Keyword research can be said at this time is one of the basic skills that must be learned in the world of blogging. Different from before, we also wrote that the blog is still potentially crowded. Now it’s a lot different, almost every check google ranking keyword time a lot of new blogs popping up and old blogs are always updated every day, as a result there are so many keywords that have been used so as to cause a certain level of competitor keywords, especially the most sought by users, the higher the competition to be at the top of the search engine search results.


Through this amazing website, we want to share a few tips and tricks to increase visitors quickly. This is based on my experience of having studied the advice of well-known bloggers. Let’s study together!


If this is certainly a lot of people already know, yess … it’s called Google Keyword Planner. Its features can be enjoyed free of charge just enough to have a gmail account, you can access it and get information about keywords with various search volumes.

This smart tool from Google can help you find keywords with a more relevant search volume estimate so you can estimate the amount of traffic that will come each month if you manage to occupy the first page of search results with popular keywords.


For bloggers who have long engaged in the blogging world must have fames with the name Neil Patel . Yes, he is a leading SEO practitioner in the world who has no need to doubt his ability in SEO. A lot of knowledge you can get from the website ( . From the knowledge of increasing traffic until he has discussed marketting digital science .

On the website there is a keyword research tool that is quite accurate and has been recommended by millions of bloggers in the world. This is very good for beginner level because the activation is quite reliable so that it can help you do keyword research, the tool is named Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a special keyword research tool that has features to look for LSI Keywords so you don’t have to bother thinking about posting ideas if there is no inspiration. Just enter the keyword seeds, then the full keyword suggestions will appear with an estimate of the search volume in one month just like Google Keyword Palnner. Here is how to research, pay attention!


Please access the website first to start keyword research on this great tool.


Make arrangements on this page to get search results for keywords that will be targeted.

ubersuggest navigation

Figure 1. Ubersuggest navigation settings

Please enter the keyword seeds that you want (1) Example: Android , select web (2), choose language (3). Ubersuggest support with various languages ​​in the world, just choose according to your needs. Press Look Up (4) after all settings number 1-3 are finished.


This is the ubersuggest rendering result , a collection of derived keywords (LSI) will be displayed along with estimates of search volume based on targeted keywords (see the first step above). Please just choose the keywords that match your needs.

uberduggest.png rendering result

Figure 2. Ubersuggest rendering results

Figure 3 is the result of the keyword research, it appears the derivative keyword (LSI) in column number (1), search volume (2), nominal CPC (3) and for the competitor level keyword is indicated by number (3) with max value = 1.0. For CPC calibration multiplied by the dollar exchange rate, for example there is a CPC Rp. 0.03 then 0.03 x (dollar exchange rate) at this time.

If the blog is still new, it is strongly recommended to choose keywords with a lower middle level competitor that is below 0.05 in order to be able to compete on the first page of search, which greatly affects the number of organic visitors who will be stable. Here is an example of stable traffic:

ubersuggest.png chart

Figure 3. Ubersuggetst chart


In addition to the 2 tools above, there are many other tools that can be relied upon to do keyword research. And my next flagship tool is Keyword Everywhere. Is an add on specifically designed to do keyword research directly in search engines.

The interesting thing about this tool is that we can more easily see the CPC from targeted keywords in a more accurate estimation of the rupiah so that it is suitable for fortune seekers from AdSense. Next is the implementation of this tool, pay close attention to each step!

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Please download Keyword Everywhere . Choose for chrome or firefox, you can select all or adjust to your needs. Continue with the installation stage in the browser used.


The installation process settings are complete, usually the browser will open a new tab and a popup will appear for the API Key request. Look at the following picture!

API Key keyword everywhere.jpg

Figure 4. Popup API Key request

Please enter your email in the number column (1) then press Email me API Key (2) to get this tool activation key.


Open your friend’s e-mail, look for e-mail from the sender Akash Mansukhani (If there isn’t, check in the spam box). Then click the link in the email. Pay attention!

Activating the everywhere.png Keyword

Figure 5. API Key Access Link

Please copy the API Key provided, then paste it into the Keyword everywhere tool installed in the browser. Here’s the appearance.

Everywhere.png API key keyword

Figure 6. Key Keyword Everywhere API

Note the steps for placing the API Key carefully according to what is shown in the API Key popup window. If it is active, open Google> Enter the keywords that your friend thinks> Later search volume and CPC estimates will appear.

rendering results everywhere.png

Figure 7. Results of rendering keywords everywhere

Now, just research the tool. Look for keywords with a good search volume and competition is still low if the blog is new.


This popular post widget serves to notify visitors of a blog that “This is, the most popular articles on this blog” , with the hope that blog visitors will read the articles.

Popular post widgets work by taking the most viewed articles to display on a blog in a sequence usually starting from the most viewed to the least. Please note that the keywords in the popular post widget are very potential to be targeted.

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