5 Tips for Making Web Design

Making web design is not easy. Especially for beginners who are just learning about web design. No, we haven’t been bothered by coding, right? To make the web look more attractive, follow the steps below.

  1. Know the target market

Before creating a web, do research first to determine the target you are aiming for. Understand what is currently trending. So you can determine graphic design, coloring, and more. That way, your web will look more focused on the target.

  1. Make it simple

Remember!! When creating web design, it’s just too crowded. Make it as simple as possible. Because it can make it easier for people to see your website. Determine a layout that is easily seen by people. Set the font, coloring as beautiful as possible. Don’t overlap with one another. Think about what you need in the web. Eliminate all possibilities that are not needed on the web.

  1. Match between Art and Science

If you want to add a table, then make the table structure neatly. See the beauty in terms of art. Especially in inserting images, set the size proportionally. Don’t be too big or not too small. Determine the size according to their interests.

  1. User as primary priorias

Users are people who visit your website. Make them as comfortable as possible while on your web. Don’t make them feel hopeless for visiting your site. Therefore, make your website as attractive as possible and easily understood by people.

  1. Make sure it’s nice to see

Adjust the coloring, harmony, image and contrast of your website. Use bright colors. Don’t choose monotonous colors. Because it can make the eyes become tired. Test your web appearance on all devices, so you can see what your webs lack.

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