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Ways to Fend off Gold Shop Trade Tricks

This time we will discuss how to deal with gold traders, who usually use many tricks by utilizing the knowledge of gold consumers, especially new consumers / investors when buying and selling transactions occur.

Bar of Teardrop 18K Gold Necklace

If the previous article discussed more about knowledge about prices, references and corridors of movement, now about the terms surrounding the physical gold.
There is an expression of buying gold only need 5 minutes, but when selling it needs 50 minutes.

This happens usually because the sellers do not immediately meet the agreement about the price. The reason is a lot. One of them is the seller-buyer has certain price expectations.

For starters, the Cheap Jewelry Stores following is usually the dialogue that occurs between consumers and merchants, Keep calm, then ‘deflect’ in a relaxed and straightforward manner. In the final section, we will discuss more about ‘science’ and its essence.

  1. Trader: ” This is young gold. The color is dim . “- Don’t believe.
    Reason : old-mudany gold is not determined color. The color of gold is determined by the level of the mixture of metals other than gold. For example gold and copper will give a rather yellowish effect.
  2. Trader: ” This is Javanese gold, it’s cheaper to fall .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : which determines the price is not the origin of gold. Javanese gold, Lampung gold, Palembang gold, Arabic gold are local and not scientific terms. What determines is weight & rust. Javanese gold is usually referred to as gold below 21 carats (usually 18K). If our gold is checked for rusting above 18, it means it is ‘old gold’ and there is no reason to be considered low.
  3. Trader: “The gold is shrinking, it’s been bought for a long time .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : unless used in everyday bodies such as jewelry, gold is a metal that does not shrink. That’s a trick to lower prices. Gold bars and Dinars stored in safes will then be sold again will not shrink. To prove, do weighing.
  4. Trader: ” This is old gold, cut prices .” – Don’t want to.
    Reason : except jewelery that there is a model that no longer existsup to date , gold bars and coins / dinars are not constrained by the model. Discounts can only be used for jewelry because maybe the jewelry must be melted and then formed again according to the current trend.
  5. Trader: ” This is a fake certificate ” – Do not immediately believe.
    Reason : the certificate is not easy to fake. It is far more difficult to fake the Logam Mulia gold certificate than to fake banknotes. There are four signs in it (can be seen with terawang and with UV light) which if we examine, will not be replaced. Also the assayer’s signature and serial number for gold bars. Especially if shopping at the gold shop where we sell, then the certificate that is said to be not original can be debated, because it means that the store has sold it first.
  6. Trader: ” This is first rubbed gold, do you want to see the original or not .” – Don’t give it.
    Reason: Our gold is reduced because it is rubbed into the rough object. The gosokan powder is then collected and used. Nowadays, with modern methods, gold only needs to be authenticated and filled with various tools, some like avometer only, X-Ray fluorescence, or with alloy measuring cups & digital scales. Practical and simple. Usually serious pawnshops & gold shops have this equipment.
  7. Trader: ” This discount gold dinar is big, not Antam’s production .” – Don’t believe.
    Reason : see the certificate, if the Precious Metal certificate is available, that means Antam’s production.

How to Take Care of Jewelry from Copper

Accessories or jewelry is part of the equipment supporting someone’s appearance, especially for a woman. Besides using gold or silver, other metals that can also be used to make accessories or jewelry are copper. Copper is a metal Cheap Jewelry Stores that emits a reddish orange color whose Latin name is Cyprium.

This metal is soft so it is easily printed and formed into various models of jewelry or accessories.

Solitaire Diamond Hoop Earrings

Copper jewelry does look antique and luxurious, but over time, the beauty of copper will fade. For this reason, it is necessary to do regular maintenance so that its beauty is maintained properly. For those of you who have jewelry made of copper, here are tips on caring for copper jewelry that you can do:

Cleaning Copper Jewelry

  • Using Tomato Sauce
    Pour enough tomato sauce into the copper jewelry evenly and leave for several minutes. Next rub it using a soft part of the spond until the copper looks clean. After that, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Using Lemon and Salt
    Besides using tomato sauce, you can also use lemon and salt. Sprinkle salt into the lemon slices, then rub it onto the copper jewelry surface. After that, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Using Vinegar and Salt
    Put 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 cup of vinegar into a pan filled with enough water. Put the copper jewelry into the pan which contains the ingredients then simmer until the stain on the copper is gone. Remove the jewelry from the pan, after cold washing with soap and hot water, then rinse and dry.

Copper Jewelry Care

  • Do not use hard textured materials to clean copper.
  • Do not use copper jewelry when bathing, swimming or washing.
  • After copper jewelry is used, wipe it immediately with a clean cloth.
  • Store copper jewelry in a special box, avoid being exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid chemicals and alcohol such as hair spray or perfume spray.
  • Avoid being exposed to water so it doesn’t fade quickly.

Also read the article: How to Take Care and Clean the Brass

That’s How to Take Care of Copper Jewelry that you can do. By doing maintenance correctly and precisely, then your copper jewelry will remain durable and still radiate its beauty. Good luck.

Finally, Arifureta’s Latest Anime Trailer Has Been Released!

As you know in Arifureta Sub Indo the news of this anime before, the anime adapted from a Japanese light novel entitled Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou will be premiered in July 2019. Before watching the Arifureta anime, let’s take a look at this anime trailer:

Next are the Arifureta anime casters:

  • Toshinari Fukamachi as Hajime Nagumo
  • Yuki Kuwahara as Yue
  • Minami Takahashi as Shea Haulia
  • Saori Onishi as Kaori Shirasaki
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Shizuku Yaegashi
  • Yoko Hikasa as Tio Klarus
  • Tetsuya Kakihara as Kōki Amanogawa
  • Ai Kakuma as Aiko Hatayama
  • Minoru Shiraishi as Daisuke Hiyama

Written by Ryo Shirakome and illustrated by Takaya-ki, this light novel tells the story of the main character named Hajime Nagumo , who likes things related to animanga or is easier to call heavy-class Otaku.

One day while in class, he fell asleep at school and without realizing it, he turned to a fantasy world with his classmates. In the new world, they are obliged to save the world.

However, Hajime was only given one ability, while his other friends had great abilities. Will Hajime and his friends survive in this new world?

This light novel was first published on a content site sent by a user named Shosetsuka ni Narou , then printed. This edition has been released from OVERLAP’s light novel Overlap Bunko since June 2015. Eight volumes have been released in Japan and the total prints now have reached more than 1.2 million copies.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu Review

This year’s spring release anime is already at its end. There are many anime which of course deserves the spotlight thanks to the entertaining performance during this season. One of them is Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is an anime adaptation of Katsuwo ‘s manga which also became the mangaka Mitsuboshi Colors . So it’s clear how this anime promotes silliness as the main style to entertain the fans.

For otaku Indonesia, of course this anime is quite well known thanks to meme ‘bocchi’ which was once popular. But here I do not want to discuss the meme with the theme of violence. There is a better reason to raise the name of this anime including …

Unique naming
This is the most striking thing about this series. For those of you who understand a little about Japanese, of course, you will definitely notice how unique the name used by the characters for the characters in this anime.

First there is our main character, whose name is super genes , he is Hitori Bocchi . Hitori Bocchi if we translate from Japanese it means ‘Alone’. It’s a cruel parent if someone calls his child like this. But that is the brilliant idea of ​​the author, making a name like this will certainly be easier to remember Anime Batch Subtitle Indonesia and make his character easier.

Besides Bocchi, almost all the characters in this series also have unique names that are no less ridiculous. Starting from Bocchi’s close friend, Sunao Nako, which means ‘honest child’.

In accordance with its nature which will frankly express its opinion. There is also Honshou Aru , sekai no fukuinchou (world class vice chairman) whose name means ‘having a hidden nature’.

Aru tried to cover up his bad luck by trying to become a shining figure. Finally there is Sotca Luckythar ( read: Sotoka Rakita ) which is a play on ‘ Soto Kara Kita ‘ which means ‘coming from outside’. His name is appropriate because he is a student from abroad.

In addition to the three Bocchi close friends who are the main characters with him there are also characters like, Kurai Kako ( Dark past), Oshie Teruyo (a play on Oshieteru yo = ‘I tell you’), and many more characters that have other unique names if we call one by one. The main character here is the name and character are made as suitable as possible, making this anime so unique.

Actually the Hitoribocchi story itself is as simple as the title. Yes, this is a story about a person who is alone in his daily life. Hitori Bocchi who only had a friend when he was in elementary school named Yawara Kai had to be separated when they went up to junior high school. They made a promise that they might be friends again if Bocchi had been friends with one class.

Bocchi who has PTSD syndrome is very afraid of associating with strangers. This certainly makes it difficult to find friends. With the nature of Bocchi like that, a journey full of humor to complete the mission given by Kai made Bocchi have to try to be friends with one class. And what did Bocchi think for the first time to complete the mission? Get rid of the class and even the school .

How silly and innocent this character is. In the future there are still a lot of jokes that tickle the stomach and make me feel excited about his behavior.

Luckily Bocchi isn’t stagnant, just like that. After failing jikoshoukai (self-identification) when he first entered the class because he could not stand up to vomiting, Bocchi tried to get his first classmate. He is Sunao Nako. Nako from his appearance like bad girl , even his teacher, Oshie-sensei was afraid of him. Even so, originally Nako was a normal girl even though her mouth was spicy like cayenne pepper. After going through various silliness, Bocchi also managed to get this first friend. In the future Bocchi managed to add the coffers of his friend’s name, although until the end of this anime the number of his friends could still be counted on the fingers.

If we look at this anime , of course it’s not just Bocchi who gets character development . His friends also got a ration to become a character that can be loved by the audience with the uniqueness of their respective characteristics. Some scenes also don’t focus on joking, but some are touching. After all, even though there is good development for the progress , Bocchi still vomits when jikoshoukai is in class 2.

My second favorite in this anime is the soundtrack . Both the opening song and the ending song give a special impression when you hear it. The accompaniment of the church piano in the intro with repetitive lyrics made me hype every time I watched it. Plus the glockenspiel accompaniment and various wind instruments make the atmosphere more alive with its fast tempo.

Not inferior to the opening , the ending song also has its own impression. Unlike the opening , the ending song was more relaxed. Coupled with animation that seems to make moving manga make this one of the favorite ending songs of the season.

Hitoribocchi also has a special ending song in episode 6. This song has very short lyrics, namely: ” Wahaha, waraeba, sugoi ten toreru ” (meaning: ‘wahaha, laugh, it will get extraordinary value’). Yes, that’s all the lyrics are repeated but the effect is no less great with the dance chika from Kaguya-sama’s anime .

Asus Officially Declares Out of Tablet Market

The Android tablet market was in its heyday a few years ago, but it seems that now the Android tablet has been under tremendous pressure and is getting worse and worse. Because the conditions did not improve, the company reportedly handled this situation and decided to exit the Android tablet market completely. Asus is said to have told the distribution channel that no new Asus Android tablets will be launched in the future.

According to the CNBeta report, Asus has let its distribution channel know that it will no longer launch a new Android tablet. This was done by the company because they made the decision to shift additional development and Swift marketing resources to their flagship ZenFone smartphone series alongside the Republic of Gamers telephone line.

The Asus ZenPad 8 tablet is the last tablet made by this company and reportedly has sold out on the market. This shows that the company does not even make additional units from the device and is now running out of inventory to be sent to its distribution channel. This change must bring a new focus from Asus on smartphones, which face their own problems in a very competitive market.

But so far, Asus has not yet given its official comment on the report, but looking at the facts, it seems likely that the company will make this decision.

Bengkel Bubut Terbaik Di Bekasi

Bengkel Bubut ialah usaha yang menggunakan peralatan utama Mesin Bubut. Bengkel Bubut adalah usaha perbengkelan atau permesinan yang cukup dikenal luas, walaupun kenyataanya didalam usaha ini bukan hanya menggunakan mesin bubut. Kalo mengacu pada kebutuhan pekerjaan logam maupun non logam ( kayu, plastic dll) peralatan yang digunakan hampir sama namun beda kelas.

Selamat pagi semua. Kami dari Bengkel bubut kota Bekasi terbaik, Kami menyediakan berbagai Bubut baut yang ada cari. Kami menyediakan pelayanan pembuatan Bubut baut dengan berbagai tipe, berbagai model, dan berbagai Ukuran. Kami akan selalu menyediakan Tempat untuk anda yang ingin menempah bubut baut dengak kualitas terbaik dan harga yang terjangkau.

Anda juga tidak perlu khawatir tentang produk yang kami buat. Anda perlu mengetahui bahwa kami menggunakan para tenaga ahli yang sangat handal di bidangnya, Selain tenaga ak]hli yang sangat handal kami juga menggunakan berbagai mesin yang sangat canggih, Mesin yang kami buat menggunakan teknolongi CNC. Sehingga anda tidak perlu khawatir dengan Kualitas dari produk produk kami.

Selain produk, Tenaga kerja, Serta teknolongi terbaik kami juga mempunyai playanan terbaik untuk anda. Kami akan selalu menjamin kepuasan anda denan berbagai Produk terbaik kami. Anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi. Kami melayani Berbagai keperluan bubut. Mulai dari eceran sampai pesanan borongan. Kami selalu senantiasa berkerja dengan detal yang sangat akurat hanya untuk memuaskan pelanggan pelanggan kami. Playanan yang kami berikan jugalah sangat amat ramah tamah, sehingga anda akan sangat nyaman pada saat berada di bengkel bubut ini. Kami akan selalu menerima berbagai pesanan bubut baut yang ada inginkan, dimulai dari detail yang sederhanan sampai detail yang sangat akurat. Sehingga anda tidak perli khawatir lagi terhadap spere part yang tidak anda di toko. merupakan bengkel terbaik & cerdas untuk mengatasi berbagai kendala & permasalahan dalam mesin–mesin industri (khususnya pabrik kelapa sawit), perkapalan, & berbagai macam pekerjaan logam termasuk stainless steel dengan hasil yang berkualitas & harga yang terjangkau.

Jika kamu Perusahaan manufacture ( pabrik), Perusahaan transportasi / Perusahaan yang punya armada seperti truk, tonton, truk tanki , bus., Bengkel automotive baik bengkel motor, angkot, mobil pribadi dll.

Perusahaan alat-alat berat, Kontraktor mekanikal, Industri Plastik dan moulding yang membutuhkan Bengkel Bubut untuk dapat mengerjakan produk kamu kami bisa menyediakannya.


Jasa Pembubutan
Kami menyediakan jasa bubut serta melayani pembuatan dan perbaikan berbagai komponen dan suku cadang mesin sesuai kebutuhan Anda.

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Recognize the Signs of Your Ornamental Plants You Must Change

Ornamental plants that are now popular need to be replanted every one or two Toko Bunga Jakarta years to stay strong and healthy. Many of these plants grow naturally in the rainforest.


After being placed in a pot, the existing space will limit the movement of plant roots. For that some plants may need to be placed in a new pot or repotting . Then how to know the plants need repotting ? Launching The Washington Post , Saturday (3/23/2019), first, the most obvious sign is the root of the plant grows out of the pot from the drainage hole. You can hold the plant under the stem and pull the pot. If you find a pile of white roots in the shape of a pot, it’s time to place it in a new container.

Then if the pot does not release from the pot, you can cut or break the container.

The second sign is that the plant looks wilted even though it is watered continuously. This happens because the ratio of roots to soil becomes too large. The problem can lead to a decrease in the strength of the plant. For that, you need to water the plants a day before removing them from the pot.

One thing to note when moving these plants is handling. Before putting it into a new place, wash the ground still attached to the running water. Then when placing the plant in a pot, do it gently especially for plants with softer roots.

If your plant roots are stringy, cut a little using scissors. If thick and dense, you can use a knife to scratch the sides. But if the roots of the plant are very dense, you can use a saw to remove the bottom. Then separate the roots from each other, do not forget to remove the remaining soil that is still attached.

Pot size Actually, plants that have been trimmed with roots can still be removed into all pots. But it’s good if you give it a new pot larger than 2-5 centimeters in diameter. But remember not to place the plant in a pot that is too large, because it can make the roots rot. Then keep the type of soil the same as in the previous pot.

Wano’s Story in One Piece Anime Will Be Affected by Dragon Ball?

One Piece anime will enter the long-awaited story, Wano. Officially, this story will begin on 7 July. The trailer has also been released and shows off the action that is worth looking forward to. The director, Tatsuya Nagamine, guarantees the difference in this series.

Wano's Story in One Piece Anime Will Be Affected by Dragon Ball?

Tatsuya is the director of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The new series will also feature a new design by new character designer Midori Matsuda. In the most recent interview, Tatsuya indicated that there would be many big moments in Wano’s story. Zoro, Robin, Franky and Usopp will return to One Piece after a long absence and the Straw Hats will clearly be the main focus at Wano.

Wano’s story in the anime promises to give an end to a number of different stories that are running, and also provide a war with new action. This One Piece fight will not only be united with creative time, but will also get influence from other anime, namely Dragon Ball with Tatsuya’s presence as a director.

According to the summary of the interview uploaded by the Yonkou Production account, for Wano’s story, Tatsuya and Midori will use a new composite studio, as well as new filters to make the anime richer. Their work in the anime hasn’t changed much, but the computer program they are using has been upgraded so that the quality is increased.

Besides that, Tatsuya also wants to bring life to a world that created Eiichiro Oda — the author of One Piece for Wano so they must consider more than animation, but also his voice. Tatsuya felt the need to do so because he was a fan of One Piece before he directed the film Dragon Ball. He also worked carefully on the film Dragon Ball because he felt he would be involved in the One Piece anime.

“He has directly gone to Oda’s house to discuss the Z series and he said, One Piece is not a series that can be underestimated. What happens on the surface usually has a deeper meaning. When asked what he wanted to describe in Wano, the answer was everything, “Yonkou Production wrote.

However, Tatsuya hasn’t met Oda since he was appointed as director of Wano. Even so, Oda has given many details and thoughts about Wano to him. Tatsuya also did a lot of research while preparing for Wano.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has a number of the fastest and hardest actions ever in the Dragon Ball series. The audience was mesmerized by the exciting battle between the legend of Super Saiyan who fought Goku and Bezita in the film to survive. Broly becomes so strong that a fusion between Goku and Bezita must be done to defeat him.

Disorders Healing Speaks with Singing

The researchers compared two classical and Hindustan singing styles to find healing speech disorders.

The researchers compared two classical and Hindustani singing styles to find the Disorders of Talking with Singing Healing

Hindustan songs, namely the traditional North Indian singing style, and classical singing such as Puccini, Mozart and Wagner music, vary greatly in technique and sound. Now speaking-language pathology researchers at the University of Missouri are comparing the two styles in hopes of finding a cure for laryngeal tremor which is a vocal disorder associated with many neurological disorders that can cause severe difficulties in communication.

Sounds or sounds are produced in the larynx located inside the neck. Vocal tremor or sound arises when the larynx experiences spasms during speech which results in a sighing sound that is always changing. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other similar disorders often show vocal tremors. Now speaking-language pathologists can only help patients to control tremors. By understanding the physiology behind intentional or accidental fluctuations in tone, University of Missouri researchers hope to find a cure or treatment step.

“Hindustani and classical singing styles are very different,” said Nandhu Radhakrishnan who is a professor of science communication and disruption at the Health Professional School. “In Hindustan singing, singers use ‘Taan’ to modulate the tone intentionally, on the other hand classical singers use vibrato to lower their tone accidentally. Armed with this knowledge, we can develop special therapies to cure vocal tremors or laryngeal tremors.”

Radhakrishnan was the first researcher to study Hindustan’s song physiology. He worked with Ronald Scherer from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and Santanu Bandyopadhyay who was a vocal teacher in West Bengal, India. In his study, he discovered several differences between Hindustani and classical singing. Primarily, Hindustan singing features a deliberate ups and downs which Radhakrishnan calls the “Taan movement”. In contrast, classical singers use vocal modulation such as vibrato to make subtle movements between tones.

Classical singers use what is known as singers’ forman (sound spectrum peaks) to enhance certain frequency ranges that are pleasant to hear by lowering their larynx and expanding the vocal system. But Hindustan singers do not use singer formants. Without this, Hindustan singers sing at a lower volume than classical singers, and the sound of their singing sounds very similar to their speaking voices. Radhakrishnan also observed that Hindustan singing requires proper pronunciation of lyrics, as notation directs pronunciation in classical music.

To unlock the secrets of Hindustan singing, Radhakrishnan recorded an Indian singing teacher who sang a single Taan motion over and over again. Although the singers usually sang some of these tone fluctuations in a row, Radhakrishnan only recorded one motion to isolate his technique for scientific study. Radhakrishnan uses equipment that measures variables such as lung pressure, the duration at which vocal folds are open or closed, and the ratio at which air exits the larynx.

The study was published recently in the Journal of Voice . In the coming months, Radhakrishnan will publish another study on the motion of Taan which focuses on aspects of the performance of the technique.