints you are facing. The difference between a person who pretends to listen to you and someone who really wants to listen to you is that he will not forget your complaints for the next week or longer. Whereas the person who pretends to listen to you is only an hour after you have complained he will forget your complaints because he does not pay attention to them and not care about them.

  1. Able to Make You Develop Yourself

Another hallmark of true love is that it can make you develop yourself. That is because people who are truly sincere to you will care about you so that you are able to embrace yourself. When you struggle to defend your life and pursue your dreams, this person will feel pain and he wants to help you.

He will not stop helping you until you really get what is your dream. He wants to see you succeed, he wants to see you succeed and of course he wants to see you happy. All the best things for you he wants to give to you. He is sincere and never strings attached when doing so.

  1. Caring for Yourself

People who have true love will always pay attention to you. Even without you say it he knows what you want, without even being asked he knows what you want. For example, you are sick, without being asked he will treat you and try to make you recover from your illness. Not only that, he also watched you when he was sick. He didn’t forget to remind you to take medicine, he reminded you to eat porridge and he reminded you to drink milk. He doesn’t leave you when he is sick. People like this who have true love and deserve to be maintained.

  1. Make You Happier

One of the characteristics of true love is that it can make you happier than before. Joy, pleasure and happiness are important when building a relationship. Happiness is important in achieving perfect love and can achieve permanence in a relationship.

If the relationship has no sense of joy, there is no sense of happiness and there is no pleasure in the relationship will feel bland. Relationships will also feel cold, flat and also tasteless. Love that has no happiness in it will be easy to end. When there are people who are able to make you happier than before it could be that he is your true love. He is able to remove the wounds that are in your heart, he is able to carve a wider smile on your lips.

  1. He Who Always Wanted To Know How You Are

People who contact you every day just to know how you are today can be a sign that he is your true love. He wants to know your situation whether today you are feeling good, feeling bad or feeling happy. The person who always wants to know your situation is someone who sincerely loves you, he has true love for you.

  1. Always worrying about you

When you are in a bad condition, he becomes the second person who worries about you after your parents.

  1. Cherish you

People who have true love will always respect you. He never harassed you even if only through words. He respects you and glorifies you, for him you are someone who needs to be guarded with all your soul.

  1. He Doesn’t Want to Make You Cry

People who have true love for you he does not want to see you cry because of it. He does not want to make you disappointed and also cry. On the contrary, he always wants to make you smile when you are beside him. People who have such qualities, in their hearts have true love that is sincere.

  1. Don’t sue

The person who has true love for you he will never demand you to know his feelings, he also will not demand you to love him. All he can give is to give sincere love to you without you having to reply and without you having to understand. This kind of love is called true love. Love like this will never disappear even though time is rolling for so long. He also wants to wait until you want to welcome the sincere love that he gives you.

  1. Not just words but facts

People who truly sincerely love you will not only give sweet words in the mouth, but they will show the facts with the actions he did for you. For example, if he promises not to lie to you, he will do it wholeheartedly. It’s not just sweet words that make your heart happy, but it shows with real action.

  1. He Who Wants to Protect You

People who have true love are those who want to always protect you wherever you are. He does not want you to be hurt by others and he does not want anyone else to touch you even if only to touch your hand.

For example, when you are on a crowded bus, he will protect you from the insistence of others who are both on the bus. He let himself be squashed and pushed by others instead of having to see you squashed and pushed by others.

  1. Happy If You See Happy

Almost the same as the characteristics of people like us quietly , the hallmark of real love is that he will feel happy if you are happy. Even though your side isn’t him, he will also be happy if you are happy. And vice versa, if you get hurt he will also be hurt with you.

  1. Doesn’t Like to Promise

As with the characteristics of a good and sincere friend, the person who loves you sincerely will not give grandiose promises or promise. He knows that you don’t need an appointment but you need proof.

  1. He Who Makes Your Heart Beat Fast When Remembering It

Another feature of true love is that it can make your heart beat faster when you remember everything about it. This is a sign that he has made it into the deepest recesses of your heart and he will continue to be there.

  1. Remember All the Words You Say

Another feature of true love is that he will always remember the words you say. He will not easily forget it.

  1. Appreciate your gift items

People who have true love or sincere love will always appreciate your gift. He will keep all the good things that you give him and he will not give it to anyone else.

  1. Want to Know About You

Same with the characteristics of indifferent men but unfortunately , people who have sincere love for you, he will try to find out more about you. He will find out what song is your favorite, which writer is your favorite, what is your hobby and many more. He will find out everything you like without you having to say it. With sincere love he will try to like what you like.

  1. Makes You the Only Person in His Heart

The person who loves you sincerely will make you the only one in his heart. He will not double you with the others. He will only be loyal to you so that he will not be attracted to others even if that person is more than you.

  1. Defend you

People who have a sincere love and have true love for you he will still maintain you no matter what the circumstances. He will maintain the firmness and integrity of his heart just for you. If someone tells him to choose between you and other things, he will choose you without thinking for a long time.

  1. Willing to Sacrifice Happiness for Your Happiness

Just like the characteristics of loyal men , people who have sincere love and have true love for you he is willing to sacrifice his happiness for your happiness. He just wants to see you happy even though he must be willing to suffer because of you.

  1. Give freedom

People who sincerely love you and as your true love he will not pressure you so that makes you feel pressured by the rules he made. He will instead give you freedom. He will not forbid you to gather with your friends, he will not forbid you to do your hobbies, he will not forbid you to do other positive things. The freedom given to you is a form of trust and also the love he has for you.

  1. Can Blend With Your Friends

The person who has true love for you and sincerely loves you is that he will be able to blend in with your friends. He values ​​your friends as you value them, he will also consider your friends as friends too. He will try to chat with your friends and he can follow the topics your friends are talking about.

  1. Good To Both Parents

People who have true love will try to do good to your parents. He regards your parents as his own parents who must be glorified and respected. The good attitude he showed was not a made-up attitude but a sincere attitude that really came from his heart.

  1. Draw Close to Your Family

The true love he has for you will make him try to get closer to your family. He not only loves you but he must also like your family. He will try to get to know your family closer, he will try to make the distance between him and your family closer.

  1. Similar face

It has been long time ago that if his face is similar to yours, it means he is your true love who will be your life companion forever. Characteristic of him is your true love on this one indeed we can not let go, because it has a lot of evidence.

You will find true love completely by praying and keep trying, but don’t forget, that honesty is the essence of everything so you find it. A relationship will be created through honesty.

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