Tips for Promoting Products on Instagram

Instagram was introduced to the public since late 2012. Initially, this social media was liked by those who like to take pictures and share with loyal followers. Now, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media in Indonesia at number 7 after Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google + and Linkedin. Instagram has also been transformed into one of the most popular social media for online shop owners. At present, thousands of online stores use Instagram as their best smm panel marketing media.

Application that was originally created and developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom which is under the Burbn Inc. company. and now officially owned by Facebook, it has indeed become an attraction for online shop owners and those who focus on marketing online store products. So, besides the shop owner who markets it, there are also Instagram accounts that have thousands of followers and advertise online store products. There are a few tips whether you are an online shop owner or Instagram advertising service provider, which you can do to promote the product.

Know segment

On average, Instagram users in Indonesia are women. Therefore, if you want to sell products for women, including the needs of children and infants, Instagram is a suitable application even if it does not rule out products for men that can also sell well. When you know the consumer segment, you will easily create interesting content. You need to know if Instagram relies heavily on image or visual strength. Pay attention to the quality and resolution of the image. Picture can speak louder.


Endorsement or use of artist services, public figures or programs to promote online store products are very familiar. To be able to get endorsement services, online stores must prepare sufficiently large funds for one post. The cost depends on who will endorse or advertise. If the celebrities or artists, the cost can reach 3.5 to 7 millions while for fashion bloggers or celebrities are still estimated to be hundreds to several million for each one ad.

Paid promote (PP)

This is also an interesting type of promotion besides endorsement. The paid paid fairness is familiar to online store owners or those who have a brand. At first, this PP was carried out by online stores that have 10 thousand followers or more. However, now, even as public accounts that have thousands of followers also open services for this PP. They will receive and post a picture with a caption from the online shop or shop that he will promote. Fee paid varies depending on the number of followers. The price per post can be hundreds to millions of dollar.


Hashtag is one way to promote on Instagram for free. This method is also very easy. You only need to post a photo that matches your product and give the hashtag associated. For example, if you sell children’s clothes, you can be given the hashtag #bajuanak #bajuanakonline #bajuanakmurah #jualbajuanak and others. Diligently post photos at least 3 times a day. Set the post schedule well to avoid detection as spam. Consistency is also important to increase the awareness of prospective buyers.


For those of you who are followers of one of the online stores in IG, of course you are already familiar with the term giveaway. In addition to discounts, vouchers and giveaway are effective ways to retain existing customers. This method is also fairly inexpensive and not difficult. You are indeed demanded to be creative and have soul awareness related to feelings about consumer needs .

Pay attention to the tips above and do them consistently. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also help each other with promotions between one store and another online store. It’s just that, this method has begun to be quiet because of the increasingly tight online store competition . So, the easiest is what has been mentioned above. You can do promotions for free or even with the help of celebrities or artists to reach more consumers.

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