Ways to Make Extraordinary Instant Noodles

Many food stalls sell instant noodles, fried or with gravy, and are usually added with boiled eggs. Of course you can increase the class by modifying the presentation so that the instant noodles you serve are out of the box . Produsen mie lidi dan makaroni murah aneka rasa di tangerang

You might be able to see examples of stalls that have successfully raised the class of instant noodles with out of the box offeringssuch as Warunk Upnormal . This restaurant serves instant noodles with unique flavors and successfully captures customers with these dishes.

Here are 5 things you can do to make instant noodles look luxurious and tempt the consumer’s tongue.

Wrap instant noodles

When viewing the appearance of instant noodles – or also many other menus – often the original product is very different from what is shown in the ad. So, imagine that you can present a shape like the picture. Try it, moreover you can provide additional garnish to beautify it.

Healthy noodles are rich in fiber and vitamins

Do you know? Instant noodles can also be processed into foods that are rich in fiber and vitamins. Simple enough, add vegetables such as lettuce, mustard greens, carrots and broccoli. Decorate with green leaves to make them look healthier and more fragrant, like basil leaves, celery, or even mint leaves.

Instant noodle pizza

This food from Italy is usually made from wheat flour. Try making pizza from instant noodles. Print instant noodles with round molds like making omelets. After that add a variety of topping from various menus that are usually on pizza, ranging from cuts of meat, sausages, peppers, or other vegetables.

Noodle Burger

You can make burgers by replacing bread with noodles that are processed like bread in general. Print processed noodles with a mixture of eggs and flour, then make it round and fried. Pick up two processed products, and give the burger menu the center like meat, vegetables, and spread the sauce.  

Martabak noodles

Egg martabak is a favorite snack of many people. You can also modify instant noodles like martabak. The method is similar, only the skin is replaced with instant noodles. Add the minced meat and leeks in it. Guaranteed martabak noodles will be a consumer favorite.

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