This time we will discuss how to deal with gold traders, who usually use many tricks by utilizing the knowledge of gold consumers, especially new consumers / investors when buying and selling transactions occur.

Bar of Teardrop 18K Gold Necklace

If the previous article discussed more about knowledge about prices, references and corridors of movement, now about the terms surrounding the physical gold.
There is an expression of buying gold only need 5 minutes, but when selling it needs 50 minutes.

This happens usually because the sellers do not immediately meet the agreement about the price. The reason is a lot. One of them is the seller-buyer has certain price expectations.

For starters, the Cheap Jewelry Stores following is usually the dialogue that occurs between consumers and merchants, Keep calm, then ‘deflect’ in a relaxed and straightforward manner. In the final section, we will discuss more about ‘science’ and its essence.

  1. Trader: ” This is young gold. The color is dim . “- Don’t believe.
    Reason : old-mudany gold is not determined color. The color of gold is determined by the level of the mixture of metals other than gold. For example gold and copper will give a rather yellowish effect.
  2. Trader: ” This is Javanese gold, it’s cheaper to fall .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : which determines the price is not the origin of gold. Javanese gold, Lampung gold, Palembang gold, Arabic gold are local and not scientific terms. What determines is weight & rust. Javanese gold is usually referred to as gold below 21 carats (usually 18K). If our gold is checked for rusting above 18, it means it is ‘old gold’ and there is no reason to be considered low.
  3. Trader: “The gold is shrinking, it’s been bought for a long time .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : unless used in everyday bodies such as jewelry, gold is a metal that does not shrink. That’s a trick to lower prices. Gold bars and Dinars stored in safes will then be sold again will not shrink. To prove, do weighing.
  4. Trader: ” This is old gold, cut prices .” – Don’t want to.
    Reason : except jewelery that there is a model that no longer existsup to date , gold bars and coins / dinars are not constrained by the model. Discounts can only be used for jewelry because maybe the jewelry must be melted and then formed again according to the current trend.
  5. Trader: ” This is a fake certificate ” – Do not immediately believe.
    Reason : the certificate is not easy to fake. It is far more difficult to fake the Logam Mulia gold certificate than to fake banknotes. There are four signs in it (can be seen with terawang and with UV light) which if we examine, will not be replaced. Also the assayer’s signature and serial number for gold bars. Especially if shopping at the gold shop where we sell, then the certificate that is said to be not original can be debated, because it means that the store has sold it first.
  6. Trader: ” This is first rubbed gold, do you want to see the original or not .” – Don’t give it.
    Reason: Our gold is reduced because it is rubbed into the rough object. The gosokan powder is then collected and used. Nowadays, with modern methods, gold only needs to be authenticated and filled with various tools, some like avometer only, X-Ray fluorescence, or with alloy measuring cups & digital scales. Practical and simple. Usually serious pawnshops & gold shops have this equipment.
  7. Trader: ” This discount gold dinar is big, not Antam’s production .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : see the certificate, if the Precious Metal certificate is available, that means Antam’s production.

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