Human Living Up to 1000 Years

If we can stop physical deterioration as we age, molecular biologist Aubrey de Gray sees that there is no reason why humans do not have to live up to 1,000 years

If we can stop physical deterioration as we age, Humans Live Up to 1000 Years

With his beard and strong opinion, there is something similar to the prophets of the old covenant with Aubrey de Gray. But gerontologists who study the aging process say that his belief that he might live up to 1000 years was not obtained in his beliefs / beliefs, but in science. De Gray studied computer science at Cambridge University, but became interested in the problem of aging more than ten years ago and was a co-founder of the US-based SENS ( Strategic for Negligible Senescence ) Institute , as reported by the Guardian.

What’s wrong with getting old?

Simply put, people get sick when they get older. I often meet people who want to suffer from cardiovascular disease or whatever, and we get those things as a result of the old accumulation of various types of molecular and cellular damage. This is not harmful to low memory but ultimately it causes illness and disability in the elderly that most people think is unpleasant.

Is this the biggest health crisis facing the world?

At all. If we look at the industrial world, basically 90% of all deaths are caused by aging. These are deaths from causes that affect the elderly and do not affect young adults. If we look around the world, the death rate that occurs every day is around 150,000 and around two-thirds of that number is due to aging.

Why does the world not recognize this?

People have tried to claim that we have been able to conquer a long time, and they have not achieved success. There is a tendency to think that there is something inevitable about aging. That somehow exceeds our technological capabilities in a completely nonsense principle.

Then when people make peace with this terrible thing that will happen to them in the future, they tend to be rather reluctant to ask again when someone comes up with a new idea.

Does our body stop being proactive with life?

Basically, the body does have natural anti-aging equipment but is not 100% broad, so it allows a small number of different types of molecular and cellular damage to occur and accumulate. The body is trying as hard as possible to fight these things but this cannot last. So we won’t be able to do anything significantly about aging without the high-tech interference I will do.

Aging involves the process of metabolism, and then the decline, and then the pathology, is it true?

Basically, that is true. Metabolism involves a complex network of biochemical and cell-connected processes and it keeps us alive during the process, but there are side effects.

These side effects start even before we are born, the effect still exists in all directions of life and manifests for example, the accumulation of various types of garbage inside and outside the cell molecules, or only as cells that die and not automatically replaced by other cell division. Gradual changes at the molecular level and cells accumulate and eventually block metabolism, and that is where pathology arises.

You have identified seven specific parts of cell decay that might be overcome. Can you give an example?

I just mentioned cells die and not automatically replaced, that’s one. Others are cells that don’t die when they are supposed to die, certain cell types should change and often these cells lose the ability to respond to signals that say they must die.

The third is that cells divide too much, they may die when they have to but divide too much, and that is called cancer.

We know the cause of cancer for some time but long to find a cure, isn’t that right?

I certainly do not claim that any of these is easy. Some of them are easier but I always see cancer as the single most difficult aspect of aging that must be corrected.

You talk about enriching people’s lives, but isn’t it death that makes our lives valuable?

That is bullshit. The fact is that people don’t want to be sick. I am a practical person. I don’t want to get sick and I don’t want you to be sick and that’s what I mean. I don’t discuss longevity, I discuss making people stay healthy. The only difference between my work and the entire medical profession is that I think we are in discovery to keep people healthy so that at the age of 90 they stay awake in the same physical condition when they are 30, and the chances of them not waking up one morning are no higher than before when he was 30 years old.

You say you think the first person who lived to 1000 years may have lived. Could that person be you?

It is possible that people my age 40s are young enough to benefit from this therapy. I give it 30 or 40% possibilities. But that was not the thing that motivated me to do this, I did it because I was interested in saving 100,000 lives a day.

Can the earth deal with people who live so long?

It depends on the Human Anatomy & Physiology PDF balance of birth and death rates. We don’t need a long time to limit the birth rate after we eliminate the deaths of babies 100 or 150 years ago. I don’t see that it is a healthy mind to consider the risk of stopping the population as an excuse not to give the best health care people we can.

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