In addition to appearing luxurious, jewelry is also important to support the overall appearance. A piece of little black dress is a simple design, it will look complete instantly with a long chain of necklaces. 

While if you wear a tube dress , a long necklace with a large pendant or choker will make your style not too ’empty’.

Choosing the right jewelry must pay attention to several aspects so that the appearance is more attractive. Every human being has a different personality, and wearing jewelry is a form of Cheap Jewelry Gifts expression of personality and lifestyle. 

Therefore jewelry should also be adapted to the character and physical appearance. Jewelry designer Julia Hadi, gives some tips on choosing jewelry. 

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1. Shape of Face and Ear Face
shape is important to determine to determine the model of earrings that will be used. Luckily for the owner of the oval face shape, because it is suitable to wear any model earrings. While the owner of the face with a square jaw or widened down, you should avoid earrings with a long model or chandelier because it will make the face look ‘full’.

“The face is like a shape (fruit) pear (wide jaw) do not use earrings that are too crowded or the bottom is large,” said Julia on the sidelines of the opening of her jewelry gallery, Julia Hadi Gallery in Bilangan Karet, Central Jakarta. 

For owners of long faces, it is advisable not to wear long earrings because it will make the face longer and become weird. Ear shape also needs attention. According to Julia, the earlobe that is too forward will look strange if given a long earrings and a thick model. 

2. Shape of the neck and shoulders
If you want to choose a necklace, then you need to pay attention to the shape of the neck and shoulders. Women who have been in the world of jewelry business for 27 years say, long-short neck can determine the jewelry you choose as well as shoulders. 

“If broad shoulders do not deserve to use the shape (necklace) of the stack, or the necklace whose pendant is too small,” he said. 

His advice, for broad-shouldered women choose a long and large necklace below. For example, the rock pendant is large or has complicated details below. Not a choker or a necklace with a short chain. 

3. Skin Color
Everyone has a tonevaried skin. Choosing the right color of jewelry can make the skin look more radiant, otherwise if the skin is not right it will look dull. Sapodilla skin for example, is not suitable with gold jewelry with rose gold color because it will increasingly ‘dim’ the tone of the skin. 

“It matches with a combination of white and yellow gold. Don’t be yellow, everything will be too striking. But there are also some who are suitable to use rose gold . So it should be tried first,” explained the woman who now lives in the United States.

What about dark skin and straight yellow? According to Julia, dark-skinned women will be very good using white gold or white pearls. While the yellow one is actually not recommended to use yellow gold. “(Gold) white is more suitable. If yellow is too striking,” Julia explained.

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