After Smartphone, TikTok Parent Makes Search Engine ‘Google’

TikTok’s parent company , ByteDance , launched a similar Google search engine in China. This search engine is called Toutiao Search. 

The brand-new search engine domain is under the news aggregator product, Jinri Toutiao. This step is considered to rival the most popular search engine in the country, Baidu.  usa number

Previously, ByteDance was reportedly developing a smartphone business. The company was even reported to have signed an agreement with a cellphone manufacturer to realize the plan.

Later ByteDance is indeed expanding its business wing. The core business of the company was initially news and video. 

Currently ByteDance is also working on the messaging business for offices and music streaming services. Thus placing this group of companies in competition with Tencent and other Chinese technology companies. 

ByteDance has a valuation of US $ 78 billion based on its latest funding round. This is based on information from sources who know this. However, ByteDance declined to comment, as quoted by Reuters. 

Last month, the company announced it was looking for technical experts from Google, Baidu and Bing. This was announced on his social media account.

According to information, this search site will offer search results from various ByteDance, TikTok, and other site browsing applications. The search results on this site are certainly in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese government. Thus, content that is prohibited by the government has been censored. 

For example, search results with keywords related to acts of violence against students at Tianmen Square in 1989 did not appear. Instead, search results show results from People Daily and other official website sources. 

Baidu has been the dominant search site in China since Google left the country in 2010. Google’s exit from China because the company refused a request to filter their search results in accordance with the Chinese government’s request.

In 2018, Baidu mastered search in China. As many as 66 percent of searches on desktop devices and 71 percent on mobile devices are performed on these devices, StatCounter reported.

Baidu recorded its first loss last May since their IPO offering in 2018. Baidu itself had underestimated the threat from ByteDance. 

“We have predicted that there will be two new players for search engine players each year,” Ping Xiaoli, General Manager of the Baidu application, told reporters last week about ByteDance’s search engine. 

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